Uncharted Territory - 40 Weeks (Baby #4)

We are in uncharted territory this week!  I have never even made it to 39 weeks with any of the other kids, much less gone overdue!

I am feeling good - baby dropped a few weeks ago, and now that she is not up in my ribs all the time I am pretty comfortable.  No false labor.  I had cramps for a couple days between 38-39 weeks, but nothing for the last week.  Occasional Braxton Hicks, but barely worth mentioning.  Baby seems to be very happy staying in there as long as she can get away with.

She scared me by barely moving one day a couple weeks ago, so I went in for a non-stress test and biological profile.  They estimated her to be about 7 lbs, 6 oz.  I'm curious to see how big she really is when she comes!  I do know that she is big enough that her sudden movements are actually painful, which only happened rarely, if ever, in previous pregnancies.  There is just not much room left in there!

The kids are so cute about the baby, as always.  Clyde thinks it's the funnest thing to point to my belly and ask if there's a "bay-bee in der".  Gwen and Wyatt are getting anxious to meet their sister, and also to stay at Grandma's house while we are in the hospital.  Derek was able to work it out to work from home for the last week, which has been a blessing since I am almost always exhausted by the evening!  He was nervous about me being in labor by myself, even though I assured him it would be fine.  I am hoping she comes soon so that he doesn't have to go back to the office for a few days before she comes.

I have been expecting her to come by 39 weeks, since all the other kids did, so even though I am just now overdue, it feels like I have been overdue for the past week.  I have everything prepared, so it is just a matter of waiting now.  I honestly am not sure what to do with myself, aside from re-cleaning the house every few days and trying to post something on social media every day so people don't think I've already had the baby!  

That has been a new experience as well, and I've been inundated by people telling me to be patient, that she'll be here when she's ready.  I have never experienced this side of pregnancy before, but I've stayed pregnant long enough this time to realize that there comes a point where you ache every time you see a newborn because you are so ready to hold your own baby.  I can almost imagine her little body curled up in my arms and feel a sweet little newborn breath against my neck, and the wait is just hard.  

I think there is a point late in pregnancy where it is perfectly acceptable for a mother to be impatient to meet her baby, and I'm filing this information away for the next friend I have who goes overdue.  The best comments are the ones like "maybe today will be the day - come on, Baby, we want to meet you!" (infusion of hope and joining me in trying to talk her out), "you look great/you are doing great" (which is good any time in pregnancy), and "you poor thing, here's some chocolate" (though I have yet to be offered chocolate, but I'm pretty sure that would be helpful).

That said, I am truly grateful to have a healthy, stubborn or possibly laid-back baby, even if she is still in my belly!  So I have a little Instagram series prepared with reasons I am glad I'm still pregnant, in an effort to keep things interesting and upbeat.  You know, as opposed to saying "no baby yet" every day, which isn't very interesting and seems to imply that I am depressed or complaining.  We will see how many reasons I get through before she comes (crossing my fingers that I don't run out of reasons before she comes)!

We're ready for you, Baby!  There are a lot of people who are excited to meet you, and I really just want to kiss your sweet little face.  I promise it's really not that scary out here, so come on out!  Love, Your Mama

Maternity Outfit Details:

Skirt - Target, non-maternity but stretchy enough that it doesn't cut into me too much.
Shirt - Forever 21, non-maternity, and supposedly a dress, though I don't know who would wear a dress that short.
Scarf - Charming Charlie
Shoes - Target
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Victoria Wilson said...

But, girl, you look FABULOUS!

Hannah M said...

Today will be the day! Right baby? :) You are looking cute as ever! Really truly. And if I were just a little bit closer, I would offer you some chocolate. Shoot, I'd send you some but baby will be here before you'd get it in the mail :)

Diana Hill said...

I have been thinking about you these past few days!! I am sure you have delivered your precious baby by now. I hope all went smoothly!! I can't wait to hear her birth story!!

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