Clyde At Five Months

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(Cute little baby jeans and shoes.)

Clyde is five months old!  And I am horribly late on this monthly update.

We went to his four month checkup on the 28th, and I found out that Clyde is only in the 8% for weight!  I didn't realize he was so little!  He is about 58% for height, so he's long and skinny. 

I think the biggest development this month is that he is really into toys now!  He focuses on them and tries to grab at them.  He grabs his feet and stares at his hands sometimes, and when I put him down to play on his stomach he fails his arms and legs so hard, trying to figure out how to move!  He is really liking standing lately, and he is fairly stable, which really impresses us - Derek is also pretty sure he is even more strong than the other too at this age.  He's not close to sitting yet, but I think we are going to practice over the next month so I can get him ready for his next set of pictures.

He is a very happy baby, and his little baby giggle is hilarious - it just makes me smile every time.  I love the sound of it.  I feel like for a while Clyde was either smiling or crying at all times, but I feel like he has had more middle ground lately, where he'l just hang out. If I'm in sight though, he still fusses until I pick him up (he has me figured out).  Derek and I laugh because sometimes if we aren't holding him and he wants to be held, he'll cry, and make this "oh" sound and just give us this desperate face - like his little world will just be shattered if I don't pick him up right that second.  I can't even explain it, but it's funny and cute and sad all at the same time.  He has us figured out.

He has started giving me baby kisses this month!  He loves to gnaw on my chin, but this month he started grinning and then giving me big, slobbery, open-mouthed kisses all over my face.  I love it so much!  

It's been really cute watching the kids interact more as they get older, and Derek told me there was an evening when I was out when all three of them were just playing with each other and laughing so hard!  I've seen them making each other laugh and it's so cute.  I love that these sweet little ones fill our house with so much laughter!


My Sweet Clyde,

You are growing so much, Sweet Boy!  I feel like you have changed so much this month.  I love watching you play.  You are so interested in toys and trying to move, and I love watching you get so focused on your goal - it's adorable!  Another favorite thing is when you fall asleep in my arms in the afternoon - the other two kids are usually down for naps or quiet time, and you just snuggle in with me and fall asleep.  Then I study your little features, your eyelashes brushing your cheeks, your tiny nose, your perfect little lips.  It's our time together, and I love that we have that.  And finally, I am loving your slobbery, wonderful baby kisses this month!  I know you are really trying to give me a kiss because you just smile and press your open mouth against my cheek in a kiss, and I treasure every single one!
I love you so much Sweet Boy, and I hope you always know how special you are to me!



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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Loving those baby shoes! (=

Sara McCarty said...

Love love love this! That photo is perfection!

Melanie said...

So sweet! He sure is a skinny little you have problems finding clothes to fit??

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