A First Boo-Boo (And Giveaway!)

Kids get bumps and scrapes all the time, too many to count, but I will always remember the first time Wyatt scraped his knee.

We were having a day at the zoo, and I had Wyatt in a stroller.  He was right around three years old (I know, how did we get to three years old without a scraped knee in the first place?).  Wyatt would walk part of the time and ride in the stroller part of the time.  He saw something he wanted to take a closer look at, and he jumped up as the stroller was moving and landed on his hands and knees.

I spotted the little scrape right away, but Wyatt didn't react at all to falling down, so I didn't want to bring attention to it.

A little while later we stopped at a table to eat the lunch I had packed.  I pulled out bags of pretzels, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for Wyatt, and I put it on a napkin in front of him.

All of a sudden he burst out crying and told me he didn't want his peanut butter and jelly sandwich.  He pointed to the little scraped part of his knee and said "The peanut butter and jelly hurt my knee!"

Apparently he didn't notice the pain until we sat down, and the scrape did kind of look like strawberry jelly!  It was so cute, and I tried not to laugh as I gave him a kiss and got him a damp cloth for his knee.

We didn't have this book at the time, but if we did it would have been perfect to read that night as we talked about his hurt little knee!  "God Bless My Boo-Boo" is a sweet rhyming book about how Mom and Dad take care of their kids when they are sick or hurt, and how we can pray to God and know He is with us even when we are hurting.

The illustrations are of adorable little animal families, and my kids love those kind of books!  It's great for the preschooler age group especially.  My kids love any books that involve animals, and these illustrations are perfect for showing those times when someone is hurt or sick without it being alarming.

I love the message of this book, because it reminds kids that we can turn to God when we are sick or hurting.  Sometimes I even need that reminder to pray with the kids after they get hurt - because I want them to know that God is the Great Physician who can heal our hurts!  If you have little ones, this book is a cute one to check out (you can also preview it here)!

Do you remember the first time your child got an injury?


Tommy Nelson is offering one of my readers a copy of "God Bless My Boo-Boo"!  I am going to hold the giveaway on Instagram again - if you don't follow me over there, now is a good time to start!  Click here or look me up @CallieNicole7.

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