How To Have Easter Fun When You're Apparently Not Anemic

What a full week we've had!  Last week we not only had our first ultrasound, but we also had Clyde's 3rd birthday, and then Easter of course! I was also so excessively exhausted and actually physically weak one day I called my doctor to find out if I had anemia.  Wouldn't it be nice if that was my only issue?  Hello iron supplement, problem solved!  

But I apparently am not anemic.  However, that's not stopping me from eating foods that are iron-rich, just in case I have low iron stores or something.  Which is entirely possible, because right before I got pregnant I was craving ice - and isn't craving non-food items a sign of iron deficiency?  I think so.  Maybe I should have told that to the condescending nurse from my doctor's office (I may or may not have cried when I got off the phone with her).  Thankfully iron-rich food is what I'm craving anyway.  Give me all the dark leafy greens, eggs, and hamburgers.

Lots Of Easter Fun

Since I was so exhausted most of last week, I tried a new strategy and woke up with the sun and the kids just long enough to pour bowls of cereal and turn on Clifford The Big Red Dog.  Then back to bed I went.  I'm happy to report it worked beautifully, and I got another hour and a half of sleep.  Yes, that also means my kids got an hour and half of TV first thing in the morning, but you do what you've got to do.  This gave me enough energy to actually do the Easter activities I had been hoping to do all week, instead of spending another day miserably tired on the couch!

We colored eggs...

We did a (late) review and celebration of palm Sunday (I think this is the way to go, because I got five palm branches on clearance for a $1)...

And we made Resurrection rolls, to remind us of the empty tomb, because Jesus rose from the dead! Yes, I added pink frosting.  There were probably flowers on the outside of the garden tomb, right?

As for Easter Sunday, we went to a sunrise service at a local Christian camp, and then off to my mom's for Easter dinner and egg hunt!  It was a lovely Resurrection Day!  Much better than last year, when we spilled a gallon of paint and nearly ruined the carpet.

Sidenote: Easter with kids is like, 100% more fun.  The fun may come at the expense of actual reflection time, but I snuck some in where I could, and you do have to naturally reflect a bit to explain what Easter is really about to children.

What Am I Reading Lately?

I finally finished all the fiction books that were in my obligatory review stack, and I've decided I'm done with the book reviews for a couple months (after I finish the two non-fiction titles I have left -  insert sigh).  I need time to read what I really want to read.  I just get so tempted by the brand-new free books dangling in front of my face, but I'm shutting my eyes now and saying, "no!"

I'm trying really hard to finish a young adult read this month to participate in Collaboreads, but it's not going so well.  I feel like I'm running gout of time, and I'm not totally sure if my book choice counts as "young adult".  I went with "On The Edge Of The Dark Sea Of Darkness" by Andrew Peterson (affiliate), first book in the Wingfeather saga.  I'm only a little way in, but I am so enjoying it!  It reminds me a lot of Narnia so far, and it's funny.  I read a couple chapters to Derek in the car, and he was laughing out loud. Also, it's written by Andrew Peterson, who is a Christian singer/songwriter a couple of you recommended to me when I asked for new music a couple months ago!  I didn't even realize that until after I picked it up!

What is the best young adult book that you've ever read?  And I'm taking Hunger Games and Divergent series out of the running, for variety sake.

Old School Blogger Shoutout

As previously mentioned, I have been a complete blog slacker between trying to finish my outrageous to-review book list before vacation next month, and feeling kind of gross if I stare at a screen for too long (pregnancy-related).  I won't totally let this section go, but I don't have anything new for you this week!  I will attempt to get caught up on my blog reading soon.

What I'm Drinking:  Orange juice.  I cut back on the decaf coffee because I couldn't decide if it was helping or hurting my excessive exhaustion.  What is your favorite tea blend for iced tea in the summer months?  I'm planning ahead!
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Caravan Sonnet said...

Friend- I AM anemic and ICE is literally my favorite thing IN THE WORLD. Hello beautiful ice machine that I bought on Amazon - best $27 spent. Hahahaha. You should have seen me when it snowed. I wanted to run outside and just sit in the snow and eat. hahahahaha! For me its a way more complicated than taking an iron supplement (due to Lyme issues) , but I do know tons of people that are helped with that... but in the meantime you can happily find me chomping on ice. ;) The BEST young adult books- (for girls) that I have read starting at pre-teen age are definitely the Christy Miller Series by Robin Jones Gunn. I STILL love her and all of her books.

:) Praying for you and for strength... and please forgive me I feel like I am just getting my pre-surgery energy slowly back. Your prize you won FOREVER ago is re-shipping tomorrow. So sorry again about the delay!

Blessings, Rebecca :)

Gina said...

Those rolls look delicious and orange juice sounds so refreshing right now!

Elizabeth said...

When do you get tested for gestational diabetes? That couldn't be it, could it? I just remember going to the doctor and being told I was both anemic and diabetic. And I felt so drained of energy. But I think I must have been halfway through the pregnancy by then. Maybe you just haven't gotten out of the initial blah phase. Also, diagnostics aside, it could take some time for your iron levels to go back up, if that is the problem. Not sure why I'm telling you this though since it's your 5th!

I like the Palm Sunday "review" idea! I'm glad you found the holiday fun with your kids. I'm sure partly it's fun that they can spur each other on. My husband had to preach like 4 different days last week and my 4 yr old wasn't that interested in all the crafts. Kids do ask some interesting questions! I'll do a blog write-up eventually for what we did try.

Elizabeth said...

I'll nominate L.M. Montgomery for Y.A. author, but girls only, I guess. I enjoy short stories by O.Henry, those would be more universal.

Callie said...

Yes to L. M. Montgomery! I should try Emily Of New Moon, I heard they were good!

Callie said...

See, I knew craving ice when you're anemic was a thing! It was really out of control a couple months ago, but the cravings have tapered off since I've been I'm wondering if they were low and are going back up with my prenatal supplement and everything. Don't you even worry about the delay! It was my fault in the first place, and I know you've had a lot of recovering, and that's more important!

Callie said...

Yes! They hit the spot for sure. ;-)

Callie said...

Yes, I'm going to give it until the second trimester and then if it doesn't get better I may have them re-test me for anemia at least. It's just a little over-the-top, at least for me!

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