A Birthday Update On Mr. Wyatt

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I can't believe it, but my first baby turned four years old yesterday!  I can't believe how much Wyatt has changed - in just language skills alone I can't believe how much he has grown in just a year.

Wyatt has a really laid-back personality  He is cautious, and likes to be sure of a situation before he jumps in.  He is a very obedient boy, and typically does really well at listening to me, which makes my life so much easier!  He has such a sweet heart, and I love how he shows concern for others when they are hurt or upset.  He is always checking on me and his siblings, and if he sees me upset about something he comes over and asks me what is wrong.  He is also shaping up to be a really good friend, even in his little toddler friendships.

He is an amazing big brother, and he is so helpful to me in keeping an eye on Gwendolyn and Clyde.  He loves hanging out with his extended family, and is always talking about his grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins.  He follows Derek around and copies everything he does - I can hear Derek in the way Wyatt speaks sometimes.

He is very into cars, and Thomas the Train, and balloons are some of his favorite things.  He insists that he isn't a little kid, he's a "big boy." He loves games, and is always asking me if we can play one of his board games!  He has a good little memory, and we have been working on several Bible verses, which he can say all by himself.  He loves to pray by himself, and if he has a bad dream or is scared of the wind, he reminds himself that "Jesus is wif us."

I wanted to try to do a little birthday interview with him this year, and I think he was a bit confused at why I was firing questions at him when he was just trying to play with his toy boats in the sink - but he humored me!  I asked him these questions yesterday, before we opened presents.  Here are his answers.


What is your favorite color? "Purple."

What is your favorite food? "Um, quesadilla!"

What is your favorite song? "Away in the Manger" (Or "the elephant song", and I'm not sure what the elephant song is.)

What is your favorite movie? "The car movie."

What is your favorite book? "The Chicken book." (?)

What was the favorite thing you got for your birthday? "My big police car thing that I got." (Which he didn't get yet, he is just hoping.)

Who do you like to do things with? "Mommy and Daddy. . . (and more about police cars)."

What do you like to do with Mommy and Daddy? "Uh, hang out with them!"

Where is your favorite place to go? "To the store to get some milk." (He is easy to please!)

What is your favorite game? "Mickey Mouse game." (A Disney version of Hi Ho Cherry-o that we have.)

What is your favorite animal? "My favorite animal? An elephant, and a giraffe, and a tiger, and a lion."

What is your favorite thing to wear? "I think a hat?" (After some clarification) "Lightning McQueen or Thomas the Train shoes!"

What do you want to be when you grow up? (He wasn't sure about this question, but from what I gathered, he either wants to be big like Daddy, or a policeman.)


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Melanie said...

That is too cute!! Happy birthday Wyatt!

blessingsandlilacs said...

love the "to the store to get milk" comment--too cute!

Lauren said...

so cute! we're big quesidilla fans around here too!

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