Dainty Little Feet

(Clarice's dainty little three-month feet.)

One of my favorite things about Clarice is her feet.  I just remember looking at her little feet when she was born, and they were so dainty.  One of my favorite things to do is put her in the baby carrier and grab those little feet with my hands.  They are so tiny, my palms just wrap around them.

I grabbed her feet a few days ago, and as I felt her delicate toes, I realized that her feet had grown.  Still dainty.  But now the arch of her foot doesn't nestle into the space between my thumb and finger quite the same way.

Obviously she needs to grow, but it doesn't stop me from wishing her feet would stay tiny forever.

Over the last month, I think the biggest thing that has changed about Clarice is that she is smiling more often and more easily.  She has the most brilliant little grin, still with the scrunchy nose, with a dimple in her right cheek.  There is nothing quite like a baby smiling at you to make you feel like you could do anything.  It's sweet and special.

Clarice also laughed on December 8th for the first time, though I would say she is still refining the process.  So far it sounds like a mix between a sigh and a gurgle.  I love it so much.  She has also been "talking" more, and even though she can let out quite the screams when she is mad, her talking voice is quiet and sweet.

Sleeping and eating has been great!  I figured out that she is sensitive to nuts, and since I've cut them out of my diet she has been a much happier baby.  She also typically sleeps 12 hours at night (!), which is amazing for me!  We are so thankful the Lord blessed us with a fourth baby who is a good sleeper.  Napping is a little more tricky, and if Clarice can't get comfortable enough to fall asleep during the day, she will let you know that she is unhappy.  She usually wants me to feed her to sleep, but if Derek takes her she will fall asleep in his arms.

I couldn't tell you how much Clarice weighs now, though at her two month appointment she weighs 10 lbs.  She is just a little thing, but she is long.  Her three month clothes still fit, but the legs and arms are short.  Six month clothes are the right length, but too wide around her skinny little middle.

The kids still love her just as much as ever.  Clyde talks about her and kisses her all the time, Wyatt is the best at getting her to smile and "talk", and Gwen loves when they are "matching".

Even though Clarice is very connected to me, and seems to love having me hold her best, I can tell that there is a special twinkle in her smile when she sees her daddy.  She just grins at Derek and kicks her little legs!

My favorite memory with Clarice this month was a couple Sundays ago.  We are still taking her into the service with us, but church falls right during her morning nap time, so she will often get squirmy or hungry.  This Sunday though she was awake and happy, and I just held her little head against that space between my shoulder and neck and swayed during the music.  Then the band started to play "Beautiful Things" by Gungor.  As everyone sang about how God makes beautiful things out of the dust, I couldn't help but think that I was holding one of them right there, little breaths fluttering against my neck.  My children are some of the most beautiful gifts He has given me, aside from my salvation.  What a blessing to watch them grow, even as slightly-bigger feet break my heart a little.  I am so grateful for all the moments I have with them.

(Clarice's "First Christmas" ornament.)


Sweet Clarice,

Baby Girl, you are so tiny!  I hold you sometimes and just swear that none of the other kids were as little as you.  But I know that all too soon I'll have a hard time visualizing what it felt like to hold a ten-pound Clarice in my arms.You are sweet and dainty and happy.  You make my heart smile.  Sometimes I'll be holding you, and I'll catch you studying me so seriously, with those big blue eyes framed by blond lashes.  And I just know that there is a lot going on behind those eyes.  I can't wait to see what kind of girl you become - you are already something pretty special.  I love you so much, sweet baby.


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Bekah said...

Love that ornament so much! I collect S'mores ornaments and the year Ryan and I started dating/got engaged/got married, I found one with a little heart and the year, so that was our first ornament together! :)

Callie Nicole said...

The s'more ornaments are so cute! What a fun item to collect. :-)

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