What I'm Watching Lately

A lot of interesting things happened this week, but I can't tell you about any of them.

It's difficult when so many exciting things happen, and you are itching to write out your thoughts, but you realize you can't talk about any of them in the interest of protecting privacy and avoiding gossip.  So what do you do when that happens?  You write about TV.

The Bachelor

Today, I feel compelled to write about the Bachelor.  Not because I liked Nick as a Bachelor at all (please, no).  In fact I boycotted the Bachelor in the middle of this season because it was just so trashy.  This is probably the trashiest season I've seen, and I was surprised by how many gross comments they allowed on TV.  It all got to be too much and I decided I didn't need to be filling my brain with this junk.  But later, I admit, I got sucked back in to see who he ended up with.  You have no idea how much I hate my weakness here.  It's embarrassing.

This is why I usually avoid starting shows at all if I know they are going to be too questionable in content.  Because (I think you can all agree) it's way harder to quit in the middle of a show than to just never start watching it in the first place.

So no, this season stunk, but we have to discuss something because I had an epiphany last night.  After watching Nick pick Vanessa, which I thought was a dumb decision, I started thinking back on previous seasons of the Bachelor, and I realized something.  

The Bachelor/Bachelorette almost never picks who I want them to pick.  And (here's the kicker) - when they pick the person I thought they shouldn't, it usually ends up sort of working out.  On the rare occasions when the contestant did pick who I thought they should, the relationship usually ended within six months!

Basically, I should never be a matchmaker.  I'm good at picking a spouse for me (my husband is a gem), but apparently I'm not so good at picking people for other people.

Shark Tank

I started watching Shark Tank this year and got hooked! My favorite sharks are probably Lauri and Mr. Wonderful, but I think it's ruthless and rude when they withdraw their offer just because a business owner wants to hear all the offers on the table first.  I guess I understand the strategy behind it, but really, who wouldn't want to know all the offers before picking one?

I have also embarrassingly got sucked into buying products because I saw them on the show.  I definitely understand why people want to go on, because it's great exposure for any business.  The show is basically a sneakily more interesting version of The Shopping Network, except only the shark that makes the deal gets a financial advantage from this little series of infomercials.


Now we move on to YouTube, because that's where half of entertainment resides these days.  Really, there is precious little that is worth watching on the actual TV.  

I have been a fan of Dennis Prager for so long, mostly for his weekly "Happiness Hour".  The man has more insight into the topic of happiness than anyone else I can think of.  Lately I have rediscovered PragerU, which is full of helpful and informative five minute videos. They are five minute bites of common sense.

Most recently, "War On Boys" was interesting, and "Is Your Child Getting Enough Vitamin N" was great,  and "I Learned More At McDonald's Than At College" gave me hope that not all college students are unprepared for life (at least if they've worked before), and "The Sexiest Man Alive" was just so true.  But poke around, especially in the Life Studies videos, and you'll probably find something you like.  Especially any of the videos on happiness!

Also "Coolidge: The Best President You Don't Know"!  Okay, I'm done now.

Other Channels

On YouTube that is.  I'll just run through a few I've been enjoying lately.

Favorite Homeschooling Channel: A Farmhouse Full.  She vlogs about a lot of things, but I have really enjoyed her homeschooling videos because I'm fascinated by the fact that she has eight (nine?) kids!

Favorite Book Channel:  My friend Felicia's channel, Little Prairie Library! I love seeing all the books she reads and finds, and I've found several good ones through her channel.

Favorite Makeup Channel: Emily Noel.  She just seems like a normal person to me.  Other makeup channel people just...don't.

Looking Forward To...

Survivor, of course!  When does that start back up again?

What are your favorite shows these days?

Old School Blogger Shoutout

I've been enjoying The Lady Okie blog - she is the type of old-fashioned blogger that I've always enjoyed reading.  She even wrote an introduction post last Friday, which is pretty convenient for all you newbies to her blog.  Stop by and say hi!

What I'm Drinking: Baked Cinnamon Apple Tea.  It's yummy if you don't mind teas that are already a bit sweet.  I have to be in the right mood for it.

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Angi said...

I feel the same way about the Bachelor. Also, it's a sad reminder that being a Christian does not mean the same thing to everyone.

