Getting' Bigger? (16 Weeks #4)

"Mama, is your tummy getting bigger?" 

-Spoken by Wyatt this week.  And yes, I do believe it is!

Right around 15 weeks, the belly seemed to just pop out more.  I think I have definitely popped quicker with this baby!  Fourth babies will do that, I guess.  I am around 17 weeks now, and I feel like the stomach has actually settled back in a bit since these pictures were taken, but it is still becoming more and more obvious that I am pregnant (as opposed to just putting on a few pounds).

I felt this baby move earlier than the others, right around 14 weeks, and I felt those flutters every other day or so for the first week and a half.  Then they stopped for a few days, and I effectively freaked myself out before my doctor's appointment last week - but baby was looking fine, with a heartbeat around 150 bpm.

Since my doctor's appointment I have been feeling the baby move every day!  I can tell the kicks are getting stronger, but still not strong enough to feel from the outside yet.  I can't decide if I am feeling this baby more because it's my fourth pregnancy and I know what to look for, or if it's because this baby is bigger than my others were.  I have gained about 4-5 pounds so far.

I don't have any real food cravings or aversions.  Watery things have been tasting extra good though, like fruit or Sonic slushes.

Our 20-week ultrasound is less than a month away!  I am so excited about finding out the gender, and I have a pretty good guess about what I'm having.  With the other three I tried to stay pretty neutral, just in case my guess was wrong, but I'm probably 90% sure this time.  I'll be surprised if I am wrong because the symptoms seem pretty clear to me, but I will be thrilled with either a boy or a girl!  I don't have a preference either way, I'm just excited to know for sure!

I need to get moving on planning our gender reveal party, and unless I can get my act together and come up with my idea this week, I may have to make you guys wait a couple weeks after May 15th to find out . . . spending on when I can get the party scheduled.  I'm working on it though!  It's just hard to come up with original ideas for a gender reveal party when you have already planned three others.  Derek and I need to discuss and figure out what we are doing.  I am leaning on keeping the party simpler this time, since the rest of my life feels so crazy right now.  We'll see how it turns out!

(You can see our other gender reveal parties here: First Gender Reveal Party and games, Second Gender Reveal Party and games, Third Gender Reveal Party.)

I haven't planned a whole lot for the baby's corner yet, since I kind of have to wait until I know the gender - but I'm pretty sure he/she will be sleeping in the corner of our downstairs family room until Clyde gets big enough to share a room with Wyatt.  If we tried to combine rooms right now, I don't think anyone would sleep.  It's not ideal, but we'll make it work! Eventually all the kids will be sleeping in rooms, but this is probably the best solution for now.  I have ideas swirling in my head for how to make the baby's corner cute and cozy.  I'm sure I'll post pictures when I get it put together!

Still able to button most of my pants, which is a relief, but I don't know how much longer that will last!  I'll probably have to start using hair ties and belly bands soon, but so far I'm holding out!  Here are my outfit details this week:

Army-Inspired Vest: Maurices (similar style)
Floral Shirt: Pink Blush Maternity (similar style)
Mint Skinnies: Target (similar style)
Nude-Colored Shoes: Target (similar style)
Silver Chandelier Earrings: Target (similar style)

T-minus 24 days until we find out!  

(I'm also linking up herehere, here, here.)

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Lauren Layman said...

you look so cute! I still remember when you planned your first gender reveal's what gave me the inspiration for Elyse's party almost 4 years ago! yikes!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Lauren! I know, it's hard to believe it was over four years ago that I did that first gender reveal! :-)

Natalie @ She Builds Her Home said...

So so cute! Dare I say that you are making me miss having a bump?! You just rock it!
I can't wait to see what you come up with for your gender reveal! You always have the cutest parties. And I sure hope you figure something out so we don't have to wait to find out ;)

Laura Keenan said...

You have the most perfect newly popped baby belly! I love the anticipation of finding out the gender; it will be here so soon!

Gina G said...

Love the outfit, and you have the cutest little bump! <3

Pink Wings

Shea Sayers said...

What a pretty look--I love the pastels mixed with the cargo vest--such a great balance! Love your 16 week bump too, so exciting that you're getting closer to finding out the gender!

Sydney Fashion Hunter said...

Great top! I host a link up every Wednesday (no live!) and would love it if you stop by.

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you, Shea! And yes, I am so excited to find out if this little one is a boy or girl! You would think it wouldn't matter since I have one of each already, but it's just as exciting as the first time. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you, Gina! :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Laura! And I know, just a couple more weeks until our ultrasound! We're excited. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks Natalie! I think we have an idea in the works for the party, now we just have to figure out if we can pull it off in a couple weeks or if we'll have to push it out to the end of May. :-/

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks for letting me know about your linkup! Heading over there now!

Hannah M said...

I love your top, it's too cute! And I love the idea of having a baby corner as your kiddos will be sharing bedrooms. I'm trying to figure out where the little one will sleep after he's born, and I am liking the idea of the living room... we shall see. I can't wait to hear more details about your baby corner and what you are having! So fun! :)

wvmel said...

Your so cute! Love the outfit and I know you'll come up with a great gender reveal party theme!!

ADA said...

Hi Callie, congrats on your 4th pregnancy first of all. Thanks so much for linking up this lovely look last week for Creative Closet's Pastel Link-up and for commenting as well. You look adorable. Love the fun floral tee and it is perfect with the mint skinnies.

So glad I found your blog. I am now following you, for sure. Hope you do the same. Ada. =)

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