Clyde At Six Months

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My youngest baby turned a half year old!  I'm still in denial.

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Clyde is just growing and getting more cute every day.  This month Clyde learned to sit up by himself!  He is not super-stable yet, but he did sit up for a good minute by himself on October 8th.  He is so into his toys lately, and I just love the fascinated look on his face when he is playing.  It's so cute!

Sleep is not the best right now - he usually wakes up at 1:00 AM and 5:00 AM.  I just remember going through rough patches from 4-8 months with Wyatt and Gwen, so I'm just dealing with it.  This is really a relatively short period of time, and I know by the time he is a year he'll be sleeping through the night, so I guess I'm just not worrying about it as much as I did with the other two.

We are still nursing a couple times a day, and we use formula the rest of the time.  I'm probably going to hang on to nursing as long as I can this time around - Clyde might be my last baby, and I am just not ready to let go yet, even though my supply is dwindling.  One of my favorite things is the way he scratches at my collar bone while he nurses - it doesn't hurt.  He does it when he's sleepy, and it's so sweet.

We have not started solids yet, but we probably will in the next week or so.  He is starting to be interested in what everyone else is eating, so I think he's ready.  Is it weird that I am not though?  I just feel like he should still be my itty bitty baby, and starting solids makes him seem like an older baby.

He has such a happy personality - everywhere we go I get comments about how happy he is!  He smiles very easily, even when he is crying, which is pretty funny.  I say that it always seems like he is either upset or happy, with no real in between, but that is not as true as it used to be - he is becoming more content to be by himself too.  His new thing is sticking his tongue out while he smiles, and I think it is so funny!


My Sweet Boy,

I can't believe you are already six months old!  You are closer to being one year old than you are to being brand new.  I love watching you grow, and your personality development is so exciting, but I wish I could just freeze time.  You are growing too fast.  I love your happy smiles, and the way you jabber to yourself while you play.  I love how you snuggle in and just relax in my arms when you are eating while you "knead" my collar bone with your cute little fingers.  I think it is so funny how you can be crying, but you still smile when you see me.  You are such a happy boy, and I hope you never lose that!  You bring so much extra joy into our lives, and we are so lucky to have you, Baby Clyde!  I love you so much.


Your Mama

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