Gender Predictions? 20 Weeks (Baby #5)

I have long been bitter that my doctor does the anatomy scan ultrasound so late.

Okay, maybe "bitter" is too strong a word, but almost everyone I know gets the anatomy scan done at 18 weeks, and here I am, having to wait until 20-22 weeks.  It's annoying.  But we've reached 20 weeks, and our anatomy ultrasound is next Monday!  I am getting so impatient and excited to see my sweet baby again.

Overall, I've been feeling really great since hitting the second trimester, so there is not much new to report.  I am relieved that this pregnancy has been easier than my last one.  When I was pregnant with Clarice I had so much back pain every day, and part of me wondered if it was all a part of getting older - but this pregnancy has changed my mind.  I'm not old, Clarice was just sitting in a really weird position (and thankfully so far it seems that this baby is not).

I continue to feel little kicks every day, and I even felt one on the outside a week or so ago!  Derek hasn't been able to feel baby yet, and I'm still pretty sure baby is feet-down because all the kicks are way down low.  I'm looking forward to the next few weeks when I'm sure Baby will be getting bigger and the kicks will become prominent enough for Derek to feel them too.

I've also weirdly started to get Braxton-Hicks contractions already, which seems really early to me (but I also can't remember exactly when I had them with previous babies).  It freaked me out the first couple times, but now I get at least a couple every day, so I guess my uterus is just toning up!

The 3rd is the big day, when we get a closer look at our sweet baby and hopefully find out the gender!  I've gotten so many questions about whether I have a feeling one way or the other, and nothing has really changed since 10 weeks.  I really don't have an idea on the gender, nothing concrete anyway.  I guess I might tend to think one way, and Derek seems to tend to think the other...we'll see which one of our intuitions is right!  Here are the stats (via my Old Wives' Tale Gender Prediction Quiz which we used for Gwen's gender reveal party), in case any of you wants to venture a guess:

1. Cravings? Not really anything, but I think in general I tend to lean more salty/sour.  Sour Patch Watermelon candies are really hitting the spot lately.

2. Aversions? None, I have been SO HUNGRY the last couple weeks!  It's getting to be a problem on the scale.

3. Heartrate high or low?  Last check it was 150-something (I'm clearly keeping such great track of the details this pregnancy, right?)

4. Nausea? More than last time, but not more than any of my other kids.

5. Can people tell if you are pregnant from the back?  I don't think so, not yet, which is giving me great comfort in light of the aforementioned scale problems.

6. More Clumsy?  I don't think so?  No more than my normal level of clumsiness.

7. Carrying high or low?  I'll let you all decide!  Here is the comparison pic with all five babies at 20 weeks, in order.

Basically Clyde still wins for being my skinniest pregnancy, and this baby still wins for looking about a month ahead of where we actually are!

If you are inclined to take a guess at Baby #5's gender, go ahead and fill out the form below...because one of the people who guesses right may just receive a little surprise from me!  I did this a couple pregnancies ago, and it was just a lot of fun, so I'm doing it again.  

Guess away, and after we announce the gender (probably on the 10th, after our party), I'll pick a winner!

Shirt: Forever21
Vest: Maurices
Pants: Target
Shoes: JustFab
Earrings: Walmart
Headband: Charming Charlie

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Angi said...

You look so cute! And I love your pants. I was just thinking I wish I had bought something similar a month or two ago, jeans are just the worst right now and I feel like a slob when I leave the house in sweatpants (and I'm not a leggings girl), haha.

Hannah said...

You are adorable! We had to wait until 20 weeks with Emerson to find out the gender. It was so much fun though and made waiting all the better :) I'm anxious to hear all about that appointment and of course find out the gender!

Felicia said...

You're the cutest pregnant lady in the world :)

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