On The Road Again - 2017 Vacation Plans

Now that I'm out of the first trimester, it's a good time to start thinking about vacation!

We are going on vacation pretty soon, and after some debating back and forth, we decided on Arizona!  If you've been around a while, you might remember that we took a trip to Arizona with Gwen was a baby.  For some reason that trip is just a quick blur in my memory.  I remember two days actually at the campground in Arizona, and I can't for the life of me figure out what happened to the rest of that vacation.  This is why I am thankful for this blog.  Someday when I am old (or not so old), and I can't remember anything, I'll be able to look back here.

(Actually, skimming over that 2013 vacation post, I can see why I don't remember it.  The whole vacation got cut short by budget problems and Shingles.)

So this time, I'm hoping no unforeseen monetary or health problems arise, and we can do Arizona right.  Here's the plan:

Day One: Road Trip.

Day Two: Road Trip with some sightseeing mixed in.  Going to a resort in Page, AZ.  The resort had mixed reviews online since they are apparently undergoing construction, but from the pictures, I have high hopes.  We should reach the resort by evening.

Day Three: Antelope Canyon! Click here to see some gorgeous photos.

Day Four: Aside from the Canyon there is nothing to do in Page, AZ that is kid-friendly.  We could go boating on Lake Powell, if you know, we had a boat.  Since we don't, we'll head on down to Flagstaff.

Day Five: Grand Canyon, maybe?  Except we are staying far, far away from the edge.  I don't know if this is a mom thing, or just a me thing, but I have visions of Clarice wandering under the guardrails to look over the edge and slipping. Ugh, I don't even like to think about it.  We'll just drive around and stop a couple places where I feel relatively secure, and Clarice will stay in our arms or the stroller the entire time.

Day Six: Not sure.  I'd like to check out this Rock Slide Park I've heard about.

Day Seven: Pack up the kids and drive up to hang out with my Gramie and Grandpa Bill!  We'll spend a couple nights at her cabin.

Day Eight: Spend the whole day with my grandparents, exploring, playing game, etc.

Day Nine: Pack the crew up and head home.

Aside from all that, I am hoping to sneak in as much swimming as possible.  Arizona should be much warmer than our home state in May, so I'm going to get a jump start on swimming lessons with the kids while we are there!

You'll notice that this year we are not camping.  We pack up our tent and air mattresses almost every year for vacation and usually love every minute of it, but the Lord blessed us a with an unexpectedly good tax return this year, so we decided to make life easy on ourselves and stay in hotels.  I am happy about this, because the last time we went camping while I was pregnant, I admit I was ready to be done by the time we headed home.  Something about being pregnant just makes dirt and rain/cold less tolerable for me, and I like to feel pretty when I'm pregnant, which makes a shower and other amenities a must have.  I'm grateful everything worked out the way it did this year.

I will say though, it is ridiculously hard to find a hotel that will allow you to keep four kids in the room with you, which I find absurd.  I'll say it for the thousandth time, four kids is not that many!  Our hotel days may be over for a bit once the fifth kid arrives, unless we want to book a suite or two hotel rooms.

So those are our soon-to-be-executed vacation plans, assuming all goes well and I don't come down with Shingles again.  Next week I'll share the books I'm planning on taking on vacation!  The important stuff, you know.

Have you been to Arizona?  What should I put on the must-see list?  Where are you going for vacation this year?

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Amanda said...

I'd love to go explore the Western side of our country someday. All the huge national parks sound breathtaking. Alex went to Flagstaff a few years ago and fell in love with it. I, too, have a huge fear of my kids falling off a cliff, so I'd keep as many as I could restrained in a carrier or stroller! Haha! I hope you make many wonderful memories!

Bekah said...

We have never been to Arizona, but we have had many people tell us we would love it! This year marks 5 years of marriage for us, so our "big trip" this year will be some getaway for that. We know we want to go warm, and we've toyed with going back to where we got married (Siesta Key) or going on a cruise...but we haven't picked the final destination yet!

Callie said...

Thank you, Friend! Haha, and glad to know I'm not the only mom who worries about her kids falling to their doom. ;-)

Callie said...

Have you done a cruise before? If not, try the cruise! Derek and I went on one the year before we had kids, and we LOVED it!

Michelle said...

So fun!! Love the Grand Canyon and Flagstaff! It is a perfect time of year too, not too hot!

Christie said...

I’ve lived in Arizona for 95% of my life, and I LOVE my state. I live in Prescott, which is an hour and a half southwest of Flagstaff. It’s a cute little town with great toddler-friendly hikes, several lakes, and the courthouse plaza is perfect for picnics and playing with the kids. In Flagstaff, my two-year-old loved the train depot. Trains come through about every 15 minutes and you can watch from the gift shop/information center. If you do go to the Grand Canyon and need a stop on the way, Bearizona is pretty cool. Slide Rock State Park is very fun, but it could possibly still be a bit cold in May, just as a warning (Last time I went in May, it snowed…). Sedona is stunning and has fantastic trails and is definitely worth a visit, though! The drive from Flagstaff to Sedona is beautiful!

Enjoy our state!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

This sounds like a blast! I was actually thinking about the grand canyon the other day and I am with you on day 5!! I was like "nope! Waiting until all the kids are at least 8-10 and won't accidentally fall to their deaths!" eeek! I actually had a friend from high school who rescued a little girl who fell down off a cliff in the Grand Canyon, so I don't think the fear is unfounded--it could legitimately happen!! I am happy for you guys that you get to splurge a little on your vacation this year! There are such fun things about both camping and hotels! I am with you on the 4 kids thing though--it's such a dilemma when booking hotels! We still haven't quite figured that one out yet :/ Suites are the best option we have come up with so far, and they are usually just so, so expensive!

Gina babybluemom.com said...

So I'm assuming the kids do well in the car? Our kids never liked road trips or even trips to church that are a little further than our normal around town routine. You inspire me to get out more with my young kiddos, I've never been to Arizona so I'm excited to see your pictures soon.

Elizabeth said...

My "mom fear" is boats. Ugh....Anyway, I've never been to Arizona. Sounds like fun! And yay for hotels. Though it's annoying that they limit the number of kids....especially if they're all little! I try to book us a king-size bed (if it's not too expensive) since it's so much easier to co-sleep with one parent on each side. With the queen beds there is nothing to keep them from falling out. Anyway, this summer we are probably going to stay in MA with my parents, visit my sister in CT near the shore, and maybe visit my grandmother in Pittsburgh since she's turning 90 and hasn't met my daughter yet. My family is scattered all over, so we have to take turns visiting different people. Also we get time off in the summer, but it's too hot most places we'd like to visit.

Meghan said...

So fun, Callie. You are such a neat mom. We are so bad about vacationing. Sacramento visits to family is as adventurous as we usually get. This makes me want to be the cool mom and start planning some memory making trips for my fam, too!

Laura Darling said...

I've never been to Arizona but my sister in law was there for a year for work and her photos were gorgeous. Antelope Canyon looks amazing! I hope you have a wonderful, healthy time!! :)

Felicia said...

This sounds like an amazing vacation! My mom went to Phoenix for a few weeks with some friends in February, and she just loved it. My interest is definitely more piqued to visit Arizona now!

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