One Month Later

Have you ever had that experience where an event simultaneously seems so recent and so long ago?  That is how I am feeling right now thinking about Clarice's birth.  Has it really been a month already?  But at the same time, how is it that a month ago we didn't even know this little darling yet?  It seems like she has always been here!

Miss Clarice is growing so fast.  By her two week appointment she was exactly her birth weight, and it seems like she has surely gained at least another pound since then.  She outgrew a couple of her newborn outfits last week, and it made me sad.  I can't believe it's time to pack some of those sweet little outfits away, never to be worn by her again.

Clarice is a snuggly baby, and one that can fall asleep anywhere, and I'm so glad.  Not only is it convenient that she can take a nap on the go, but I was secretly praying for a snuggly baby who would sleep in my arms during church and MOPS.  It's so fun to watch her sweet little expressions while she sleeps.  My favorite is when she stretches her arms, raises her eyebrows, and puckers her lips.  It's adorable.

When Clarice is awake, she is often crying unless she is being held.  I think this is a combination of her wanting to be as near me as possible (and getting upset when she is not), and the fact that she has a few tummy issues.  Some days you can just see that she doesn't feel well.  She has also been having some green diapers, which is a sign of food sensitivities, so I have been trying to cut out dairy to see if that helps.  I don't think I've been strict enough with myself, so this week I am sticking to fruits and vegetables, and we will see what happens.  Incidentally, this may also help me with those last ten pounds.

I have noticed a slight difference in her fussiness since cutting back on dairy though, and she is so cute when she doesn't have a tummy ache.  She looks around with these big beautiful eyes.  She just stares at Derek sometimes when he is talking to her, and it's adorable.  She has even tried to coo back at him, and he swears that she gave him a real smile the other day (I have a hard time believing this, but I admit it's partially due to the fact that I am jealous that I haven't seen it).

As for me, my recovery has been great this time around.  The first week was rough whie I had a few hormonal (and/or tension) headaches and adjusted to my blood thinner shots, but after the headaches cleared up and my blood didn't feel so thin, I felt perfectly normal.  I have already started working out, and my muscles and joints feel stronger than they did when I started working out after Clyde.  I am about 10-12 pounds over my pre-pregnancy weight, and none of my pants fit, but I am hoping that will change soon.  If not, I'm going out to buy some new transition pieces (a girl needs well-fitting jeans, after all, and feeling unattractive for an extended period of time because all my pants give me a muffin top just doesn't work for me).

The kids have been doing great with Clarice.  Wyatt and Clyde are constantly giving her kisses, and they will both try to soother her, Clyde with the pacifier, and Wyatt by talking to her and stroking her head.  Gwen has been copying everything I do with Clarice with her baby doll.  She will strap her baby doll into Clarice's car seat or swing, borrow my nursing cover to pretend to feed her baby, and lay her baby doll down for naps (she insists we all kiss her baby doll goodnight as well).  Sometimes it's not her baby doll but her blanket "baby".  It's been so cute to see her little mothering instincts kick in.  Watching how all the kids are reacting to Clarice has warmed my heart.  They are doing really well.

Clarice's umbilical cord fell off at ten days (first milestone), and her little muscles are so strong.  She holds her head up so well for a newborn, and she can support a bit of weight on her legs too.  I'm thinking coming later is part of the reason her muscles seem stronger.

And the big question: how much sleep are we getting?  She has actually gone 7-8 hour stretches at night since the day she turned a month old (first time was on 10/30)!  She has been a decent sleeper from the start, going 4-5 hour stretches, but this new development is pretty exciting, and we are blessed to be getting good rest.  I'm crossing my fingers that this will last, but I am already anticipating the sleep regression/growth spurt that comes around the four month mark (all my kids have had it, but maybe Clarice will break the streak).

I think one of my favorite things is holding Clarice's feet and hands.  Her feet are so long and dainty, and when she is upset in the car, I just reach back and hold her tiny fingers, and she falls asleep within a few minutes.  She just likes someone holding her hand.

P.S. More pictures of Clarice on my Instagram, so follow me there to keep up with all our shenanigans!


My Sweet Clarice,

Darling, you are a blessing.  I didn't know before we had you how quickly you would fit right into our crazy family.  I already can't imagine not having you here.  Your sweet little sleeping noises, your long (really, they are so long) blond eyelashes, your tiny fingernails. . . every little detail is perfect.  I love when you fall asleep snuggled against my chest, and even though I know you should nap by yourself sometimes, I can rarely bear to put you down.  You are so precious to me, and I'm not taking these sleepy, squishy moments for granted.  I love that you are most content when I am holding you, and I feel reluctant to hand you off when I have to.  I will take as many snuggles as I can get.  I love you so much baby girl, more than you know.

Love You Always,


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Lauren English said...

Oh my goodness what a sweetie! You make me so excited for our first little one to arrive in March. She is beautiful and so are you! You're doing great, mama! :)

Michelle said...

That picture of her in the bed...SO CUTE!!! : )

Angela said...

Such a sweet girl! Time goes so quick!

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