Full Term! 38 Weeks (Baby #4)

This might be my last pregnancy update (fingers crossed)! I am 38 weeks pregnant, and I have never made it past 39 weeks, so the next baby update could be a birth announcement!

The week before last week was the most uncomfortable week that I have ever spent pregnant.  Maybe it is because this is my fourth baby, but my body is taking this pregnancy a lot harder than my last three.  

The good news is that Baby has dropped!  She was so high for a while there that it hurt to bend over at all, but I am finally able to tie my own shoes again with only reasonable effort.  I think this may be part of why this pregnancy has been harder - my other three all started out low.  Since she dropped last week, I have been feeling a lot more comfortable and energetic.

This is such a hard season to dress - not many of my clothes fit well anymore with this big ol' belly, plus I have the added difficulty of not knowing whether to wear fall stuff or summer stuff, since the weather is in that weird, in-between stage.  I broke out the belly band this week so I could wear a couple of my non-maternity pants.

Maternity Outfit Details:

Pants: Papaya, non-maternity
Shirt: I've had it for a long time - non-maternity.
Sweater: Forever 21
Earrings: Papaya
Shoes: JustFab

I was disappointed this past week to learn that I am Group B Strep positive, which means I will have to be given antibiotics in labor.  This isn't a huge deal, except that they like to give two doses through an IV about four hours apart, with the last dose four hours or so before you deliver.  That probably will not happen for me - my doctor says she'll be happy if we get one dose on board before I have the baby.

As far as progress goes, they checked last week and I was just about at a centimeter dilated.  Definitely less than the other three at this point, but I know it can change fast!

On Labor Day weekend, I actually had some "false labor" - I knew it was false because they just felt like Braxton Hicks contractions (real contractions feel different to me), but they came at 15 minute intervals for a few hours.  It was mostly just uncomfortable, but it reminded me that she really could come any time!

Be sure to follow me on Instagram to see if there is any baby news!  I'll update there first.  It wouldn't necessarily surprise me if she came later than the others, but it really could be any day now!

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Cheryl Smith said...

Trusting the Lord your sweet baby girl will be here soon and that all will be well with you and her and your dear family!! You look radiant. :)

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