Clyde At Seven Months

Clyde is seven months old!  It feels like the last month has gone by really fast.

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This was a big month for Clyde - we started solid foods!  We got kind of a late start because of a stomach bug.  He was barely eating r a whole week, and he was more fussy than normal.  I was really worried that he was developing milk sensitivity, but then it seemed to clear up a bit, so I started him on rice cereal.

Oh my goodness, he loved it!  He knew what to do right away and practically dove at the spoon.  With the other two I felt like they took a little time to figure out how to swallow, but he just gulped it right down.  He is a very enthusiastic eater, and it's just adorable!  We got his first taste of solids on camera, and I'm so glad we did, because it was so cute.  We've also tried green beans so far, and he likes those too.  He is already used to eating his solid food, and he is more fussy if I forget to feed him his cereal!

He is growing out of a lot of his six month clothes now, and when we took him for his checkup he was 26 inches long and almost 16 lbs.  He is wearing size 2 shoes, and size 2 diapers.

He is very interested in his toys, and he still attempts to scoot toward his toys when he can't reach them.  So far he usually ends up scooting backward, but this week (11/11) he got up on his hands and knees all by himself!  We made a big deal of it, and he looked so proud.  I was impressed that he figured this out, because the other two figured out a scoot-crawl first, and then got up on their hands and knees - but Clyde figured out the hands and knees thing first!  I am excited for him to learn to crawl, but I also am having a hard time with him growing so fast.

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As Clyde is getting bigger, he is playing with Wyatt and Gwen so much more.  They take such good care of him, and they like to play with him.  Sometimes they get Clyde laughing so hard, and it's just adorable!  He has this clear, throaty-sounding laugh, and I love it.  One of the best sounds in the world.

I think we are almost done with nursing, and it's bitter sweet for me.  With the other two I decided when to wean, and this time it's just kind of happening without my having as much of a say in it.  Clyde doesn't want to nurse as much, and my supply is going away.  We had a couple sweet times when he was sick and wanted the comfort, and I'll always remember those moments with him, because it's been more difficult to nurse since then.  We still get good snuggles in when I feed him a bottle though.

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Clyde has these cute little quirky things that he does - one of them is sticking his tongue out and curling it.  It's so funny and cute!  He also rolls his tongue around a lot while he is eating, and I love watching him eat.  His thing lately has been nodding his head.  He'll just randomly start nodding his head up and down.  I'm not sure where he figured out how to do that, or why he does it, but it's funny when you are talking to him and he starts nodding his head!

He is still my little buddy, and likes to hang out with me best, but he is becoming more happy to be held by other people (as long as he still knows where I am).  He has such an adorable dimpled grin, and he almost always smiles at everyone who looks at him!  He wins everyone over with his little grins.  I think his personality is more of a shy ham - he likes it when people pay attention to him, as long as he is in a comfortable situation.  I am loving watching his personality develop!

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My Sweet Clyde,

I can't believe how much you have grown!  You have gone from my little tiny baby who didn't want to be held by anyone but me, to this sweet, social baby who always seems to steal the show without even trying.  Your little smiles light up my day, and it's hard to even feel tired or stressed when you give me a happy grin.  I love how you are understanding and enjoying games more and more, and your little laughs are the cutest things!  You have such a sweet, almost humble personality, and I think you will be one of those people whom everyone can't help but like.  I love you Baby Boy, and I can't wait to see what the Lord has in store for you as you grow up (but just don't grow up too fast).

Love Always,

Your Mama
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HIS daughter said...

Awww sweet boy! Hard to believe how fast time goes by! :)

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