I don't think I can really explain my word for this year without recapping my word for 2014 first.
For 2014 I picked the word "invest", and I wrote about how I wanted to invest my time and energy in things that matter - particularly in people and my relationship with Jesus.

And I have to be honest, I don't think I did that great of a job.

I had all these ideas of things I wanted to do, and relationships I wanted to build, and throughout 2014 I just felt . . . busy.  There were a lot of things demanding my time and energy, so I felt like I hardly had time to really invest the way I wanted to.

When I was thinking about my 2015 word, I just kept thinking that I would like a re-do of the word "invest".  But honestly, I would probably come up with the same result.  That's when my new word came to mind.


The reason I felt like such a failure with "invest" was because at the end of the day, I had very little left to invest.  My schedule, my house, my to-do list were so jam-sacked that I just didn't have enough extra to give - and I hate that. I hate running myself so ragged that I don't have enough of . . . me left over to spend on eternal things.

So I realized that I got things a little out of order last year.  In order to be able to invest my life in the things that will last, I need to simplify first.

In a way, I am giving myself a do-over on investing, because I want to simplify things in my life so that there is enough of a margin left to be able to invest in things that matter.

How do I simplify and better invest what God has given me?  I want this to be my year to get back to basics, and to do that, there are several areas that need simplifying.  These are a few that I am thinking of right now.

Belongings - By this, I mean my material possessions.  This seems like a really surface level thing at first glance - how can simplifying my belongings help me invest my life better?  I know myself, and I know that when my house is crazy, I can't focus.  I think if I sat down and figured out how much time I spend just taking care of all our stuff, it would probably be really depressing.  I would love to get rid of the extra things that it seems I am constantly battling, and organize the things we actually do use.  My hope is that I can think less about keeping the seen things in order, and think more about the unseen things that really matter.

Finances - I think this topic deserves a post in itself, but I have been really convicted lately that I have not been handling my finances well.  Budgeting is not something I am great at, but it's worth the work to improve, because I so want to be a good steward of the resources God has given me.

Bible Study - This past year I have not been doing well with managing my time, and in particular, finding time to spend in God's Word and prayer.  I can't adequately invest in others when I am not continually being filled up with God's grace and truth, and for that I need time every day to read my Bible and "come boldly to the throne of grace".  To do that, I may need to sacrifice some things - sleep, "me time", or something else, but I think this is more important.

I am not good at keeping things simple - I complicate things.  I make things overwhelming, and then I end up not doing the things I want to do because it's all just too stressful.  So this year, I want to simplify and refocus on unseen things.  I am not expecting to immediately feel successful, because the truth is, simplifying will take a lot of work.  I am not expecting to get to the end of 2015 and look back at a simple year.  But I am hoping that by the end of the year, I am left with a simpler existence that will allow me to have "extra".  Enough extra that the next time I choose "invest" as my word, I will already be set up to be successful.

Do you pick a word for the year?  I'd love to hear yours if you want to let me know in the comments!

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Allison said...

this was my word last year. I think I did an okay job with it, but I still have so much 'stuff' to get rid of and my budget is also a weak point for me. I am SOOO bad at keeping up with it. I really want to get a home binder system that works for me with budgeting in it. But still working out what works for me... Bible study is also difficult when you have small kids. Getting up early is not really an option and doing it at the end of the day just dons' feel right to me. I normally read the text (I use she reads truth) in the morning when my kids are eating breakfast and then do the devotional part when I have a moment later. But even that feels rushed...

Unknown said...

This is the first year I chose a word versus making New Year's resolutions. My word for 2015 is INTENTIONAL. I feel that the last several years I've been living as "fly by the seat of my pants." I have several areas that I am going to focus on. 1. I want to be intentional about my time with God. This often fell low on the priority list and was also a rushed processed. I want to be more intentional in my prayer life as well as reading His Word and hearing His voice.
2. I want to be more intentional in my relationship with my husband. He works crazy hours so it can often be difficult for us to truly connect. We both want to do a better job about setting time aside just for us. 3. I want to be more intentional with my time with my kids (ages 5 & 3). I need to do better at being present in the moment and putting aside the to do list. They are growing up fast. 4. I want to be intentional about taking care of myself. Exercise and making better food choices will help me feel better and give me more energy. I also want to carve out some "me" time so I can just get away alone even if its just an hour. It will help me rejuvenate which will make all of the above a lot easier.

Lee Ann said...


I just love your blog! It just makes me happy to read here.

My word this year is "surrender". I am a bit terrified of it, if I am being honest. Sometimes I am so hesitant with what God is asking of me. This year, I want to completely surrender my will in place of His will, surrender my dreams for the path that brings Him the most glory, surrender my time for His calling and His priorities and not my own.

I was praying about this and he brought Romans chapter 12 to my mind. So, I have a chapter for the year, too! :)

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Love your word! I totally agree. And it is so easy for me to just feel busy and cluttered and invested in way too many things. It can be hard to balance sometimes! I have never done a word of the year, but I love the idea of it!

Shawnelle Eliasen said...

Thanks so much for sharing. I love your word for 2015. Last year, I chose the word quiet. My hopes were to have a quiet spirit - quiet from worry, quiet from stress... I love the word so much that I'm going to claim in again in 2015. Blessings to you....

Tania said...

Great word and I think appropriate for us all especially me! Think i will steal it!

Felicia said...

Beautiful! I love your word for the year, it's a word I've been trying to make my own for a while, too. And always such a good reminder to have! My word for this year is focus. I get so distracted, especially from the things that matter, and I need to focus and tune my ear to the Lord and the things that are truly important.

Susannah said...

What an absolutely fabulous word. I think we could all stand to simplify our lives.

Veronica and Daniel said...

I've never chosen a word for the year, but I love reading about words other bloggers have picked :) i found myself nodding along with each of your areas you would like to simpliliy this year. I'm totally in the same boat in all of those areas :) can't wait to read more about your methods of simplification this year!!

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