Speaking Of "Spring"...

(The picture of Wyatt and Clarice above demands explanation.  I had to put Clarice down, and I tried to see if Wyatt would suffice for a post-nap-snuggling substitute.  Apparently he does suffice.)

You know how last week I wrote about Spring? My prediction came true, and the weather didn't last long.  That picture at the top is from last Friday, and we still have snow clinging to the ground this week.  I'm wrapped up in the denim quilt my mom helped me make when I was a kid, with two sweaters on and fuzzy socks, because I have a fire going upstairs and it sucks all the warm air out of the other rooms.  This weather does call for hot chocolate pockets and firewood, and I am trying to be happy in resigning myself to winter a little longer!  Hot chocolate is just a must-have for cold days, and add in a roaring fire and a good book, and I don't regret the snow so much.

Speaking Of Books

(Some affiliate links below, on the off chance it will help support my book habit, of which I am sure you are all aware.)

I just started Talking As Fast As I Can by Lauren Graham, and so far it is delightful (I just felt like using that word)!  She writes just like Lorelei Gilmore speaks, which is great because 1) it's funny, and 2) I'm never sure if these celebrity memoirs are going to be boring.  I think it's safe to say this one is not.  I'm curious now about whether she also narrates the audiobook, because if she does, i might need to look into that.

Also speaking of books, I got a big old box of Usborne books delivered last week!  I have intentions of doing a whole post on what books I actually ended up choosing.  I also am toying with the idea of doing a few review vlogs on some of these books, because 1) there were a few books that didn't have a real review vlog when I was debating on which ones to pick, and 2) ever since I discovered the Videorama app on my phone, it's been much easier and more fun to put together videos.

Speaking Of Videos

The other day I threw a question out there on Facebook, asking for suggestions of movies or TV shows set in the 1800s that would be appropriate for four and six year olds.  I'm trying to get my kids to realize that there is a whole history behind where we are right now, and people lived a lot differently before there were cars, electricity, etc.  Of course, I've told them this many times, but I don't think they completely understand it, and they mostly are interested in learning about things they can see right now.  Probably normal for 4-6 year olds, but I love history, and I want them to love it too! Living history displays, where people dress up like they live in the Old West and give presentations, don't start until summer, so I thought TV might be a good idea.  They already watch at least a little TV each day, they might as well learn something, right?

I got a bunch of good suggestions that I am filing away for when I think my kids are ready for it, but a friend loaned me her copy of the first season of Little House On The Prairie (thanks Mattea!).  I'm going to sift through it and pick the funny/lighthearted episodes.  My favorite suggestion came from my mom, when she reminded me of The Apple Dumpling Gang!  Did any of you ever watch that movie?  First, I love Don Knotts.  Second, nothing too violent or scary in this movie.  Third, the main characters are a bunch of kids.  Check, check, check!  I'm excited to watch both of these this week with the big kids, maybe during nap time.

Anyone have any other suggestions for me?

Speaking Of Nap Time

I think Clyde is giving up nap.  This isn't entirely unusual since he is almost three years old. (For some reason I'm really having a hard time accepting the age of three for Clyde.  No, I'm sorry little sir, you may not move up to the next age...)  However, it seems unusual, because the big two have always been exceptional nappers.  Gwen still falls asleep during quiet time at least 50% of the time, and it's throwing me for a loop that Clyde is the one who is not sleeping now.  I've been letting him play in his room during nap/quiet time instead, but I'm still questioning whether I should put my foot down and insist he stays in bed, because there are some days where it seems he still needs a nap.  Mainly the days when we are all crying before dinnertime.

And Right Back To The Books

I've been trying to spend nap time reading more lately, and particularly reading books about parenting and/or homeschooling.  It's a more peaceful way to spend nap time then running around trying to get stuff done, and I'm less likely to be thrown off when they kids wake up earlier than expected.  And choosing books that are related to parenting or homeschooling gives me a boost of motivation to do something productive with the kids during the second half of the day, instead of letting the afternoon fade away into a swirl of playing, cleaning, and scrambling to make dinner while watching old sitcoms on Netflix.  I'm really enjoying Teaching From Rest for this right now.

How do you spend your nap/quiet times these days (if you still have them)?