I like Emily Noel's makeup channel too! I watch it occasionally for product reviews, not so much for the tutorials. She uses a LOT of the same types of eyeshadow colors (mauves, purples and pinks namely) and those are not good eye colors on me, haha. But she does seem way more down to earth than most of the rest. Another one I like is RachhLoves and RachhLovesLife. She's way more bubbly than I am but she seems fun.

I've heard of Shark Tank but I thought it was literally about sharks...lol.

The Lady Okie said...

OKAY. I can comment on The Bachelor because I actually watched part of the finale last night! However I didn't watch any of the show except for one random night I was doing a workout video and just turned something on in the background, and it was the one where one of the girls (Raven???) was talking about never having an orgasm. WHAT IN THE HECK? I can't even believe this is where we are in TV these days. Do you know what I do if I want to know the ending to that show? I read the spoilers on Reality Steve and then I know and I don't have to watch it! Because it's SO trashy I just can't even. I feel dirty watching it. I know that sounds dramatic but honestly.

I have a love/hate relationship with Shark Tank. I think it's so interesting, but watching the business owners stand up there while they haggle over offers is SO awkward and stresses me out. This is the same reason I don't like news segments where two people are arguing about stuff. I get too anxious.

Also thanks for the blog shoutout! I try to keep it real ;)

Bekah said...

I quit watching the Bachelor after Jason's season because I never recovered from him picking one girl and then switching to the other one after the rose. The only season I watched after that was Ben's season because his hometown is about an hour from mine and I basically wanted to see footage of places I recognized. LOL! But I'm done with that show forever!

I do love Shark Tank. We watch it all. the. time! And the rest of the time, our tv is usually on HGTV. I'm starting to bring back the Food Network too in tiny bits. I quit watching it cold turkey after they threw Paula Deen out, but I do like the cupcake shows, so I'll allow those every now and then.

And in the month of December, my TV is on Hallmark 24/7. I even move my office to the living room so I can have all the movies on while I work!

Callie said...

Oh my goodness, yes! I had a serious problem with Raven. Another disgusting description from her earlier in the show is why I wanted to boycott it! I was shocked they allowed that on TV. Seriously, you're on NATIONAL TV, use a filter! Ugh, it made me feel icky watching some of the episodes this season too. :-/ I should have just tried the recaps online. Next time it goes downhill I'm going to look back on my failure this time and remember that it's really not worth wasting time on a trashy season.

Callie said...

Whoa, that would be wild to switch like that! I only started watching with Sean's season, which is why I usually have higher expectations of the show, because his season didn't stoop to these trashy levels at all. Next time someone questionable is chosen though, I think I'm just going to skip the whole season. Then I won't have to struggle with wanting to know the ending. And YES to Hallmark channel! We don't usually get it, so whenever the network gives us a preview I record everything for later, haha!

Callie said...

Ah, yes, the pinks/maybes do work on me, which is probably part of the reason I like her channel! :-D I'm going to check out RachLoves right now before the kids get up!

Callie said...


Sara Katherine said...

Survivor started last week, Callie! :) It's on tonight so hopefully you can catch the second episode!

I agree on most of your comments on Shark Tank and The Bachelor. I mostly just watch those while crocheting so I'm not 100% paying attention to them ;)

Tayler Morrell said...

I love Shark Tank....and the Food Network's Chopped!

Emily Powell said...

hahaha! I don't watch any of these shows. So funny :)

Veronica and Daniel said...

Survivor started!!! I haven't seen this week's episode but I did catch last week's. I also stopped watching The Bachelor half way though this season and just read the online summaries which are usually much more entertaining! At first I was I wasn't going to watch at all - not a Nick fan. But I caved too and started watching. I kind of thought Nick and Corinne deserved each other...

I am not a huge YouTube follower - but those channels sound interesting. I just started subscribing and listening to some podcasts. My current favorite is Heidi St. John ~ The Busy Mom. She is a Christina home schooling mom and she talks about all kinds of things on her podcast.

Michelle said...

I agree about The Bachelor. I was so disappointed in the trashiness this season. I liked Raven in some ways, but her mouth was awful. And don't even get me started on Corrine! I love Shark Tank! We watched a lot of episodes this weekend.

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