The Angels Were Partying Too

I sat down with my warm little bundle in the rocking chair, tugging the blanket to make sure the swaddle was tight.  My firstborn son slept in my arms.  We had survived the trip home from the hospital, and ate the meatloaf my mom had left us for dinner. I sat in the chair, and Derek sat on the floor in Wyatt's airplane-themed nursery.  We were both tired, but Derek grabbed his Bible and suggested we do family devotions.  We wanted to start out right during these first hours at home with our baby.

I felt proud of Derek, that he had thought to do this.  I looked down at my sleeping boy while he read, and I marveled at what a little miracle I held.  Waiting, more worry than I cared to admit, and prayer had brought us here - to holding this sweet baby in my arms.  I felt overwhelmed as all my hopes for his future built up in my heart.  

We bowed our heads together that night, and we voiced our biggest dream for Wyatt - that he would come to know Jesus as his Savior.  That he would understand what Jesus did for him, and that Wyatt would put his trust in Him.  And I kissed his fuzzy little head and laid him down in his crib.

It's hard for me to believe that was five years ago.  We celebrated Wyatt's fifth birthday last month.  My boy has grown up into such a sweet kid, a boy who has a heart for others, who hates to see anyone hurting.  He is the best big brother, he is funny, he is smart.  We have had so many special moments and milestones as he has grown, and I know we have many more ahead of us.

But my favorite two memories so far?  That very first night, and the night a couple months ago when my first prayer for him was answered.

One evening in September, after our nightly Bible time, Wyatt had more questions than usual and we talked long about what Jesus did for us in dying on the cross.  When I thought I had answered all his questions, I tentatively asked Wyatt if he wanted to pray and ask Jesus to forgive his sins and come into his heart.  And he said yes (except he wanted to wait until Dad got home, which we did).

We have done so many fun things with our boy in this last year.  His interests have gone from trains, to race cars, and back to trains again.  He loved our vacation to see the "presidents in the mountain" and the "inside zoo" in South Dakota, and he talked about it throughout the fall.  He has modeled so well how to be a good big brother as we added our newest girl to the family, and this was the funnest Christmas we have had with him.  He pestered me incessantly about wanting a bike for his birthday, and a Thomas birthday party, and it was very gratifying to see the look on his face as he climbed aboard that green bicycle amidst the red and blue balloons.

But what I will remember most about Wyatt as a four year old is that he decided to believe in Jesus.

The journey of teaching him and praying for him is not over.  He understands and believes the gospel as well as a five year old can, and he will learn it more fully as he grows.  But that evening back in September, when he shyly closed his eyes to pray and grinned at me when I told him the angels were having a party?  That is the foundation.  That is the evening he can look back on as the moment he chose to follow Jesus.

As he turned five this past month, I thought about how much he has changed and grown in the last five years.  From my prayer when he was born, to his sweet prayer of belief in the months before his birthday.  And now we water, and pray some more, and watch God grow this precious faith in my boy's heart.

I think the next five years will be even better than the last.



I am so proud of you, my sweet boy, and so glad you have decided believe in Jesus.  I am amazed at the wonderful boy you have become.  I love that you love to learn, and I love that you care about doing what is right.  I look at you now, and I pray that God helps your dad and me teach you well in these next five years as you learn more about the Lord and continue to learn to follow Him.  You inspire me, and I pray that the Lord helps me be the best mom I can to you.  You are a treasure.  I love you so much.


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VintageFancyGirl said...

Happy Birthday, Wyatt! What a blessing. It is so lovely to see your family grow in the Lord and that godly heritage be passed down through the generations. Congratulations on your beautiful family, Callie. ~ Sarah Hyde, A Future & A Hope

P. Jeanne said...

Such a sweet post ❤ you're doing a great job momma!!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you so much for the encouragement!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you, Sarah! It was an exciting day! :-)

Ashley R said...

<3 Oh, I am so happy for him! Sweet boy!!

Callie Nicole said...

It was really sweet!

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