Old School Blogger Shoutout

I'm dropping these shoutouts down to one a week right now, but I'm in the process of hunting down more blogs to feature, and eventually rounding these all up into an ongoing list!

This week I wanted to introduce you to Stephanie from Home Sweet Here!  Stephanie is an old blog friend (from How Sweet This Is! blog), and she just started up a new blog.  I'm excited to read it as she jumps back into old-fashioned blogging!

What I'm Drinking: Hot chocolate made with coffee instead of water, and a little vanilla nut flavoring added.  Mmm!

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Angi said...

We got a foot of snow last night and it's supposed to snow all week, so I feel your pain. It's hard seeing pictures of everyone's budding flowers when we're still smack dab in the middle of winter! Happy March, right? ;)

I LOVED The Apple Dumpling Gang when I was a kid! I totally forgot about that movie!

Elizabeth said...

Cute outfit. Lots of snow here, too.

I can think of tons of movies set in the 1800s. It might be easier to think of books and then see if they've been made into movies. When I was a kid we watched Caddie Woodlawn and Sarah, Plain and Tall (which has 3 parts). Even something like The Secret Garden might have them using candlelight. Also, there are some Wild West-themed animated movies such as Rango that might appeal to little kids. Wasn't there a cartoon version of Anne of Green Gables? The first ones I mentioned are live-action and my 4 yr old hates movies about "people," ha ha.

When the baby goes down for a nap, I pretty much just proceed with my day with the 4 yr old. I start out by doing an exercise video from Fit2B Studios so I can't say I didn't have time. Then it's playtime, lunch, quiet time, etc. He doesn't actually stay in his room by himself, but he's supposed to play quietly, so sometimes I sit there next to him on my laptop. So I don't make myself do all the chores at once, a little bit of everything.

Jessica said...

We are starting to feel spring as well, but I'm trying not to get too attached...but I'm afraid its somewhat unavoidable. ;) <3

The Lady Okie said...

I am almost positive that LG narrates her book! I thought her stories of filming GG was really interesting. Hot chocolate made with coffee? That sounds interesting!

Callie said...

Yes, the snow is a bummer! It snowed AGAIN yesterday!

Callie said...

I'm thinking I might pull out Sarah Plain And Tall again! And good for you for working out during nap time! I'm still trying to get into that habit.

Callie said...

True! We're into March now though, so the nice weather has to start sticking around eventually!

Callie said...

I might have to grab the audiobook from the library too then! I'd love to hear her narrate this book!

Amanda said...

You got a nice haul of Usborne books! We have all been enjoying our new ones! I'd love to read Lauren Graham's book since I so enjoyed her dialogue in GG and her acting in Parenthood. And Teaching From Rest was such an encouraging book for me as a brand nee homeschool mom. Definitely see myself re-reading that down the road. Enjoy your snow! It doesn't appear that we will be getting any here this winter, which is slightly disappointing, but after a week of unseasonably warm days last week, I'm looking forward to spring!

Rachel said...

It looks quite chilly where you guys are! All the new Usborne books look so fun! Little House on the Prairie is one series my family enjoyed quite a bit in the past...it's hard to think of movies set at that time period that would be both interesting and appropriate for that age level...I grew up watching the old school John Wayne Westerns but Westerns are known for their shoot-outs!

Emily Powell said...

BOOKS BOOKS BOOKS! I ordered two from your party and one from another party. I have to keep them hidden though because they are going in Easter baskets! Darn.

Callie said...

Yes, I am so excited about the ones we got too! I want to hand them all to the kids right now, but I am trying to restrain myself so we'll have some new exciting books for next school year. ;-)

Callie said...

Definitely pick up Lauren Graham's book, it is really fun so far! Yes, I have to remember that when the snow gets to me - I'd be bummed if we didn't have any. ;-)

Callie said...

Yes, that's the problem I keep running into when trying to think of old west movies! I don't want anything too violent or depressing! I'm thinking maybe McClintock for John Wayne, because it's not as intense as a lot of his other movies...but maybe still not quite appropriate until the kids get bigger, haha!

Aliesha Caldwell | Feathers in Our Nest said...

Yay, Usborne books! I signed up as a consultant in January, mainly because I needed a way to support my Usborne-buying habit! :-) Love their books so much.

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