Two Dates (This Never Happens, People)

(Note: This is not actually what I wore on our date, I just am feeling lazy about taking a new photo this morning, and outfit photos seemed like a good fit for this post.)

Derek and I went on two, count 'em two, dates last week!  This is very noteworthy.  I know there is that big push to do a weekly date night as a married couple, to which the only thing I have to say is - "ha!".  We have four kids under the age of six.  There is no possible way we could do a weekly date night.


For our dates, we rely exclusively on the goodwill of our families as babysitters.  Which made me curious, does anyone hire babysitters for their kids?  If you do, I have questions.

Where did you find your babysitter?

Have you ever regretted who you hired to watch your kids or felt the need to switch babysitters?

What is the going rate these days? I'm pretty sure I can't afford it (x) four kids.

I only ask these things because I am curious, because I think it would have to be a pretty special young lady for me to feel like she could be an acceptable substitute for grandparents.

Bowling Date Night

First date night - we went bowling! (Thanks to my sister for watching the kids!)  I haven't been bowling in forever, but Derek and I have been thinking of starting a monthly bowling night for the last...three years?  We clearly can't seem to get our act together.  However, they just opened a new bowling alley in our mall, so we went to check it out.  It was so fun!  

I've determined I need to develop my bowling style though.  I always feel self-conscious when I see everyone around me (my dear husband included), bowling with such flair, and I pretty much just walk straight up and swing the ball.  Derek tells me my style is girly, but I know it's also boring!

Even though I wore something else for our date, this would be a good bowling outfit, no?  Just switch the boots out for bowling shoes (I am proud to say that I actually have my own bowling shoes.)

Earrings: $0.50 at Forever21
Shirt: Francesca's
Moto Jeans: JustFab
Snap Sweater:
Bag: JustFab
Button socks: Target
Booties: A Christmas gift.

Lunch And Shopping Date

This was our early Valentine's Day date, because next weekend is Wyatt's birthday, and the weekend after that we already have plans.  So we dropped the kids off for a day with Gramie and Poppa, and went out to lunch at Macaroni Grill.  I got the lasagna, but unfortunately it was cold.  We asked them to heat it up, but I didn't finish it because then it felt soggy.  You win some, you lose some.  After lunch we walked around the mall, and Derek won his way into my heart (again), by telling me to pick whatever candle I wanted in Yankee Candle (Yankee candles may be my love language).  

I chose Meadow Showers.  I was going to pick Emerald Isle, but they only had three of those left, none of which was oily enough.  If you don't buy a really oily Yankee candle, it's just not worth the money.  But pick one with lots of oil, and it will fill an entire floor of your house with scent.

We topped off the date with ice cream at Cold Stone creamery! 

Notice The Lack Of Movies

We did not go to a movie for any of our dates, and the reason is that I am convinced Hollywood can't come up with anything worth seeing anymore.  The last three movies we went saw were a disappointment, and I just wasn't sure I was willing to risk more money on a movie I might not enjoy.  Derek and I have discussed at length what we think the problem may be, and here are a few of our theories:

1) They can't come up with anything original anymore.  So many movies lately are remakes of stories that have been successful in the past.  And they still manage to mess some of those up!  Case in point - Tarzan.  One of the several movies that have been a big old "wah wah wah" over the last year.

2) Someone in Hollywood needs to take a class on character development.  The last several movies that I've seen, one of my main complaints is that I can't seem to connect to the characters.  I don't know who they are as a person, their personalities aren't presented well, I can't see the progression of their relationships in the movie, I can't really figure out why their problems are such big problems to them personally, they aren't relatable.  In short, I don't really care about them.  And that's Hollywood's job, to make me care about the characters! Something is going awry, and I would tell them how to fix it, but then what are we paying them the big bucks for?

3) Did someone forget that there is a category called "romantic comedy"?  The last time I saw a decent romantic comedy...well no, a romantic comedy at all, was several years ago.  So many of the romantic movies that are out right now are so serious and/or depressing.  What is going on here?  It's almost Valentine's Day, shouldn't there be a wealth of this category at this time of year?  Where are all the rom coms?  Am I missing something?

Basically, we've decided that there are no recent good movies except ones that are based on true stories.  If we want to see a movie these days, it better be based on a true story, or there is a better than likely chance we aren't going to enjoy it.  

Am I the only one with current movie woes?  Have you seen anything good lately (that wasn't a true story)?

Old School Blogger Shoutout

These are a couple ladies that I've gotten to know largely through social media over the last couple years, and their blogs have become some of my favorites to read!  They share thoughtful, encouraging posts, and I'm happy to introduce them to you today.

