Duck Commander Ramblings And GIVEAWAY!

First off, I just want to say thank you to everyone for all your congratulations on our fourth baby!  I have been looking forward so much to this week, because I think you all are such a fun group of people to share our happy news with!  Thank you for your sweet words and excitement for us, they add even more to our joy about our new little one!

I am going to be working on a bump picture catch-up post to share with you all next week, but for the end of this week I wanted to share a new kid's devotional that we received!  First off, can I hear from the Duck Commander fans?

Duck commander kids devotional

(Wyatt thought it was so cool that he got to hold the book for this picture - it was cute!)

I admit, I was a little late to join the Duck Dynasty boat a few years ago.  I didn't know what everyone was talking about, but from what I gathered it was an eccentric, duck-hunting family in the south that could be amusing.  I wasn't sure what all the hype was about.

Once I started watching though, I loved it right away!  Sure, the Robertsons can be eccentric (how many people do you actually know who eat frog legs?), but what I loved most about them is their love for Jesus that shines through everything they do.  I also grew up in hunting family - we didn't hunt ducks, but we hunted many types of big game, so I can relate to the hunting culture.

We have even watched the show with the kids, and I love that I don't have to worry about anything inappropriate or scary happening with little eyes watching.  It really is a family show!  Though A&E's commercials are another story…

I've read a couple books by members of the Robertson Clan, but I was pretty excited when I saw that Korie Robertson has come out with a devotional book for kids!  Each devotion has a cute story from the Robertson family archives, with a Bible verse and lesson attached to it.  The illustrations are also fun, with cartoons of the Robertsons dispersed throughout the book (particularly Willie).

Duck commander devotional

This is Wyatt's new favorite book to "read".  He has been grabbing it after I put him to bed, and when I ask what he is doing he says "I'm just reading' for a little bit."  I think he likes the illustrations, and even though it is difficult to get him to sit still and listen to anything, these lessons are simple and easy for me to summarize.  I think they will stick in his little mind.  (Even though he gets stuck on some of the stories - like the one about Willie having to clean the "yucky" bathrooms at camp.  He kept wanting to see the picture of what was yucky, and I had to remind him that we were talking about God giving us work to do.  He is such a boy.)

We have only read a few devotionals so far, but I have loved the ones we have read!  I think this will be such a great devotional to grow with the kids, especially the boys, and it will be fun to watch the TV show together more as an adjunct so Wyatt can remember some of the "characters".

Tommy Nelson has offered to give one of my readers a copy of this devotion for free!  Enter to win below!

Note: I received a copy of this book for free from Tommy Nelson in exchange for this review.  This is my honest opinion.

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Sarah said...

We love duck dynasty over here! My hubby has also done the men's devotional and I've read a few of their books.

Julie Kitchens said...

So fun!! Love kids devotionals!! Congrats on the new addition! A sweet blessing!!

Veronica and Daniel said...

I've seen a few episodes, but we don't get the channel it's on :-/

Melanie said...

We LOVE duck dynasty!! Been watching for a.couple years now and have read Jase's book!

Allesha said...

Oh, and I've only seen little part of Duck Dynasty, we don't have cable TV

Shawnelle Eliasen said...

Thank you! We're always looking for a good devotional to share with our sons.

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