Two Ways My Two Year Old Makes Me A Better Mom

I was sitting on the couch, reading, when he toddled over to me.  “Mama, sit by you!” He requested.  It cracks me up how full his sentences are at not quite two years old.

I put the baby down and pulled him up next to me, his little fists dragging his blanket and snake stuffed animal up with him.  I thought he would turn around and sit down on the couch with me, but instead he stayed facing me, grinning.  Then I heard little lips smacking, and something soft tapping my arm.  I looked up from my book to find a stuffed snake “nibbling” at my arm.

I looked at his happy little face, and his brown eyes sparkled.  I played along.  “Don’t eat me, don’t eat me!” I shrieked, and he dissolved into a little puddle of giggling before his snake starting snacking on my arm again.

We had a few more rounds of snake nibbling before I grabbed his stuffed friend and turned it back on him.  Then his giggles turned to that shrieking laugh that cannot fail to make me start laughing too.  I tickled him and shrieked some more, then said “A-den, Mama! A-den!”  

(That's "again" for those of you who don't speak Clyde.)

And of course I had to comply.

My sweet little boy turned two years old a few weeks ago (wasn't he just born?).  When I think about him right now I think of these kinds of moments.  He is starting to play games now, and the time I take to play brings such joy to his handsome baby face.  He loves to be tickled.  He wants to “come wif you” all over the house.  He asks to be picked up frequently, and he will snuggle right next to me on the couch whenever he gets the chance.  He is the middle child, not needing as much instruction as the older kids yet, but more independent than the baby.  

When I think of Clyde right now, two things come to mind.

1) He reminds me to be grateful for every little thing.  

This kid is so grateful, it makes me laugh.  He thanks me for making him lunch, thanks me for putting on his shoes.  He thanks me for changing his diaper, thanks me for buckling him in the car.  He says thank you even when I respond with "Just a minute".  He puts me to shame in the thankfulness department.  His thank-you's make me feel like I am doing something important by just being here.  He reminds me every day that this mom thing is worth it, and his gratitude spurs gratitude in me that I get to be a mom to these four precious children.

2) Every day he reminds me to slow down - because right now he needs me, but he won't always.  

My kids all still needs their mama to help them with everyday tasks, but Clyde's increasing independence reminds me that they are needing me less every day.  That knowledge slows me down and makes me appreciate this time more.

Clyde asks for snuggles when my hands are full, but I try to put down whatever I am doing and comply.  I help him put on his little shoes because he can’t quite handle it yet, and he always jumps up with a “Dank you, Mama!” and dashes away.  These little requests don’t always come at the most convenient times, but I try to remember to always stop to help him or hold him.  Because too soon he won’t ask anymore.  He will never need me in the same way that he does right now. Old letters from my own mother tell me that I’ll miss it someday when he no longer needs my help tying his shoes. 

It’s a privilege to get to be the one he relies on.  So I remind myself to enjoy and treasure every little request, because two doesn’t last.  And two is precious.

I love you, my sweet Clyde!  What a joy you are.  Happy 2nd Birthday.

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Abhram said...

Wedding Pictures on the canvas print looks so beautiful!!

Hannah M said...

Callie, this is just precious. Two is such a sweet little age! I love his thankful spirit - I'm sure he learned that from you! You are so right, two doesn't last. I'm trying to soak up all the little moments with my little ones as much as possible, because they simply grow up too fast!

Heather Pedersen said...

I loved reading this. My two year old definately teaches me to slow down, too. Espeically, as I watch how quickly she changes from day to day.

Callie Nicole said...

Yes, they change so fast!

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