A Baby Celebration! (32 Weeks Baby #4)

This week I am 32 weeks pregnant with our fourth baby!  Only two months (or less) to go.

I am feeling good this week, except for heartburn that is ramping up a little bit.  Hopefully this means Baby Girl is growing some hair, but we will see!  I have been having Braxton Hicks contractions here and there.  I feel like our little girl is doing somersaults in there, because ever since my last doctor's appointment her kicks have been all over the place.

As for the breech situation, about a week ago I was in a light sleep early in the morning, and I had a very vivid dream where I felt her flip around - I felt arms and legs and everything rotating around, all in my dream.  Then when I woke up, her kicks did actually seem to be higher, so I'm wondering if I dreamed it, or if she actually did flip and I just thought it was my dream!  I'm writing this post on Sunday, and I have an appointment tomorrow, so I will update on position after I know more.

Update: As of Monday, Baby is no longer breech!  Now hopefully she'll just stay head-down!

I went through Gwen's old clothes last week and washed everything, so now we're all prepared clothes-wise!  I still need to finish the quilt and deep clean the house, and we should be in good shape.

Maternity Outfit Details:

Shirt: Target (on sale!)
Shorts: Target (sale!)
Necklace: Charlotte Russe, years ago.
Shoes: Payless, years ago.
Purse: Charming Charlie

I'm at that point in pregnancy where I kind of hate to buy anything else, because I will only be in it for a few more weeks.  But sometimes it's just necessary.  I haven't bought any maternity shorts all summer, and I'm getting big enough that a lot of my dresses don't fit - so when I saw that these non-maternity shorts had a stretchy waistband, and were on sale, I snatched them up!  I also got the shirt at Target, which was also on sale, and even though I hate to buy any new maternity clothes at this point, it's nice to have something that hasn't already gone through several pregnancies with me.

And finally, last Saturday, my mom and sister threw me a baby shower - but it was more of a celebration than a shower!  It's tricky with a fourth baby, because we already have almost everything we need, and I didn't want to ask people to buy me more stuff - but I also feel like every baby deserves some sort of event as a celebration.

My mom and sister had the idea to invite a few of my good friends, and take everyone out to The Melting Pot!  It was so sweet of them to plan a celebration for this baby.  We told everyone not to bring gifts, but just to join us to celebrate this new little life with me.

I have never been to the Melting Pot before, but it's a fondue restaurant.  Oh my goodness.  It was amazing!  We had chocolate fondue and lots of different items to dip.  My mom picked out a couple games - a fill-in-the-blank baby birth story that got us all laughing, and "Family Feud" baby style!  It turned out to be the perfect amount of people, and we had a great time!  It was special to e to have some of my closest friends and my wonderful mom and sister together before this baby is born, and I'm so glad we got to do this.

And a few people broke the rules, so I got a new diaper bag, formula, diapers, and some new clothes for my little girl!  

I am getting so excited for her to come!  Sometimes I can feel a little arm or leg through my belly, and it makes me think about holding her in just a few more weeks - we are down to single digits!

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Ashley said...

Looking great! And so close!

Rebecca VanDeMark said...

You look gorgeous!! SO beautiful!! Love your outfits!! SERIOUSLY you are a beautiful pregnant mama!! Such classy style!!

Tiffany @ The Austin Fam Diary said...

Every baby totally deserves to be celebrated :) You look amazing!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Tiffany! I agree, it just seemed like we should do something, even if it is my fourth. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Ah, thank you Rebecca! You are so sweet! Just what I need to hear at this point in pregnancy. ;-)

Callie Nicole said...

I know, she'll be here before I know it!

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