Sick Day - Books, Music, And Projects

I know this has been said a multitude of times in a multitude of ways, but when it happens to you it warrants being lamented again - it just really stinks to get sick as a mom.

It started Sunday afternoon, and I thought it would just be a mild case of the sniffles (like it was for Derek), but no.  By Monday morning the sniffles had erupted into a full-blown, sinus-pressuring head cold.  

I had to cancel a meeting with a fellow MOPS table leader to plan out some playdates for the spring, but we also had lunch scheduled with Derek's mom. I really didn't want to cancel lunch, and I naively thought my cold was probably mild enough to make it through one meal. 

We had a nice lunch with Derek's mom, but poor little Clarice started throwing up, and by the time I got home my nose was raw from all the baby wipes and still dripping like an icicle (I think I now understand why a lot of people buy the "sensitive" wipes).  I felt as if I could nap for a week, but I still had to supervise a round on the potty chair (oh, potty training) and get all the kids settled before I could lay on the couch and wallow in my misery.

My dad was here when I got home though, taking a look at our furnace (which had been making an awful scraping noise), and I got to give him a hug before he left.  No matter how old I get, a hug from my dad will always make me feel better.

My Birthday Card Project

I was hoping to start school back up with Wyatt this week after our nice break for Christmas, but I may postpone it since we are sick again.  This has been a particularly bad winter so far for sickness, and it is really bumming me out.  Before this winter I could count on one hand the times we had really been sick in the last five years.  I used to think maybe our immune systems were especially hardy, but maybe we were just lucky, and I'm afraid our lack of illness in recent years has made me a bit of a baby about it now.  We'll see how I feel tomorrow, and how rowdy the kids are.  We may be able to sneak in a read-aloud at least.

If I'm feeling good enough though, my nap time plan for the week was to finish a birthday card protect I've started!  I have been wanting for years to create a birthday calendar and send out cards to all my family and friends on their birthday month.  Since my focus for the year is to really see those around me, I thought this would be a great year to finally make my birthday card vision a reality.  I've made it through April so far, but I was hoping to already have January's cards out by now, so I need to get moving.  

Though part of me also thinks maybe this week I just need to rest.  Ever since New Year's Eve I have been exhausted.  It's been almost on par with first-trimester level exhaustion, only without the sweet baby to make it worth it.  I can't seem to catch up on my sleep (the furnace-scraping and can't-breath-through-my-nose-head-cold issues may be contributing to this), and I'm thinking maybe birthday cards and schooling may just have to wait a few days instead. I have trouble slowing down, and maybe this cold is the Lord's reminder that this week is my last chance for rest for a while, and I should take it.

Sick Day Books

I have a couple books I'm reading right now, and I'm hoping to make a little headway on them while I recover.  I'm planning on snuggling on the couch in my fleece-lined leggings, sniffing essential oils on my homemade diffuser-tassel bracelet, drinking tea, and reading.  You know, in between changing diapers, picking up toys, and feeding the children.

The Secret Keeper by Kate Morton - A couple different people have recommended Kate Morton to me, so I thought I'd give one of her books a go.  I am only a little way in this one, but I'm really enjoying it.  The book is really clean so far, and also quite intriguing.

Conform by Glenn Beck - This book is about the public school system.  I was especially interested in it for the information on Common Core, but he covers a whole bunch of topics related to public schools and I'm finding it really interesting.  Even though I am homeschooling our kids, I am a taxpayer after all, and I want to be informed about how all that tax money is being used.

New Music

The other day I put it out there on Instagram that I was looking for some new music to listen to this January.  For several years after we got married I asked for Taylor Swift's new CD so I would have something to listen to after it was time to put away the Christmas music.  But Taylor Swift doesn't have anything new out (I don't think), and if we are to go off of her last album, I think she is going in a direction that I can't relate to anymore.  But I still like having new music to listen to in January!  I got a bunch of good recommendations on Instagram and Facebook, and I've had so much fun working through them over the last couple days!

I thought I'd ask here too in case any of you missed my Instagram post...any new music recommendations for me?

For secular music, I like country, light rock, pop, indie - almost anything as long as the lyrics aren't trashy or inappropriate.  For Christian music - I don't have anything against the worship music stand-by's, but I do find that after a while it all starts to sound the same to me.  I most enjoy Christian music with unique sounds and/or rich, meaningful lyrics.

