My Little Future Boxer (28 Weeks Baby #4)

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

I am 28 weeks pregnant this week!  For me, 28 weeks is kind of the sweet spot in pregnancy.  I feel like my bump is just large enough to get that cute basketball look, but I don't feel huge yet.

How We're Doing

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

I am generally feeling really good!  My symptoms are mainly Braxton Hicks and fatigue.  By early afternoon I am pretty exhausted, and I usually need a little time to recharge after I lay the kids down for a nap (not the best for my productivity).  By 8:00 at night I am just wiped out.  I can't seem to get enough sleep these days.

And then the Braxton Hicks!  They started much earlier this pregnancy than in my other three, around 18 weeks.  Over the last couple weeks they have really picked up.  I even started timing them a couple different times, but I've never had more than 4 in an hour, so it still seems to be fine.

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

We're going for another ultrasound today to get a better look at Baby's heart and spine (it was hard to see since she was so curled up last time).  I am looking forward to seeing her again, and finding out if she has finally decided to turn head-down!  I have felt like she was transverse until the last week or so, but it feels like she is positioned differently now.

I tell you, this baby does the funniest movements!  You might remember from our 20 week ultrasound, how I said she was curled into a little ball, with little fists that made her look like a boxer.  Well, her movements feel like she is using my stomach as her punching bag!  I either get slow, sleepy nudges here and there, or I get a full on rapid-fire punching attack.  My belly just jiggles until she stops, and it cracks me up!  Sometimes I worry about her when she does this, but I think she is fine - she just likes to punch or kick in rapid succession.  I'm really interested to see what her personality is like once she's born!

Baby Projects 

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

I had such great intentions of finishing Baby Girl the Second's quilt over the last couple weeks, but alas, all I have done is cut up some of the pieces.  I keep running out of time and energy!  However, I did find a nice piece of artwork to hang over the crib in her corner, and I got the crib set up, so that is exciting.  

I mentioned this before, but this baby is going to have a corner of our downstairs living room.  We felt like that was the best option right now, because Clyde is not the most wonderful sleeper in the world, and I'm not sure how he would do sharing a room yet.  Preparing for this baby largely involves furnishing and decorating the living room area.  It's important to me that the whole space looks inviting, since we don't have a fifth room to put her in right now.  Once Clyde is bigger, he and Wyatt will share a room, and we'll move Baby Girl into the nursery.

I have a few projects going on for this week involving getting Baby Girl's corner ready.  First, we have to move the bookshelf from the living room to our room so we can put her crib in the corner.  Second, we have to finish painting this dresser that we got to replace the old one in our room - Derek made quite a bit of progress on it over the last weekend.  It's not exactly for the baby, but it's one of those projects that we need to finish.  Third, I found a TV stand we like, so we need to get that put together se we can get the TV off the floor.  Then fourth, I just need to finish the quilt and everything will be ready!

Big Siblings

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

The kids are still so cute about the baby.  Both Wyatt and Gwen like to talk about my tummy getting bigger, and Gwen especially likes to point to my stomach and talk about the "bebe in der".  Wyatt has dreams about the baby sometimes, and he told me he had a bad dream that we had a July baby (that would definitely not be good since she's due in September, but I have no idea how he knew that).  Clyde, of course, has no idea what's coming, but the other day as I was pushing him in a grocery cart, he kept leaning forward and kissing my tummy!  It wasn't like he was intentionally kissing the baby, but it was definitely cute!

Sweet Little Moments

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

It's definitely starting to feel real now - the other day, I thought I felt a little body part through the side of my stomach, so I pushed against it, and Baby pushed back against my hand!  It was the most deliberate movement I have felt from her.  It was a special moment.  When you are having a fourth baby, the other three tend to keep you pretty busy, and it makes me treasure those little moments even more since quiet times are more rare.  I am so thankful that the Lord let us have this fourth little baby - having just one more was my heart's desire for so long, and this little one is the sweetest answer to my hidden prayers.  Just a few more months and we'll have a fourth sweet baby to kiss!

Third Trimester Maternity Style : 28 Weeks | Through Clouded Glass

Maternity Outfit Details:

Dress: Target
Red High Heels: Payless, a few years ago.
Bracelet: I don't remember?  Probably Forever21.
Earrings: Charming Charlie

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Jayda said...

These pictures are so precious!

Abby Castro said...

Gorgeous dress! You look so pretty pregnant :)

Abby of Life in the Fash Lane

Rebecca VanDeMark said...

LOVE this! You look gorgeous mama!! And I LOVE that outfit!! :)
:) Rebecca

Cheryl Smith said...

You look absolutely radiant, Callie! And those little ones of yours.....SO adorable!! That is so sweet how they are so excited over the new baby. :) God bless you and your precious family and keep you always in His care!

Shian K said...

Your babies are precious. I don't have any children myself but I love little ones and babies, so I'm excited for you that you're finally getting your #4! Also loving those red heels :)

Shian |

Charis said...

love these photos esp the ones with the siblings. How fun!

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