Why I Send Christmas Cards

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

I think Christmas cards might be my love language.

Every December I try to send my cards out early, hoping people will receive them early enough to send one back to me.  I check the mail, every single day, hoping there will be at lest one card in the bunch.  I hang them on a string in my kitchen, and my heart feels happy looking at them.

I just really love Christmas cards.  (I can see you laughing at me now.)

I sat down the other day to think about why Christmas cards are so important to me, and I came up with three reasons why I think you should send cards (not trying to add to your Christmas stress, I'm just saying).

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

1. It is a chance to update distant family and friends.  

This year I actually got a thank you/Christmas card back in the mail from one of my great aunts, thanking me for sending them a card because they loved seeing updates on our little family.  It confirmed to me that keeping these family ties matters.  Christmas cards show distant family and friends that you care enough about them to keep them updated on your life, even if only once a year.

2. It brightens up someone else's day.  

I know my cards must bring a smile to the faces of those I care about, because I know how I feel when I see a hand-written envelope in my mailbox!  Non-bill mail will brighten anyone's day, and Christmas is the most natural time of year to take advantage of snail-mail.

3.  It lets someone else know that they are important.  

You know why I like receiving Christmas cards so much?  It's a sweet reminder that someone was thinking about me.  We live in a fast-paced world, where people keep in touch via social media and it doesn't take a whole lot of personal effort.  But when I get a card in the mail, I know that someone cared enough about me to keep me on their Christmas card list, cared enough to send one of their limited Christmas card stack to me, cared enough to spend a stamp. It's such a small thing, but it's a sign that we haven't lost that tangible, personal connection completely.  That means a lot.

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

Did you send out cards this year? 
(It's not too late!  After-Christmas cards are just as good.)

As for our card this year, so hard to pick a Christmas card picture when so much has happened since last Christmas. This time last year we had no idea that we would have another member to our family arriving this fall! So I went with a different kind of design for our card.  I'm usually not drawn to collage cards, but this one reminded me of Instagram - how can you not love that?  It turned out to be perfect for sharing all the pictures I loved with our family and friends!

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

For the back see of the card I included a family picture from Clarice's newborn session - which I just realized that I never shared!  I'll have to get on that.  

Clarice's birth announcements went out at the same time as the cards, so I thought I'd share those too.

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

(And just for those who may be wondering, I got both of our cards printed at Vistaprint.  I have ordered from them the last few years, and their upload-your-own-postcard-design is the cheapest way I have found to get good quality photo cards printed.  Not a sponsored post, just wanted to share!)

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

I also wanted to take a minute to say thanks to all of you who have stuck with me and this little blog over the last couple years.  Reading blogs has fallen by the wayside ever since Clyde was born, and I haven't been able to get my act together enough to have time to read blogs consistently until now.  I started using my nursing times to read blogs again and I realized (1) I missed a lot, (2) I miss interacting with everyone on their space, instead of just on mine!  But so many of you have stuck with me, even when I was being a slacker.  Thank you for that.  Please consider this my virtual Christmas card to you (I would send a card to everyone if I was able).  

Merry Christmas, friends!

Three Reasons Why I Send Christmas Cards | Through Clouded Glass

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Rebecca Lobb said...

I LOVE you cards Callie, very you! Merry Christmas! xx

Gina Davis said...

I feel the same way about Christmas cards. I actually am sad that I haven't received that much this year as my kids love seeing them too. We too have used Vistaprint, they are inexpensive and good quality like you said. You have a beautiful family.

Felicia Barkman said...

I love sending out cards too, for the same reasons. I think it's so fun to see updates on family and friends, especially those living far away from us. And like you said, it's nice to know that someone thinks of you enough that they would take the time to get a card for you and send it out. It feels very special!

Brettni @ BringingUpBrumfields said...

I get giddy over Christmas Cards in the mail too! Thanks for joining our linkup, Callie. You have a beautiful family! Merry Christmas!

Meg said...

I love sending Christmas cards! Actually, we've started doing a Christmas Letter recently, and including a family photo along with it. Same idea though. I'm rather sad that less and less people are sending out Christmas cards. I only have three so far :( Just the same, I plan on keeping at it each year! Also, I love your collage card!

Quincee @ Quincee Taylor said...

Christmas cards are my love language too! Those are three great points and makes it worth every penny spent. Your card is gorgeous. I love the collage idea.

Amanda E said...

I love sending and receiving Christmas cards too!! I've kept all the ones we've received over the years and have them organized in a way that I can set them out every year! It's so fun to look at the new and older ones! Your Christmas card is so great! The family pic and the collage is perfect! Thanks for joining our linkup!

Emily Barnes said...

I love cards too! I was so excited to send out a card the first Christmas after we got married and have loved doing it every year since. I just love browsing designs, picking the pictures and getting them ready to mail. It's like a love language for me. And I like to think that the family and friends who receive our card can feel the love I put into it.

Bethany Lammott said...

I love getting Christmas cards and eagerly check the mail every day too, hehe. loved getting yours--so cute!

Callie Nicole said...

Yours was adorable too! I can't wait to find out more about China!

Callie Nicole said...

I started the first year after we got married too, with a picture my husband and our two dogs, haha! Our family has grown a lot since then. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

I kept all my cards too - but I stored them in our Christmas box, and one year I opened it and they were all moldy! So sad. So I just had to start over. :-)

Callie Nicole said...

I liked the collage too, I've never really done one like that before!

Callie Nicole said...

It's true, not that many people send them anymore, and it makes me sad. But stick with it! I have been sending them to the same people since we got married, so seven years, and some of them have started sending a card back to me now. Persistence pays off, haha!

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks Brettni! Christmas card mail is the best! :-)

Callie Nicole said...

I totally agree! I hope you got mine in the mail? :-)

Callie Nicole said...

Thanks Gina! Yes, I love Vistaprint! It's been a slower Christmas card year for us too, but they are finally starting to come in!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Rebecca! I just got your card in the mail and I love it! Actually, I need your address, because I wanted to send you a card back but I am afraid I might have lost it...

Cheryl Smith said...

OH, how precious your cards are! God has abundantly blessed you with a beautiful family! :)

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