What do you got for me?  What is your favorite January music?  Fire Away!  I'll check them out while I'm laying on the couch and blowing my nose today.

Old-School Blogger Shout-outs

I am hoping to get in some blog reading and commenting this week too (this is where I was going to tell you about why I quit using Disqus, but I posted that yesterday instead - if you use Disqus, you might want to read that post).   Though I can't guarantee that I won't fall asleep while the kids nap this afternoon instead of reading blogs.  As of last night I can finally lay down and breathe through my nose at the same time!  Which means I can actually nap instead of merely tossing and turning and feeling miserable.  I must be on the mend.

If you have time for some old-fashioned blog reading too, here are a couple blogs to check out!

Hannah at Wonder-Filled Life - Hannah is one of my favorite old-school bloggers.  I love reading about what her and her boys have been up to, and she responds to every comment!  She is a long-time blogging friend, and so sweet.

Meghan at My Beautiful Life - Meghan had her first boy around the same time that I had Wyatt, and she has kept up on her blogging really well!  She writes about being a mama to her two sweet kids...and now is a great time to start reading her blog because her third is due pretty soon!

Remember to read AND comment, because blog commenting is what makes this old-school thing go 'round!

Okay, I'm signing out, friends.  Off to eat some oatmeal for breakfast, drink some tea, and watch Dr. Phil while the kids play trucks and dress-up in their rooms (I feel totally silly admitting that I sometimes watch that show - it's almost as bad as admitting to watching a soap opera...)

What I'm Drinking: Celestial Seasonings Fireside Vanilla Spice tea.  I LOVE this tea, because I am still rather bitter that Celestial Seasonings got rid of so many of their unique tea flavors a few years ago, and this tea feels like a throwback.  It's sweet vanilla, but with just a hint of "woodsy".  That sounds really weird, but it's so good.

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Brittney said...

Oh man, I think the same thing about us and our kids and our immune systems. I thought for sure we'd be sick a ton since we hadn't been exposed to the last six years of flu and cold germs but it hasn't struck yet. I'm in for it, aren't I?

Jessica said...

aw:/ Hope you get feeling better soon! :)

Bech and Marley Evans said...

Ohhh I have some music suggestions! Do you ever listen to Andrew Peterson? He's a Christian musician (and he writes books). He loves Lewis, Tolkien, and Chesterton, and he often references them in his songs. He's incredible! You should also check out the Oh Hellos and any Indelible Grace music.

Veronica and Daniel said...

uhh, we have been fighting sickness for weeks! The last 2 winters Rebekah never got sick, but this winter she has had 3 different bugs. I think it is from living with so many people (we are living with my in-laws while we are building our new house) we just pass it around to each other. I hope you all feel better soon!!

Hannah said...

Oh my goodness, Callie, you made my heart burst! You are too sweet! Thank you so much for your sweet words; they mean so much to me and brought so much encouragement.

Also, that tea sounds divine! I'll be on the look out for it the next time I go grocery shopping. A few years ago we went on a tour of the Celestial Tea factory and it was so fun. I wanted to bring all of the tea home with me :)

Emily Powell said...

sorry you aren't feeling well :(

Michelle said...

Feel better soon! I'm so sorry you're sick. I was sick for two straight months in the fall with one thing after another. I was so beaten down I could barely function, let alone take care of Gracie. Being sick as a mom is AWFUL. You have my full sympathy! I love your birthday card idea! It just reminded me that I have a family birthday in 2 days that I completely forgot about. Whoops ;)

Callie said...

Haha, hopefully your immune system really IS good! I only had one really bad day, so I'm still telling myself I must have an exceptional immune system to get over it so quickly. ;-)

Callie said...

Thanks Jessica! :-)

Callie said...

Yes!!! I just had another friend recommend him to me too, and I love his lyrics! So good. :-D

Callie said...

I think my extended family is passing a lot of this around too, since we were seeing everyone more often around Christmas! Ugh. I hope we both have a healthier spring. :-)

Callie said...

You are welcome, my friend! :-) Your blog is one of my favorites!

Callie said...

Thanks Emily. :-/ We are on the mend now at least! It was a short-lived cold. :-)

Callie said...

It is awful! Ugh. Thankfully the cold was short-lived, and I'm mostly feeling better! Just a little bit of a headache leftover, and I can cure that with Tylenol. ;-)

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