Popped? At 8 Weeks?

One of these weeks I'll actually post a pregnancy update on time!  Let's pretend I'm still 8 weeks.

All of baby's joints are now functioning, including wrists and ankles - isn't that amazing?  Little moving wrists and ankles, and baby is less than an inch long.  Lots of major organs developing this week too.

I am still feeling a little queasy here and there, but I've started to get my appetite back a little more.  Less aversions, more cravings.  I also started allowing myself decaf coffee.  Derek convinced me that a small cup of decaf coffee wasn't going to contain enough caffeine to hurt the baby...and academically I knew he was right, but I still felt a little guilty drinking it.  I drank coffee through my pregnancy with Clarice, but I always have to get over that freak-out-about-everything phase in the first trimester.

Still so, so tired.  I can't decide if I'm truly more tired this time around, or if I'm just more tired because the kids are up at the crack of dawn every morning.  I usually end up going upstairs and putting them back in bed 2-3 times every morning, just so I can try to sleep until 7:00 AM.  I also had a few horrible nights of sleep lately, where I wake up in the middle of the night worried about some obscure problem and can't go back to sleep.  It's the worst.  Thankfully I seem to be over that brief phase and have been sleeping relatively well again.  I have some days where I have all the energy in the world (I amazed myself with how much I got done late last week), and some days where I can barely manage to get off the couch to fix the kids lunch.

I feel kind of sheepish showing these pictures, because I think I look like I've already "popped".  Do people "pop" at 8 weeks? Does that happen? My belly is so round all of a sudden!  I feel like that's kind of early.  Maybe this is a fifth baby thing?  Or maybe I just ate too much that day.  I don't know.  We'll see how the 10 week pictures look.

We ended up having to move our ultrasound appointment from April 6th to April 10th because Derek's cousin passed away and the funeral was on April 6th.  So on the 10th we headed in to see our little baby!  Everything looked great, Baby was measuring four days ahead, and the heartrate was 165 bpm!

The cutest part was that baby was moving all over the place - the little arms and legs were moving around like crazy, like an adorable little gummy bear!  She showed us a view of the legs, and Baby was kicking one leg at a time, like he/she was swimming.  I could almost see tiny little toes!  We also got to see the baby on 3D, and it was the cutest.  Little feet crossed at the ankles, hands in front of face, and the cutest little ear sticking out on the side of his/her head!

I love that first ultrasound.  It makes the whole thing more real.  I can't wait to meet our little one in a few months and see who this sweet baby is!
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Angi said...

Haha - I called our baby "gummy bear" after the first ultrasound, too. That's exactly what she looked like!! All those developmental weeks during the first/second trimester are SO fascinating to me...how quickly they actually look like a little person is just so crazy and miraculous.

And you definitely look like you've popped at least a little bit!

Elizabeth said...

I hope you get better sleep soon! Not sure about the belly pop. I think it's totally common, but probably happens for different reasons? Like multiples? Heh heh. My belly button is pretty much always popped because my abdominal wall is so thin. If you start to feel like your belly is too heavy then you might feel more comfortable wearing a support splint. You look like you're in good shape, though. I love your outfit in this post.

Michelle said...

I am so, so excited for you! You're almost making me want another baby ;)

The Lady Okie said...

I definitely popped at 9 weeks with baby #2, so I'm sure you are with #5! :) Glad you had a good appointment!

Aliesha Caldwell | Feathers in Our Nest said...

Well you look adorable, that's for sure! :) I'm with you on the feeling more tired this time around! But I'm 100% convinced it has more to do with my other four busy children than with the one growing inside me! ;-)

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