The Secret To The Perfect Chalky Heart (And Other Musings)

I started typing this post during nap time yesterday.  Nap time is a fight these days.  Wyatt and Gwen are old enough that it is really "quiet time", and I think Clyde is on the verge of giving up naps too.

Nevertheless, I typed a couple paragraphs and then set my laptop aside so I could go wash my hair before all the kids got up.  I barely made it out of the bathtub before they were all downstairs playing "shots" with Gwen's new doctor toys. I watched them for a while (apparently "bees in the ears" is a serious ailment), and then finally headed upstairs to make some real macaroni and cheese for dinner.

I got the cheese sauce started and then thought I'd edit a couple pictures
while it simmered, but I found my laptop in Gwen's room.  They named this post "bv6766t@TFAQEQAS1QW2wiIop".  I was tempted to leave that as the title to the post, but I thought it might discourage any of you from actually reading it.  We will be having a talk about playing with mommy's laptop.

My Haircut

As mentioned last week, I got a haircut and color this weekend.  A friend of mine from church is a hairstylist, but I've never made an appointment with her before - that is changing now!  I love the way it turned out!  This is the first time in a long time that I have not come home from a haircut and felt the need to pull out the scissors and fix something myself.  I am told my hair is very thick and very heavy, so choppy ends is frequently a problem - but the way she did my cut this time, the ends are not too thick at all and give me some oomph on top.

For the color, I went with blonde and red highlights again, but the red is a little lighter than the red I've done in the past.  I think I'm subconsciously wishing for summer.  I really like the way it turned out.  It took me a day to get used to the lighter red, but I think it's better for spring.  In the fall I'll probably go with a darker red again (or try something wild and crazy, like the colored hair I pinned).

A Non-Political Discussion Of Inaugural Ball Dresses

The other day I was walking through the mall, looking for gifts for my MOPS group for the Spring and picking up a birthday present...but I found myself eyeing the formal gowns in one of the stores' windows.  

You know how you sometimes read about community dances in historical novels?  I always have two questions: 1) Did they really have frequent dances like that back in the day, or is it just convenient for whatever fictional romance is playing out?  And 2) why are there no community dances or balls anymore?  If they exist, where are they?  I want to go; I want to dress up and go somewhere where waltzing occurs and inappropriate dancing is lacking.

All that to say, between the formal dresses in the window and the inaugural balls that I stayed up late to watch last Friday, I feel that an inaugural ball fashion review is in order.  

The First Lady and Vice President's Wife made great dress choices in my book.  There is something about a white dress on a First Lady that I always love.  And I think I even liked Mrs. Pence's pick just as much, if not an eency bit more, than Melania Trump's.  It just twirled so nicely!  

If I had to pick though, I think I would have gone with Ivanka Trump's dress for myself.  I love the glitz.

Have any of you been to a formal event since you graduated high school?  What did you wear?  It's a pity all the formal occasions have to be wasted on the questionable fashion choices of many high school students.

On Candy Hearts

Let's just talk ever so briefly about candy hearts, shall we?  Candy hearts get a bad rap.  They are accused of being "gross" and "chalky" and "hard as a rock".  Okay, maybe they are chalky.  But if you get the right bag of candy hearts they can actually be pretty good, especially with a cup of tea as you look ahead to the day of love.  So let me tell you the secret to not-gross candy hearts.

1) Don't get the mini candy hearts.  Those really are as hard as a rock, and you probably will break a tooth.  Especially if you already have some fillings.  Just don't do it.

2) What you are looking for is the Brach's Large Conversation Hearts.  Note I said "large".  Bigger hearts mean less of a chance you will break a tooth.  Which brings me to my third point.

3) The secret to a good bag of large conversation hearts is to find one that doesn't appear to have a lot of air in it.  Pick up the bag and shake it around a little.  If you can find one that looks vacuum sealed or where the candy hearts don't change position too much when you shake the's gold.  Buy that bag!  It will be full of nice, soft candy hearts.

4) Where do you find these good bags of conversation hearts you may ask?  I had to do an internet search because my regular grocery store doesn't appear to carry them anymore, and I found out that Target has them this year!  As if you needed another reason to shop at Target.  There you go.

(After you eat those hearts, you should check out my "worth the time" post last week for a great sale on Sonicare toothbrushes.  That's the dental hygienist in me coming out.)

Old School Blogger Shoutout

Today, I give you two old-school bloggers who are about to have a baby any minute...

Alexandria from Life Of Scooter - Scooter is Alex's cute little dachshund, but she writes about all kinds of things...including expecting baby #3!  Go look at her cute bump!

Ashley Robyn from With Grace - This is a relatively new blog to me, but Ashley is expecting her first baby, and I've been enjoying her reflections.  She hasn't posted in a couple weeks, but I'm thinking that might mean baby is here?  Go stalk her blog for a couple weeks and we'll probably have a baby announcement soon!

What I'm Drinking: Almond Sunset tea from Celestial Seasonings.  It's the right kind of tea to drink while eating candy hearts, in case you were wondering.

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Meghan said...

Love how your hair turned out... and thanks for sharing these "old school" bloggers. I always love finding moms with babes the same age as mine (will be). That's how I first found YOU! xo

Gina said...

Love the new hair, it's so fun and fresh. Also, Melania's dress for the ball was my ABSOLUTE favorite! I wish I could wear a dress like that somewhere, she looked stunning. I always wonder how Ivanka and Melania feel always being compared to one another as if one is supposed to outside the next. They both looks very classy and I think it is to the President's benefit that he has such classy ladies by his side.

Emily Powell said...

I LOVE candy hearts!

Tayler Morrell said...

I LOVE your haircut! My son love playing with my laptop too....I chat with my hubby on Gmail chat while he's at work and my 2.5 year old son loves to "Talk to daddy" too...he'll click on different letters on the keyboard, saying what they are (and same with numbers). He loves it when his dad replies and I read him the reply!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I love your new haircut!! The color is beautiful!

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