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Derek says I have been in a "mood" lately - one of those I-hate-everything-in-my-house-and-I-want-to-change-everything moods.  I call it post-baby nesting, but the truth is that this happens at least once a year.  Unfortunately budget prevents me from doing everything I would like to do (especially since buying Gwen a "big girl" bed is something we will have to do sooner rather than later).   I have done a few things here and there, but I have so many ideas!

However, there is no reason I can't dream and plan a little, right?  Here are a few things I have been eyeing lately.


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I would never even look at this type of coffee table normally, but I saw a picture on Kaitlyn's Instagram feed that made me like it!  I like the rustic feel of it.


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These are classic books that have beautiful illustrations on the covers.  I love the idea of decorating with books, and these ones would be so pretty on an end table.  Rifle Paper Company also has gorgeous journals and prints.


Psalm 23 SM Web

Aspen We Will Serve The Lord Watermarked

I really couldn't pick just one print from this shop!  These are my two favorites, and I will probably buy both of them at some point (or maybe if I feel brave, try to paint my own).  One of my goals is to incorporate more Scripture into our home decor, and I love these.  They are so appropriate too, since we live in the mountains!


This is not from a shop, but I found this TV stand that I think we need.  We still have a hand-me-down TV stand from when we were first married, and I think it's time for something new.  I like how this one fits into corners, because our living room is laid out in such a way that the corner is the only place where we can put the TV.


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I already made my own striped curtains for our dining room, but these chevron ones caught my eye on Etsy the other day.  I'm thinking when I decorate our downstairs family room someday, these might be perfect.  If I can scrounge up 100+ dollars per set.  Oy.  I'm generally a cheap curtain person, but I might make an exception for these.


And that is it, my friends!  Maybe someday I'll get everything on this list.  At least now I have a record to remind me what I really want when budget allows!  Any other favorite shops for home decor that I should check out?

Note: I received no compensation for mentioning these shops - I just like their stuff.
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Amanda said...

Love the curtains!!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I go through those moods semi-frequently as well. The last few months have been especially hard since we are in a new house and I hate that some rooms have nothing on the walls, but I can't afford to decorate an entire house in a few months time. I've been trying to just remember that it's better to do it slowly so I can really pick out pieces I love and have put thought into, and then hopefully I won't get sick of stuff after a year or two. It's kind of working, but I really just want everything to be done now!!

Michelle said...

I really like the coffee table. : )

Elizabeth said...

I am the same way! Usually I start out with a huge list, then think about how to do them for cheap, and then finally end up majorly simplifying it until it is finally in a format that my husband might agree to...ha! All that extra mulling it over usually leads to a pretty good result, though! I bet you could do some of those prints yourself.

eliz said...

My home wishlist is beyond long...hahaha decorating is addicting!

Melanie said...

Go to a fabric shop and look for some chevron material!! Curtains are something easily made! :-)

Tricia Nae said...

Yeah, I'm going to need that book collection!! So pretty!!

Veronica and Daniel said...

You could totally make your own chevron curtains :) I love those books!

Unknown said...

Thank you so much for liking ICHCHA's curtain. These are certainly so unique from its kind! These are all individually hand printed with mud resist and dyed naturally, giving a home a very natural and rustic feel! Thank you for appreciating them :) Please do visit us again, we will be having a Thanksgiving sale soon on our website, www.ichcha.com.

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