Noah's Ark Activity Ideas

Do you ever have a hard time coming up with activities to do with your kids?  I know my kids love doing anything out of the ordinary, especially craft or theme related activities.  I feel bad for them because I am not super-creative when it comes to coming up with special things to do with my kids.  On the one hand, this has made them great at independent play.  On the other hand, I think they deserve some organized or planned activities every once in a while.

The other week I was having an especially good day, and while the kids were napping I put together a little activity plan.

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First we sat down and read the story of Noah’s ark - which is always a favorite for my kiddos, since they love animals.

After that we went outside to draw with some sidewalk chalk - Wyatt has been itching to draw on the sidewalk for a week, so he was so excited!  I started off with drawing a picture of Noah’s ark and some animals on it (elephants, giraffes, etc).  Then I told the kids to draw some animals on Noah’s ark too!  Wyatt thought this was a ton of fun and set about drawing a snake right away.  Gwen preferred to draw some flowers, and then they asked me to draw specific animals.  My art skills are not the best, but they didn’t seem to mind!

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A little bit later we came inside, and I gave them what I like to call “monkey food” - i.e.. whatever cereal/candy/nuts I happened to have in my cupboards, mixed into a bowl.  Ours consisted of Fruit Loops, pretzel sticks, and cherry flavored baking morsels.

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You could also add in some sort of Noah’s ark craft, or gather your kids stuffed animals and toys and act out the story together.

Ideally, I think it would be a ton of fun to follow up this activity with a surprise trip to the zoo!  If we ever do this again in the future I think we’ll make it into a full Noah’s Ark day and go talk about all the zoo animals that were on the ark.

And if you are like me, my blog friend Keri from Living In This Season just came out with an ebook with activity ideas for kids - I haven’t read it yet, but it sounds fun!

You can read more about it and check it out here, and I am excited to be a part of her Blog Hop/Book Launch party!  You can check out all these lovely ladies for more ideas on activities to do with your kids this summer.

Are you one of those creative people who always come up with fabulous kids' activities?  I would love to get more ideas from you - comment below!
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Holly said...

Love this! And, it looked like your kiddos were having a blast!

Keri Snyder said...

Love these ideas! So smart to have a themed day- and so simple!

Stephanie Luppino said...

How are your kids getting so big! Cute! I love to browse activity ideas on pinterest or different blogs but I'm bad about taking initiative to actually get the materials and plan for a time! At least markers and paper get lots of use around here!

Callie Nicole said...

Ha, we do markers and paper mostly too! And watercolor paints for Wyatt, because he's really into painting right now. I feel bad, because my kids LOVE crafts, and I am so not a crafty person!

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks Keri! :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks Holly! They did have a lot of fun with it!

Lauren Layman said...

what cute ideas! and with stuff that's all around the house all the time!

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks Lauren! Yeah, I'm not crafty, so I have to have activities with stuff I already have. ;-)

Heather Pedersen said...

Love this idea, Callie!

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