26 Weeks Baby #4 - Uncomfortable

I am 26 weeks pregnant now!  The last couple weeks Baby Girl has been developing hearing (she should be able to hear Derek talking now, as well as me), and she is probably starting to practice breathing movements!

I am feeling fairly good.  I have had more backaches (Derek is so sweet to give me massages whenever I need them, so that helps).  I also have a hard time digesting meat - if I have a hamburger or something, I usually get a stomach ache by the time evening rolls around.  I find this very odd.  I never had so many digestive issues with the other kiddos.  Carbs don't seem to cause a problem, so I tend to eat more noodles, fruits, and cookies lately (which I am sure is just dandy for my weight gain).

I have probably gained around 18 pounds so far, which is a little more than I'd like to see at this point in my pregnancy, but if I can hold steady for a couple weeks I'll feel like I'm back on track. I feel pretty good about my wight gain overall so far, but when I look at my belly I feel like it is huge!  I am having a hard time remembering how big I was with the other kids at this point.  I looked at this picture and I was pretty sure I am bigger this time around:

So I went ahead and looked up my pictures with the other three at 26 weeks, and I think I look smaller with the boys, but with Gwen I feel like I look huge at this point too - so maybe it's just a girl thing!  You can check out my other updates below if you are curious.  Tell me what you think!

In other news, I was almost convinced I had a blood clot in my leg a few days ago.  I have had one before, and because of it I am always on blood thinners postpartum.  My right calf started aching, and it felt just like a blood clot.  It's hard to know what to do in that situation - is it just a muscle cramp?  If it is I should rub it out.  But what if it's a blood clot?  Then rubbing it could knock the clot loose, which is not good!  In the end I left it alone and it felt better after a couple days, so I'm assuming it was just a muscle pull or something.

I also have been getting a lot more Braxton Hicks contractions than i ever remember having before - one of them even hurt the other day, and I have never had a Braxton Hicks hurt!  That, combined with the fact that I have been reading a book about a preemie, has me a bit jumpy.  But everything is still in order, and Baby Girl has been moving more, so that has been fun!  I see her from the outside quite often now, and Derek has felt her move!

I finally bought fabric for our girl's blanket, and the crib arrived on Friday! So the agenda for this week is to work on her quilt and put the crib together.  I'll probably post sneak peeks on Instagram at some point, so follow me there to keep up!

In a couple more weeks I'll have another doctor's appointment (My doc felt I could skip the June one since this is my fourth baby).  So hopefully I'll have more exciting things to report for the next couple bump updates!

Maternity Outfit Details:

Dress: Charming Charlie
Sandals: Forever21
Necklace: A gift from Wyatt a couple Christmases ago 
(Derek bought it, but Wyatt picked it out himself!)
Vest: Maurice's
Neon Yellow Nail Polish: Orly

Behind the scenes of our little baby bump photo shoots - the kids were running in and out of the pictures this week!  I have some pretty cute ones.  I have to acknowledge Derek for a minute too for being my (handsome) photographer for all of these baby update posts!

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Kaitlin @ Homemaker Design said...

That first picture of you is super cute! :D And the last made me laugh!! The behind the scenes, ahhahaha! Isn't that how it goes! :D

Callie Nicole said...

Ha, yes it is! They are so funny, and they always want in on the picture, even when they won't stand still!

Jaelan @ Making Mrs. M said...

That necklace is just DARLING! You look so great. That striped dress is so flattering!

Callie Nicole said...

I love angled stripes! So slimming. :-)

ADA said...

A striped dress especially in black and white is oh-so-versatile. Love how you styled this with the black vest and the coral-red necklace pops! Well done. =)

Also, huge congrats on another baby girl, Callie. Little girls are the best!!

Welcome by. <3 Ada.

Kristina Gargano said...

I love that dress! I have the same one and it was my go to dress when I was pregnant!

Rebecca VanDeMark said...

You look adorable!! Love your outfit and those shoes!!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you, Ada! We are excited about our girl. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

I am loving dresses for this pregnancy! Cool that you have the same one - it was the LAST one at the store when I found it!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Rebecca! :-)

Rachel Garay said...

Awww how sweet and adorable you look. I love seeing pregnancy bump update photos as they are always cute and fun to see the progression. Your photobombers are cute too. Thank you for linking up to "Bloggers WHo Have Inspired Me
Rachel xo

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you so much for your sweet comment! Yes, I love seeing bump progressions - it is just amazing to me how much your body can change in a few weeks...

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