36 Weeks - We Are Having A Baby This Month!

You know what I find annoying?  The way they, whoever "they" are, decided to move back the marker for reaching "term" in a pregnancy.  It used to be 36 weeks back when I was pregnant with Wyatt, and 37 weeks was full term.  Now I think 37 weeks is term, and 38 weeks is full term?  I don't know, I just know I have reached 36 weeks, which would mean I have reached term if this were four years ago!

I feel like I just wrote my 34 week update, and already it's time to write another one.  The end of this pregnancy is going so fast!  I probably only have about a month left at most now, which is exciting - and unless I weirdly go past my due date, we will have a baby this month!  I get a surreal feeling when I think about this.  It doesn't seem like it should be that time yet, but in a few weeks we will have an entirely new little person around here.  That is just blowing my mind right now.

A few weeks ago I had my consultation appointment with my hospital.  They call it the "birthday wishes" program, because it's basically a time for you to share your birth plan with the nurses.  The hospital we go to is an ideal hospital if you want to try to have a natural hospital birth.  This is my fourth baby, so I know births rarely go exactly as planned, but we are hoping for another natural hospital birth.  I requested that we get to deliver with Helen if she is on duty that night.  Because with a fourth birth at the same hospital you also, you know your L&D favorite nurse by name.

My hospital bag is mostly packed, but I find myself being much more lax about having it in the car every time I leave the house.  This is probably not a great thing, because you never know when you may go into labor.  In my head, I will not go into labor until at least 38.5 weeks, so it doesn't seem important until then - but you never know if Baby will surprise us.

Realistically though, I am starting to think that this may be our late baby.  She is not in position - I can just tell.  Her head is down, but she still has not dropped, and my bump dropped much earlier with the other three.  I think she is still curled up in a ball and refuses to get her head where it needs to be.  We will see if I am right, because I have my first cervical check this week, so my doc can tell me her position.  If you would like baby updates, I post all the little tidbits on Instagram, so follow me there!

I am recovering from a nasty cold (not fun at all when you are pregnant and have three small children), but other than that, I feel good.  The Braxton Hicks have tapered off quite a bit, but when I do get them they are strong and last a good 30 seconds.  The heartburn - oh my goodness, it is out of control.  I am wondering if this means she will have a good amount of hair!

The kids are as adorable as ever about the baby, and are constantly pointing out that my belly is getting bigger and talking about the baby.  Wyatt will ask if the baby is kicking me and put his hand on my belly to try to feel - he understand the most, and is the most excited about the baby.  Gwen talks about how the baby is a girl a lot.  And Clyde - I actually think he is understanding too, as much as he can at 17 months!  He pointed to my belly the other day and said "Dat da bay-bay?"  I was so shocked!  Then when Derek put him to bed that night, he said in his little baby babbles "Bay-bay mama tum?"  He's a little smarty, that one.  I can't wait to see how they will be around a new little sister, and I hope the younger ones have an okay time with the adjustment.

This post is becoming a bit rambling, so I will end it here.  I just find myself wanting to slow down a bit and remember more of the details that are happening in my pregnancy - it is hard to do with three other kids running around, but this is probably my last pregnancy, and I don't want to miss all the precious details!  

Her little feet poke out of the side of my belly all the time, and that is the best part to me.  I think I love feeling little limbs through my skin so much because it makes it more real to me.  The birth in a couple weeks may be the end of a pregnancy, but it's only the beginning of a whole new stage of getting to know this little one, and I am excited.

Maternity Outfit Details:

Shirt: Target
Pants: Jane.com
Sandals: Target
Bag: Target

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Rebecca VanDeMark said...

AHHH sooooo exciting!! Happy Happy baby month!! :)

Meg said...

yey for birth month! Praying for the adjustment of your littles :) You look super cute, by the way, love the capris!

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