Breech Baby - 30 Weeks (Baby #4)

We are into the thirties now!  I am thirty weeks today.

We had a doctor's appointment a week or so ago, and I had another ultrasound since they couldn't see everything they needed to last time.  The tech was really sweet, and she kind of went over all the anatomy again.  It was fun to have practically another whole anatomy scan and spend all that time looking at our girl!  

We got a few adorable shots of our little girl's face, and she was so grumpy!  She had this little frown on her face the whole time.  At one point she scrunched up her face, like she would have let out a loud cry if she was on the outside.  It was pretty cute!  Apparently she is not a big fan of ultrasounds.

We did get one bit of news - Baby Girl is breech!  I wasn't totally surprised, because I thought even before the ultrasound that she felt transverse.  My doctor isn't too worried about it yet, because babies don't really pick their position until 32 weeks or so - but I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried about it!  All my other babies were head down the entire time, and I'm worried that with her getting so much bigger she isn't going to have much room to turn around.  She is already 2 lbs. 11 ounces!  That seems huge to me!  I also have an anterior placenta, which I read can make it more difficult for Baby to flip.

I went to the chiropractor this last week for an adjustment, and I'm hoping that will help.  I have never had a breech baby before, and I would love any suggestions on getting her to turn!  

I researched a little bit about breech birth, but honestly the idea kind of stresses me out.  I am pretty sure my doctor's office doesn't do vaginal breech births, so I'd have to find another doctor if I wanted to attempt it - which isn't easy.  I know a breech birth can be perfectly safe if you have a care giver that knows what they are doing, but if you don't, that's when it could result in pretty dangerous injuries to the baby.  I'm not sure I could find someone I would feel totally confident in, so if she doesn't flip, this probably means a c-section.  We are just praying that she turns!  It's pretty early still, so we have plenty of time.

I feel pretty good overall still!  Just enjoying her little kicks, and this stage before it starts to get really uncomfortable.  I am up 23 pounds, as of my doctor's appointment, which is more than I'd like - but I used a weight gain calculator, and I guess I'm still on track.  I am starting to think more about labor and delivery, trying to get mentally ready for it.  I'll probably try to go natural again, as long as she turns and everything goes smoothly!

Maternity Outfit Details:

Top: PinkBlush Maternity
Shorts (non-maternity, with a belly band): Target
Bag: Target
Shoes: JustFab
Necklace: I bought it years ago, not completely sure where.

(I'm still trying to make a lot of my non-maternity clothes work, but I find myself more uncomfortable in them this pregnancy.  I am pretty determined not to buy more maternity clothes though, so belly bands and the hair tie trick help!  I like this top from PinkBlush, but it's a little wide at the bottom - if I was wearing a pair of pants that actually buttoned I'd partially tuck it in, but since I had to hide the belly band, I just tied it.)

I am almost done with her baby quilt, and then I am going to send it off to my neighbor for the actual quilting part - things are slowly coming together!  I am starting to get anxious to just get everything done so I can relax and enjoy the rest of this pregnancy without any more projects looming.  Pictures of the quilt coming soon, or you can follow me on Instagram for sneak peeks!

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Amber Hansen said...

You probably remember all the craziness with Everett, but there are a lot of things you can try! Make sure you tell your chiropractor she's breech. There's a special adjustment the can do to encourage her to turn. Also, if your insurance covers it, try acupuncture with moxibustion. I did everything with no success, but u was about 38 weeks when we found out. You have a MUCH better chance being 30 weeks of getting her to turn. And acupuncture can be very successful. Make sure you tell them it's for turning a breech baby when you set up an appointment (if you try it). Also check out the website. Lots of exercises to try. You can shine a bright flashlight on the lower portion of your belly around your public bone and she might turn just to see what's going on. Everett always got REALLY active when I did that. I heard from a lot of people who had success doing handstands in a pool. If you have access to a pool, it might be worth a try! You can also try a procedure called an ECV if nothing else works. I'm not going to's NOT a fun procedure. At least not for me. But he was so big at that point with no room. Some people it goes just fine. The doc barely touches the baby and it flips. It's better earlier. You have a MUCH better shot than I did, so I'll be praying it works! And worst-case scenario, call around! I bet you'd be a great candidate for a breech delivery if you wanted to try it! You've already had 3 babies vaginally, so there's no question about whether your pelvis is adequate. And you know how to push effectively. You have good labor patterns and don't have a history of stalled labors. The best position for attempting delivery is footling breech (with their feet up by their head). I know it stinks to switch docs at the end, but the recovery from a vaginal delivery versus a c section would be a million times easier, especially while caring for 3 other kiddos. Do your research. Ask around. And do everything you can in the mean time to TURN her!! Praying!!

la petite lulu said...

You look wonderful! My doula told me to do 100 x cat-cow (yoga move) a day - encourages baby to get and stay head down. I used to do it every night on the floor in front of the TV. It also helped alleviate some lower back pain and just felt good while being so big and uncomfortable.

speedychick said...

My youngest flip flopped up until the week before she was born. The drs were trying to schedule a csection and being 5cm dialated with a history of preterm birth it was hard to hold them off at 37 weeks. Thankfully she turned right before she came out (which was super fast a whole 40 min from first contraction until she graced us with her presence). My point is don't lose hope that she won't turn, those babies have minds of their own.

Elizabeth said...

You definitely have time for her to turn! :) Mine was breech around 32 weeks and then turned.

Cheryl Smith said...

I am so sorry you are having this concern, but I know God is able to do exceeding abundantly above all we can ask or think! I don't have any advice to offer as far as getting her to turn, but I can pray! That is one thing I have lots of experience doing! :) Praying for you, sweet friend.

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Cheryl, I so appreciate the prayers! I still can't quite tell if she has flipped - we will see next week!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Elizabeth! And yes, I'm glad we found out early so I can at least try a few things without being down to the wire!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you for the encouragement! I feel like she is kind of flip-flopping, so I am hoping she just gets settled head-down soon!

Callie Nicole said...

I'll have to google to see what exercise that is! I have been trying a few inversion-type stretches, and she has been kicking all over my belly - so I have eno idea what position she's in now!

Callie Nicole said...

I do remember you talking about Everret being breech! I can't remember, didn't you end up delivering him breech? I have been trying some of the spinning exercises. I think she's just doing somersaults in there. I'm hoping she'll pick a head-down position soon! I am torn about trying a breech delivery. I REALLY don't want a c-section, but Derek isn't super-comfortable with trying a breech birth I don't know. Just hoping she flips for me!

Amber Hansen said...

There have been conflicting medical studies on vagibal breech births. One came out in the early 2000s that totally changed everything that doctors did but ended up being somewhat controversial later. They didn't properly screen candidates and such, so it made breech deliveries look less safe than a c-section. If you have been properly screened and meet all the criteria and have a doctor who knows what they're doing; it can be just as safe as a traditional delivery! There are medical studies on it that my midwives sent me. I can try to dig those up if you want them? It can be scary! I totally understand! You have to do what's right for you guys. I was actually leaning c-section and Corey was the one who wanted me to try for a vaginal delivery, and I'm so glad we went that route, but that's just what was right for us and our family. I know you're very scientific and are probably doing plenty of research :). The most important thing is that she comes safely!

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