Learning To Laugh

I was standing in the kitchen, making dinner and cleaning up, when I heard it.  A little hiccup-type sound.  Wyatt was laughing, and I was afraid Clarice was upset about something, so I rounded the corner to see Clarice on the couch, giggling at Wyatt's antics.

Clarice has laughed since about two and half months old, and it usually sound like a drawn out "huh/hee" sound.  But this time she hiccup-giggled along with it.  It's hilarious to watch her laugh, because it is almost like she doesn't know how and it surprises her when it bubbles out.  It grows from a "ha" noise to a gurgle-chuckle.  I can't even describe it, but I love it so much.

It warms my heart to turn the corner and catch her figuring out how to laugh at one of her siblings, and she has laughed at each of them at different times.

Learning to really laugh is my favorite Clarice development over the last couple months.

Month Four

Clarice continues to grow, and in her fourth month I finally had to start putting away her newborn clothes.  She is still such a little peanut though, and looks so petite, even though I believe she's an average size for a four month girl.  We haven't been to her four month visit yet, and I am curious to see how much she weighs now!  She also rolled over right after she turned four months, but only the easy way, stomach to back.  She hasn't figured out back to stomach yet.

Right around the four month mark, Clarice also stopped sleeping through the night - which is pretty typical for my children.  They all stop sleeping through the night around four months, and again around eight months, due to growth spurts.  Still, I can't say I'm not sad to see our 12 hour nights go!  I count myself blessed that she was such an incredible sleeper for so long.  She now wakes up around three times a night, which was a hard adjustment, but I nurse her next to me while I snooze, and it isn't too bad.  I actually kind of like the cuddle time, and sometimes I wonder if she cries at night because she wants to snuggle.

I would say in her fourth month she also found her tongue and her hands.  She went through a phase where she wouldn't smile without sticking her tongue out, and she will just stare at her hands and move her fingers around like it is the most fascinating thing in the world.  Which it kind of is.  Her fingers are the tiniest, cutest little things.

(I don't share many photos of the kids on this blog, but I just had to share one.  I just had to.)

Month Five

After Clarice turned four months, I realized that she had still not taken a bottle - and though I like nursing her, it would be nice to know I could leave her with a bottle and she would be okay.  So a couple weeks ago we tried her first bottle.  She despised it.  She spit it out and cried the entire time!  With all my other kids I started them on the bottle early because I knew I'd have to go back to work, but there was no need with Clarice since I'm no longer working.  I started worrying I had made a big mistake and she would never take a bottle, but thankfully she did take it the next time, which was a relief to me.  So far she'll still only take a bottle from me, but we are going to try it again with Derek soon!  Baby steps.

Aside from our bottle adventures, the funnest thing about the fifth month is watching Clarice's personality continue to develop.  She is such a sweet baby, with almost a shy personality.  She'll smile at people sometimes and then jerk her head into my shoulder, and then peek back out at the person again.  I love this so much.  She doesn't "talk" much, but when she does it's with a very quiet "coo".  She gurgles and sort of hisses as part of her talking.  She only talks when she has someone's undivided attention, and always with a smile on her sweet face. 

And my goodness, her little smile lights up a room.  She has a dimple in her cheek and these shining blue eyes.  The Big Three (this is how I refer to Wyatt, Gwen, and Clyde) all have brown eyes, so I am very curious to see if her blue eyes stay!  I think they will, because no one else had eyes quite as light as hers.

She is in love with her daddy, and I know the feeling is mutual.  She watches him sometimes, and when he looks at her and says hello, her eyes just sparkle in the sweetest way.  Clarice is still very connected to me though, and I always stay somewhat nearby because sometimes no one else but me will do.  These tiny months are so precious, and I am going to remember these times with our girl when we are her whole world.  It's so special.


My Sweet Girl,

My goodness, I blinked and your four month birthday flew by, with your fifth fast approaching!  My darling girl, you are a joy.  If I had nothing else to do, I could just stare at you all day.  You have such perfect little features, and I love watching a smile dawn on your face.  

It starts in your eyes first. They start shining.  Then your mouth turns up, and your chin tucks down. as you dimple appears.  You scrunch your nose (I love that you still scrunch your nose when you smile, and hope you always do), and then you smile widens and you can see your sweet little baby gums, no teeth on the horizon. 

I could sit and make you smile for hours, but I suppose your little cheeks would be sore if I did.  It's okay though, because even your serious moods are ridiculously cute.  

I have yet to leave you at all, except for quick trips to the store when Daddy is home with you, but in all honesty, I don't mind.  You are my little buddy, and I am loving these days of you as my tiniest sidekick.  I will miss it when you grow enough to start chasing after your big brothers and sister, and I know that day is right around the corner.  

Days are a constant mix of joy and bittersweet with you, my Darling, because I love watching you grow, but my heart hurts to see it at the same time.  But oh, we have so much fun ahead!  I love you sweet Darling, and I always will.  You will always be my little baby.

Love Always,

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Lauren English said...

So so sweet! She is beautiful! And such a sweet little smile :) I'm so glad you're soaking in all that sweet time with your little snuggle bug!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Lauren! I am so excited about your little man - congratulations! Can't wait to read all about your birth story and days as a new mama. :-)

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