Gina at Baby Blue Mom - Gina always has great insights and encouragements for moms, and she really inspires me to be a better hostess!  I love her hospitality tips.  She is expecting her third baby, due pretty soon!  Her husband also works at White Horse Inn, a great resource that I have been enjoying (when I have time to read something other than books for review!).

Elisha at Grateful With Two - Pronounced "uh-lee-sha"!  Elisha is homeschooling her two boys, and she is also an avid I think you see why we have become friends! She is a sweetheart, and I love reading her thoughts!

Also, a repeat shout-out to Meghan and Alex, old-school blog friends who had their babies over the last couple weeks!

What I'm Drinking: Vanilla Jasmine herbal tea.  With candy hearts, of course! (A delight for my tastebuds, a bane for my waistline.  I will not be too upset when Valentine's day is over and this temptation is out of my life.)

P.S An old-school blog friend, Brittany, is throwing me an Usborne book party! If you are interested in joining the Facebook party on Thursday, let me know in a comment and I'll send you the link to join - otherwise, check out Usborne books here!  I'm hoping to have a post up tomorrow about my Usborne wishlist for homeschooling next year, so stay tuned!

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Meghan said...

TWO dates! That sounds amazing! You look a adorable as usual. My sweats have outfit envy right now. :)

Callie said...

Ha, thanks Meghan! You're funny. ;-)

Heather said...

Josh was part of a bowling league when he was in high school along with his twin brother, so it's kind of embarrassing when I try to go bowling with him. He still has his own bowling ball that we keep stored in his closet. ;)

I feel the same way about movies. The last couple of movies we saw were disappointments. I've been watching old romantic comedies lately to fill in the gap. Occasionally, I'll find a title I've never watched before.

Gina said...

Date nights are great! We too rely on family to watch our kids but there have been a few times where my mom or sisters have not been available. My husbands seminary is down the street and a lot of my great friends are willing to watch my kids when needed. Is the rate for childcare also different per state? I wonder. Anyways, a bowling date sounds like a lot of fun, it has been quite a while since we have done that. For movies we have been liking the glorified movie theatre experience, they're called Cinepolis'. Basically, you can get chair side service, a huge leather recliner and you get to pick your seat ahead of time. The last good movie we saw was Patriot's Days, but obviously it was based on a true story so you are not alone on the movie woes. Thank you for the shout out friend, you are so sweet.

Bekah said...

We have had trouble finding good movies lately too! The last one we rented was Sully, but of course that was based on a true story. (And I want him to fly all my planes for the rest of ever.)

I don't have kids but I would like to throw in that I was a babysitter when I was a teenager (yeah, I know - a million years ago) and it was BECAUSE of the example I saw from a couple who hired me regularly to watch their 3 kids while they went out on weekly dates that I learned the importance of dating in marriage. They did not have a lot of money at all, but I saw them sacrifice financially to make each other a priority and it had lasting impact. The reason I am so emphatic about regular dates now is because of what I saw then. So you just never know when you might make an impact on the babysitter through your example!

Emily Powell said...

Georgia has only been with two non family baby sitters and one was a sweet girl from our youth group and the other was our realtor's daughter who we've known for a long time. We always use family but in these two cases family wasn't available.

Erin said...

My husband and I almost never go see a movie. Number one, they are so expensive and number two, we really don't enjoy the same movies. I didn't realize until reading this blog post that we don't even rent or netflix newer movies either. I would love to see a good romantic comedy though. The last movie I saw was with a friend and it was To Joey, With Love which is more of a documentary but it was very good.

Elisha said...

Love an invite to the party! :)

Amanda said...

It's funny that you say you own your own bowling shoes because when I saw your pics the other day I thought they looked to stylish to be rentals! I know this, as I myself have my own bowling shoes, too! Passed down from my mom. Alex teases me for it, but hey, no funky foot germ sharing when you go on your (hopefully) monthly bowling dates!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

So fun! Date nights are so special when they happen! My mother in law started taking the girls every other week a couple years ago so we could have dates, which was so generous. But now we have 2 more kids and 4 is a lot for most people, so we usually end up still having 2 kids on our "date nights".
The babysitter dilemma!! We usually leave them with family also, but like I said, 4 seems to be a lot for most people! I think the only time we have really hired a babysitter is when we took the foster care classes which were 3 hours every week for 10 weeks. We hired a teen girl who knew the girls well (I had been in a small group with her mom, so she had been around the girls frequently). I think I paid her about $7-8 an hour or so. A friend of mine had a flyer from a neighborhood girl advertising babysitting and it was $5 per hour per kid. So that would b $20 an hour for you or I! Which seems outrageous! That would be like $80 to go to dinner and a movie...just for the sitter!!!

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