Exhaustion And New Maternity Pants (Already) - 10 Weeks (Baby #5)

Well, here we are, late again.  I've been officially chastised by a couple people for not posting my bump photos on time or enough, so I've got to get better!

Ten weeks brought a whole other wave of pregnancy fatigue, and this one was worse.  I'm wondering if it has something to do with my body expending energy to establish the placenta, because that happened this week!  Baby is also developing fingernails and peach-fuzz hair, which is just cute to think about.

Aside from being so tired that I burst into tears when the rude nurse told me I wasn't anemic, I've been feeling alright.  I had two days of really weird heartburn and nausea (maybe that's coming from the peach fuzz hair, as they say), but that's thankfully subsided.  I've been feeling okay since then.  Still just tired.

I officially made my first pregnancy purchase and bought some new maternity pants.  It's been almost seven years since I bought new maternity pants, and I figured I deserved something new at this point.  The styles have even changed in seven years!  I'm also kicking myself for not finding H&M's maternity pants before now, because they are amazing.  They actually fit me.  I have tried so many maternity stores over the years and countless pairs of maternity pants have been tested, but before this shopping trip I had only been able to find exactly three pairs that fit well enough to buy.  But all of that changes now!  The H&M pants should actually stay up without drooping, and without me having to wash them every time I wear them or pull them up every 10 minutes.  This is a huge victory!

And now I feel silly for writing such a long paragraph about maternity pants, but it's exciting stuff right now.  Especially since a lot of my pants are already getting uncomfortably tight, and I'm just not sure I'm up for the double-rubber band thing this time.  I regrettably got rid of my Belly Band before I found out I was pregnant.

On to more about the baby!

Everyone always wants to know if I think this baby is a boy or girl, and I have to say, I don't know.  Clarice's pregnancy completely threw any confidence I had in guessing the gender of my own babies because my symptoms were all over the place, and I found out that my previous confidence was ill-conceived anyway.  I went back and read all my early pregnancy posts with the other kids, and I was remembering several details all wrong!  I couldn't believe my memory was so bad.  This is why I need blogging, so I can remind myself of my life when it all starts to slip away.

So I read and compared, and there have been exactly zero patterns for boys/girls in my pregnancy history, at least that I have been able to detect (links below in case you want to check out the other kids at 10 weeks).  Then I was trying to figure out if the whole Shettles timing theory was right or wrong for me so far (that theory has only been 50% accurate for me - so in other words, not accurate at all), and I read a study that apparently throws that whole idea out the window anyway!  So the bottom line is, I have not the slightest inkling.  I think I have two friends who have guessed correctly consistently on the gender of my babies, so we'll see if they maintain their perfect record!

Gwen At 10 Weeks (Belly Photo Here)

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Dress: Jane.com (similar here)
Shoes: Just Fab

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Angi said...

My maternity jeans are from H&M and I was surprised at how well they fit, also! There's just nothing like finding pants that fit.

People were constantly asking me whether I thought it was a boy or girl, too, and I was never really sure. VERY early on I had an inclination it might be a girl (and it is!) but as time went on, I just had no idea. I looked all all those old wives' tales too and I was a mix of everything! I am hoping that the OWT that lots of heartburn = lots of hair is true, though. I have a constant supply of Tums on hand these days, haha.

Elizabeth said...

Well, you look great! I wish I could suggest something to give you more energy. I am going to go ahead and guess GIRL just for fun. :)

Callie said...

Thank you Elizabeth! You are sweet. 😊

Callie said...

You never know, there could be a head full of hair on that sweet baby! 😀

Rachel said...

That is the loveliest dress! I always guess girl for babies. That way I'm right 50% of the time. :) Plus, my family has 6 girls and one boy--even among all the cousins in my family, there's 19 girls and 7 boys--so in my own experience, betting on girls is pretty good odds.

Meghan said...

You could not look any cuter! Love that little bump and hooray for new mat jeans! If anyone deserved them, it's you!

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