A Christmas Memory

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We arrive late this year, but we hurry onto Main Street to join the crowd.  There are so many people, old and young, gathered for such a simple Christmas event.  Grandfatherly figures are walking alongside families with young children.  High school aged couples walk down the street, and I see girls wearing their boyfriends' letterman jackets.  Kids bundled up in puffy coats and hats shaped like animals race around adults who stand in groups, laughing and talking.  There are a couple guys on unicycles, and Wyatt is fascinated by the contraptions.

Most people carry candles, some with elegant white tapers, some with tea lights in red Solo cups.  It is brisk, there is laughter, and Derek and I look at each other and laugh at our own little ones bouncing up and down, and pointing at "Christmas light trees" lining the sidewalks.  People are singing carols, and the group in front of us starts singing "The First Noel".

The throng walks down the hill to the other end of Main, and we park the stroller to wait for the lights to come on.  I point out the trees and snowflakes hanging from the bridge to Wyatt, and I tell him the lights and snowflakes will light up soon.  He bounces some more and asks if the snowflakes are part of a "snow globe" that we must be in.

Gwendolyn is in Derek's arms, and though she giggles when I kiss her cold nose, there is no way I can pry her away from him - she only has eyes for Daddy tonight.

Derek takes the kids down the sidewalk a bit so they can better see the Christmas show, and Wyatt declares that the performers are "dancing like Christmas!".  I kneel down next to stroller and peek under the brim of Clyde's tiny ball cap.  He is a bundle of blankets and red nose and wide eyes, with a bottle sticking out of his mouth which he smiles around when he sees me.

We wait a little longer and the lights come on.  Big trees all around the river and bridge are lit up in white and green and blue, and the crowd gives a cheer.  Wyatt is so excited, and points toward the bridge, wanting to get a closer look as the crowd disperses in the opposite direction.  We weave in and out through people to get him a closer look, and his bright smile and laughter are our reward.

After a bit we turn around to walk back to the car.  Gwen is playing some game with Derek and letting out giggles to my right, and Wyatt runs over to one of the trees lining the street and declares that he wants to touch the tree, though he waits for my permission.  I set him up on the sidewalk and let him gently touch his Christmas lights.

We veer off the magical street and back to the dark parking space where our car waits.  While the kids chatter and giggle about how much fun they had at such a simple event, I replay the carol I heard earlier in my mind, and wonder at how His name and His truth is spoken so naturally and freely - like no other time of year.

"Born is the King of Israel."

And this is why I love Christmas.


I hope you all have a Merry Christmas!
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Amanda said...

This is so beautiful, Callie!

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