She's Still A Baby, I Tell You

Sometimes life gets away from you and you realize that your baby daughter turned seven months old two weeks ago, and you never wrote an update for her.  Oops!  Life is busy around here right now, to say the least.  In addition to continuing to work on our home updates (we're getting so close!), it seems that every other day I have been driving into town for some activity.  Not so this week.  As Derek termed it, I am boycotting all events this week that aren't strictly necessary, just because I am in such desperate need of a break.

So far today I have read half a book, put away the laundry, tamed the toy tornado that the kids leave in their wake, and done some baby-lift exercises with Clarice amidst hilarious giggles.  Yes, it was a good decision.

(Clarice holding her grandpa's fingers.)

So my girl has finally learned to laugh!  For so many months her "laugh" consisted of a little throaty hiss with a huge smile on her face.  It cracked me up, because I could tell she was laughing, but it is doubtful whether anyone else could!  But as she demonstrated earlier today, she has it down now.  The belly chuckles and shrieks were in full swing.

Her sleeping has evened out a bit over the last month, and she usually just wakes up sometime between 12-2 AM, and then again around 6-7 AM (which is about the time we wake up, because the big kids will not sleep in - no matter how much I beg).  I can tell my milk supply is peetering out, and this makes me sad because I intend to breastfeed Clarice as long as possible. I'm trying to pay attention to how she looks over the last few days while she nurses, because it seems our time may be more limited than I thought.  She grabs onto my shirt and her eyes get droopy while she eats.  Sometimes though she is wide awake, and she will engage her little baby abs and attempt to look around without losing her latch.  Sometimes she'll look at me and see me watching her, and her little blue eyes sparkle, and her dimples show as she grins at me.  I love it.

We started solid foods this month, and Clarice is a big fan!  She shakes with excitement sometimes when she sees me pul out her little baby spoon, which only intensifies if it happens to be a food she likes.  So far sweet potatoes, pears, and bananas have been the favorites, but she also seems to love carrots, squash, and even green beans.  I need to pick up some teething cookies for her, because she looks so sad when I give the big kids a snack, staring at their treats and smacking her lips.  

No crawling in sight, though she was trying for all she was worth a couple weeks ago.  She is sitting up by herself now, but she doesn't particularly like it.  She prefers that I hold her all. the. time.  As long as I am holding her, she is happy as pie.  If she must be put down, she wants her brothers and sister playing nearby, and I don't dare look at her because she will let me know that this is not her ideal situation.  She does not like to be alone.

(I love that little tuft of hair on top of her head.)

Her eyes are still blue, but her blond, wispy hair looks slightly more full, and her eyelashes are darker.  I keep getting comments about how she looks like a little mini toddler, and I guess she does seem to have such a knowing look in her eyes sometimes.  But I always scold people for comparing my baby to a toddler.  My baby!  She's still my baby, and for pity's sake (literally, have pity on my mama heart), don't call her a toddler until well after her first birthday.  Preferably not until she is walking and has passed the 18 month mark.

My sweet baby is growing up, little by little, every day, and darn it, I'm not ready.


Darling Clarice,

Sweetie, you are growing so much!  I say that every month, only because it's so true.  It amazes me how different you can look month to month, because I see you every day - shouldn't the transformation be more obvious to me every morning?  A month, after all, is not that long.   But goodness, I am loving this time with you.  Your little blue eyes just make my heart jump, and I swear it is nearly impossible to be in a grumpy mood when you are smiling.  When you cry, your little eyes get all red, and it is the most pathetically cute thing.  You are cuddly, and squishy, and sweet, and even though I must put you down sometimes, there is always a tiny part of me that regrets it.  I treasure these days where I get to tote you everywhere.  Don't crawl too fast.

I love you more than all the pine needles on all the trees, and all the buds that are just starting to show up too.


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Keri Snyder said...

She is so sweet! What a beautiful letter to her!

Lauren English said...

Oh my goodness this is so sweet! I love that description of her nursing because that's a lot how it is with Caleb. As soon as he latches and starts drinking his little eyes roll back in his head like it's the best thing that's ever happened to him. It's so stinking cute! Your little lady is beautiful and I'm glad you're soaking in all the giggles and snuggles :)

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