Sleeping And Sacks

Clyde is growing so big, but we are still working on ironing out the kinks in his sleeping habits.

Clyde is probably our most eccentric sleeper.  Wyatt was just a great sleeper for most of his baby career, and Gwen got a little difficult around 8 months, but we implemented a few strategies that helped her sleep through the night more consistently.  But Clyde, he has always needed a little more coaxing to go to sleep.

Our routines for Clyde over the last 8 months have varied from a white noise app, to walking him to sleep (thankfully that stage was short-lived), to using a space heater to make sure his room is nice and toasty.  However, the space heater uses a lot of electricity, and especially right now we need to save money - so we've been trying to cut out the space heater, but I feel bad because I think Clyde gets a little cold in the middle of the night.

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Then recently I was contacted by a representative of Merino Kids to review one of their sleep sacks.  I agreed because I thought why not give it a try?  It couldn't hurt.

Before I got this sleep sack, I was thinking more along the lines of a swaddler - and I was skeptical because Clyde just figured out how to get up on his hands and knees, so I wasn't sure he would like feeling constrained.  But when I actually got the sleep sack, I was pleasantly surprised!  Basically, this sack is like a wearable sleeping bag for babies.  It has a tank-top style at the top, and the rest is just a long, thick blanket that zips like a sleeping bag.

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I was impressed with the quality of this sack - the material is thick and warm, and it has nice, sturdy snaps to secure the top around Clyde's shoulders.  The zipper is also sturdy.  We haven't had any trouble with Clyde working his way out of it.  And there is an opening that allows it to be used in a car seat as well.

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We have been using this sack every night since we got it, and I like it!  Clyde stays nice and warm in it, even when we keep the heater off, and it's perfect for these chillier winter months.  Derek has also declared that he thinks Clyde likes it, and he has been sleeping better.  I like that it is loose enough that Clyde can roll over and still get up on his hands and knees, so it's not constricting for him at all.

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The sack we got for Clyde is for babies 0-2 years old - I think it might be a little big for a newborn, but it probably would have been great for 3 months on.  I am happy that we'll be able to get another year or two of use out of it.  These sleep sacks are a bit of an investment, so it's nice that they can at least be used for a while.

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I think Merino Kids sleep sacks would especially useful for those who live in a colder climate or have a baby who likes to be nice and warm at night, and if you plan on having more kids because I think the quality is such that it would last through multiple kids.  I am excited that we found something that will help Clyde stay warm without using our space heater!

Note: I received a Merino Kids sleep sack for free in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.
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Allison said...

we are sleep sack lovers in our house!! both girls have slept with a sleep sack (millie until she was over 2) because it is just hard to keep them warm otherwise.

Stephanie said...

These are cute and look warm but $150??

Callie said...

I know it, they are pricey! The quality is good, but it's definitely a bit of an investment. At least this one will last for a couple years though, most sleep sacks I found online would only fit for a year...

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