A Trip To The Ranch (And A New Turntable)

We have eight inches of snow outside my window as I type this.  Hello Spring! 

My appetite must be back, because all this snow has me in the mood to make ginger cookies.  Who says it has to be a Christmas thing?  I'm contemplating the concept of making some gingerbread egg-shaped cookies...Easter is right around the corner, after all!  We could fancily frost them and everything.  I've always loved gingerbread better than sugar cookies.

A Trip To See Friends

This last weekend Derek and I loaded the kids up and took a mini road trip to visit our rancher friends!  I grew up with these ladies in a tiny white-steepled church in the mountains before they moved away, and they will always be dear friends of mine.  We always have such a nice time when we visit them, and they are such an encouragement to me.  

The kids loved seeing the lambs and calves (some of them born just the night before!), riding in the chuckwagon, getting to watch the baby animals have their bottles, chasing the chickens, and riding a pony!

(Of course my camera battery died, so I had to rely on phone pics - hence no pictures inside the barn of the cute lambs.  You can see my cute kids outside instead.)

(Grooming the pony!) 

(One of the best pictures to date of Clarice's curls!) 

(Bringing the wagon around for a ride!) 

 (My dear friends and myself - Holly, Me, Hazel, Heidi.)

We had lunch together and we adults had a nice time to visit too.  And the sweetest thing was that Holly gave me (drumroll please)...a Victrola turntable!  I am so excited!  She had read that I wanted one on my blog, and she wanted to give me this one as a "just because" gift.  She included the sweetest note of encouragement that was just what I needed to hear.  I felt so blessed by her thoughtfulness!

The Turntable

I have been so excited ever since I got the turntable home, and I went to the thrift store the next day to hunt down a few records to try out on it.  I love it!  Vinyl records sound so different than CD's or digital music, and I am a huge fan.  

So far I found a classical music record that ended up being more of a jazzy classical version.  I was wondering how they fit so many pieces on one CD - it's because they are all up-tempo medleys. It's okay, but not quite what I was looking for.  I'll try again for a different classical record the next time I am at the thrift store.  I also found a Flyin' W Wranglers record (which is fun cowboy-style music), a Hawaiin collection (there is my desire for Summer winning out again), a hymn record that is excellent, and Peter And The Wolf (narrated by Lorne Greene! Of Bonanza fame).  The kids have been requesting Peter And The Wolf over and over again, so that has dominated our player so far, but I am excited to go hunting for some other good records to play on it.

Anyone else have a turntable out there?  Where do you find records?  Isn't it the most fun way to play music?!

Old School Blogger Shoutout

I've been a horrible blog reader since the first trimester hit - all my blog reading time now goes to napping.  I'ms sorry!  Hoping to change this soon.  However, here is a new blog I have been enjoying reading, It's Just Angi, and Angi is just the sweetest.  I have been enjoying swapping comments and getting to know her over the last month or so!

What I'm Drinking:  I finally got over my uptightness about caffeine in the first trimester (it just takes me a while with each pregnancy), so I have been allowing myself some decaf coffee here and there! Ah, sweet nectar!  I'm drinking Boyer's Mountain Roast Decaf with CoffeeMate Chocolate Toffee Truffle creamer.

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Cassidy Robinson said...

Aw how thoughtful of your friend to get you such a great gift! I have the same record player! I love it. And I love that records are coming back around. Hopefully it will bring back the joy for people to enjoy music and cherish the nostalgia it can bring. :)

Angi said...

Kid + animal pictures are just the best. I love the pure joy on their faces!!

I avoided any and all caffeine for quite a while, too, until my doctor told me that one or two small cups a day would be totally fine and might even help my hormone headaches. Even now, in the 3rd trimester, I still try and stick to only one or two cups a day, but it's nice to not have to worry about it so much!

THAT RECORD PLAYER! Oh my gosh...I have one, but it's not nearly as fancy looking as that one! Thrift store record hunting is SO fun, though. Just wait until it's time to buy Christmas albums...if you're like me, you'll suddenly find yourself with about 50 of those, haha.

Thank you for the shout out, you're so sweet! I'm loving reading your blog and getting to know you, too!

Michelle said...

I want to visit that ranch too! Ahhh I love record players! I got one for Christmas a few years ago, and I'm slowly building up my vinyl collection. It's my favorite way to listen to music. I've found some amazing finds in used record stores and vintage shops. My dad gave me some of his records from his high school days, and occasionally I splurge for one on Amazon. I was hunting for a specific Ella Fitzgerald Christmas record for YEARS. I couldn't find it online for less than $30, and one day last spring I found it for $1 in a used record store. I almost cried I was so happy.

Whitney @ Journey Mercies said...

I bought my husband a record player for Christmas and it has turned into such a fun thing for us. He's a big music person, and now on date outings or trips, we always work in a stop at record shops. Our family has gotten into it, too - my parents buy us records for fun. Half Price Books is a chain used bookstore that also sells records pretty cheap. A lot of used bookstores do, actually, which makes for fun crossover dates for us - he gets records and I get books :)

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