First Trimester Update

So I am finally getting around to writing a first trimester update!  After we found out I was pregnant, I didn't have many more symptoms that I wasn't having at the start - just tired, slightly sore chest, and having to use the bathroom more often. By five weeks I was feeling pretty normal again.


Between six and seven weeks I started to feel a little queasy, but this pregnancy hasn't been too bad as far as nausea goes!  As long as I snack throughout the day, I feel fine.  I only really start to feel sick if I haven't eaten in a while.  I've always been blessed to not have much morning sickness, and this time pregnancy has been the easiest yet.

6weeksbaby4 2blog2

Around eight weeks I started just feeling - I don't know, rounder?

8weeksbaby4 6blog2

And this is me at ten weeks (I am eleven weeks now).  I feel like the stomach just sticks out a little more - it's just bloat at this point, I'm sure.  But I haven't gained any weight according to my scale, so I know things are shifting because of baby!  I always think of those orange circus peanut candies at weeks ten and eleven, because that is just about the size of the baby right now!  So just imagine me holding one of those.

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Right now, I am feeling pretty good - mostly just very tired.  I think I am more tired this pregnancy than any of the others, and I am sure that is in part because of chasing three other kiddos around!  I have started to get a bit of sciatica, mostly after I work on Fridays.  I feel twinges and pressure that feel like ligaments stretching or pulling - and I'm sure that's what it is, because I imagine all that starts earlier in a fourth pregnancy.

People have asked me if I think it is a boy or girl, and I have been evaluating my symptoms.  With the boys there were a few distinct symptoms, and then with Gwen there were a few distinct symptoms, and unfortunately this pregnancy is giving me mixed signals.  My nails are horrible right now, and I think generally salty things seem better than sweet things - and that seems to be pointing to boy.  But then with both the boys my chest hurt a lot more, and there are other symptoms that are a bit TMI for a blog post seem to be pointing toward girl.  So I don't really know!  I am curious to see what you all think!
I have another doctor's appointment next week, so I'll give an update on heartrate then!

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Breanna said...

You look absolutely amazing! :) I'm so excited for you! I absolutely loved being pregnant with both of my boys, and already have baby fever with a 4 month old (and 2 year old) at home! Eeeep! :)

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

You look so cute! I'm so glad that you are having such a good pregnancy so far minus the exhaustion and normal aches and pains! I am always in disbelief in hearing that because I can't even FATHOM not being sick as a dog and actually putting on clothes and getting cute haha! I think I lived in pajamas my first trimesters!! I can't wait to watch your belly grow! I feel like it's going by so fast already!

Rebecca Lobb said...

Pregnancy really suits you Callie! Each week you seem to have more of a glow.

Melanie said...

I'm hoping it's a girl!!! You could match Gwen with her in little outfits and cute would that be!?

Vanessa Miller said...

I can't figure it out this pregnancy either. The symptoms mostly point to boy but I kind of have a girl feeling so I really have no idea!

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