Hooray For The Second Trimester! - 14 Weeks (Baby #5)


We have officially reached the second trimester by all measures!  This is my fifth baby, and I'm still confused about when the second trimester officially starts, but I know that 14 weeks is the latest.

So far, the second trimester is looking good!  I have been feeling so much better this last week.  I still fall into bed at night, but I'm not exhausted all through the day like I have been up to this point.  I'm very happy to be feeling better before we leave on vacation, because I so wanted to be able to enjoy everything without being overly tired.  I've had no real cravings or aversions lately (aside from stomach aches if I eat too much spicy food), no aches and pains, less exhaustion.  I'm feeling good!

Baby is the size of a large lemon this week, plus legs!  That's huge! It's amazing how fast babies grow in utero.  According to my internet sources, baby is also starting to grow hair, and practicing lots of different facial expressions (and the thought of that is almost too cute for words).

I am almost certain that I've felt the baby.  At 12.5 weeks, I felt a tiny little nudge in my stomach, similar to how it would feel if I slowly and lightly pressed my finger for a second on my skin (only from the inside).  I wasn't having any other sort of digestive discomfort, and it was in approximately the right spot, so I suspected it might have been baby!  Then I proceeded to get worried when I didn't feel it again, but at the 14 weeks mark I felt the same sort of nudge in the same spot.  I'm pretty sure it's baby, and by the next update I'll probably be able to report with more certainty!  I can't wait to start feeling more tiny kicks.  It's my absolute favorite part of being pregnant.

And one more blessing...I mentioned a couple posts ago that I gave away my Belly Band before I found out I was pregnant, and have been missing it.  I normally use it all through pregnancy to utilize my regular pants as long as possible.  Well, my sweet blog friend Angi (who is having her baby in the next couple months) offered to send me hers!  It didn't work for her, and she wanted to bless me with it.  Thank you Angi, you were so kind to think of me, and I really am so happy to have a Belly Band again!

That's all there is to report at the moment.  I have another checkup next week, so I'll let you know heart rate again at that point...and then the appointment after that is when I hope to find out this tie breaker's gender!  And since I've been asked several times already, yes, I plan on doing another gender reveal party.  I have intentions of keeping this one low-key, but, well...we'll just see how it turns out!  I tend to go a little overboard with party planning.  If you want to catch up on all our previous gender reveal parties, check them out below.

First Gender Reveal Party (Classic) - Get ready to travel back in time, because this one is vintage from 2010 when I was pregnant with Wyatt.

BBQ Gender Reveal Party - Also pretty classic, and lots of fun finding out we were having our first girl!

Ugly Sweater/Christmas Gender Reveal Party - We took full advantage of the season for Clyde's gender reveal!

Ice Cream Social Gender Reveal Party - Clarice's party didn't quite go according to plan, but it turned out alright!

Outfit Details:

Shirt: Forever21
Skirt: Maurices
Earrings: Walmart
Necklace: (#affliatelink) Jane.com
Shoes: (#referral) JustFab

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Gina babybluemom.com said...

I love how you have all those reveal posts from the other kids, it is showing me the benefits to blogging (even if just for ourselves). Also, how does so much change in style in such a short amount of time?!?!?! Anyways, you look gorgeous and I absolutely love that navy skirt. I am looking for something similar to that for Leo's baptism that is coming up. Nursing friendly dresses aren't the cutest so I'm thinking a skirt would do the trick. Praying for your little lemon

"B" said...

Congratulations. We have three babies (ages 4, 3 and 1) and I have desperate baby fever, however my husband needs a bit more of a break! I love reading your updates and preparing for our fourth and possibly final baby in the next couple of years! I cannot wait to be pregnant again, eventually.

Angi said...

YAY for hitting the second trimester! Congrats! And I'm glad that belly band made it to you - it makes me happy that it's useful for someone else since it would still just be sitting in my dresser drawer otherwise!

I love your outfit, too. Navy is a great color on you.

Elizabeth said...

Hooray for feeling better! I'm usually well into the second trimester when I start feeling better. They make it sound like you hit 12-13 weeks and all the yucky stuff just goes away. Hopefully you will continue to improve!

elizabeth said...

You look so beautiful and your blog is so dreamy, I love it! Congratulations! I can't wait to read more from your blog, it brings back so many memories of being pregnant with my son :D following you on GFC! xx

elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
(lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

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