I'm Glad She's A Non-Crawler

Almost anytime I go somewhere, someone asks me the ages of my kids.  I guess we are quite a sight, me with my three little ones trailing behind me and one in a stroller.  I answered, and Wyatt chimed in.

"No, Mom, Clarice is 7 months." (I told you we get asked the ages of our kids often.)

And I had to explain that another month had indeed rolled by, and she is eight months old now.

Time. slow. down.

This little girl is growing so fast!  I actually considered buying size 4 diapers at the store the other day, but the thought was startling, so I just tried a different brand of 3's.

Clarice is right around average in height and weight, which was shocking enough when she was solidly in size 3 diapers.  I somehow think of her as being this petite little thing, but no, she's not tiny.  She just apparently seems tiny to me.  Maybe this is the effect of having four kids so close in age.  It's such a continuum of stages that you have a hard time believing all your other kids were really this small.

Miss Clarice is loving her solid foods, and she takes bottles very easily now, but we still nurse 3-4 times a day.  She has a blond curl on top of her head, and the only blue eyes in our little family, with a hint of gray/green at the center.  No typical teething signs except gnawing on random things, but I can't decide if she's trying to cut a tooth or just discovering the world.

She is sitting up very well now, and is pretty content sitting by herself as long as there is activity bustling around her.  She does not even attempt to crawl, for which I am grateful.  We are in a sweet spot right now.  I can set her down by herself and she can look around, and she is content.  I don't have to worry about chasing after her yet.  As soon as she is crawling life will become a bit more complicated.  I always used to laugh at moms who said to be grateful for late crawlers, always impatient for my babies to start moving, but I totally get it now.  I like that she is happy just sitting for a little while longer.

Her favorite toy is her little princess puppet that we got her for Christmas.  She'll just grab it, stare, and grin.  I think she likes the face.

She still has the most devastatingly cute little grin, a gummy little smile with a dimple in her right cheek.  She smiles with her eyes.  Babies can't help but use their eyes too when they smile, but she can smile with her eyes even when not smiling with her mouth.  She will smile at anybody, but as soon as someone takes her from me I have to run out of sight so she doesn't start bawling.  The only exception is her daddy.  She grins at him when he takes her.

Each of her siblings makes her laugh, and she tries to talk to them with her signature hiss/coo.  Sometimes I'll be driving and I'll suddenly hear a shriek, and it takes me a moment to realize she isn't crying but laughing at her siblings antics.  I am so proud of my big kids.  None of them has ever been jealous of whoever was the "baby".  Instead they all love Clarice, and Clarice loves them.

We celebrated Mother's Day this last month, my first with Clarice on the outside, and my heart is just full with all these sweet little ones around me.  I am so glad to have four, and it was nice to celebrate all four together this year.


Hey Little Darling! 

Oh my girl, you are not crawling yet.  I cannot tell you how happy this makes me, because it means I have a little longer before you become just slightly more too busy to cuddle with me.  You will sit by yourself and play, but you get impatient after a while and I pick you up.  You grin and pat my shoulder, or sometimes you'll laugh and chew on my arm.  You fit right on my hip, like a little puzzle piece.  I love every minute with you, my girl.

Love you always,


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Teresa Kohnert said...

How sweet of you to share this post! I really admire the fact that you take the time to write about each of your sweet children :)

Heather Pedersen said...

She is so precious, Callie!

Callie Nicole said...

Thank you Heather!

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