Little Kicks - 16 Weeks (Baby #5)

I'm 16 weeks pregnant!  I remember feeling 16 weeks was a big deal in past pregnancies, and it feels that way this time too.  We are well into the second trimester, baby is growing big enough to start to feel movement, and we could technically find out the gender now!  We won't until the 20 week scan, but it's still exciting that we could.

I think my energy is mostly back - yay! - and I really have no pregnancy symptoms right now except some round ligament pain (it starts earlier and earlier).  I'm starting to think ahead to sewing this baby's quilt.  I sew a quilt for each of my babies before they are born, and I need to start the search for a pattern and color scheme.

I have been feeling baby kicks almost every day since the start of our vacation. It's the best part of pregnancy!  In my memory I almost forgot about these delicate little movements at the beginning - I remember the big kicks at the end, but these little nudge-movements are so precious.  Every time I feel a kick I think about how it's a little hand or foot probably kicking as hard as Baby can, and yet it feels like a light flick to me.  It's just cute and sweet to think about my little baby making those kicks!

Of course, Baby is not that little anymore.  Baby is about the size of a large avocado now, plus legs, and apparently (according to my baby websites), a growth spurt is coming this month!  

Also, some website needs to create baby/mom weekly updates that are NOT geared toward the first baby.  One of the sites suggested a babymoon to get away with "just the two of you" one more time, and it hasn't been just the two of us in a long time!  In fact, I was just thinking about how this time around I've had less time to contemplate being pregnant - now that Wyatt is getting ready for first grade, and we're homeschooling, I've been in planning mode for the school year.  I kind of miss having more time to focus and plan for Baby.  That's why I'm especially appreciating the baby movements this time, because it's a nice little reminder of my fifth little one throughout the day!  I never am all alone right now with this baby in my belly, and I love it.

(One without my kimono so you can see my belly in all it's glory.  I still feel like the bump is larger than the others at 16 weeks, but I'll do another comparison soon!)

I'll talk more about our gender reveal plans in my next update, so stay tuned!
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Anonymous said...

I'm so excited to meet this new little one! I've loved reading the stories about your other children. Do you think it's a boy or a girl? Any names you're really loving?

Angi said...

I'm so excited to find out what you're having! That's what made this pregnancy really feel real to me. I didn't start feeling baby flutters until about 19 weeks, and that was a long wait, too. Of course now I almost wish she would kick a little less...because OUCH!!!

Sidenote: I love your kimono and I need to know where you got it.

Shae said...

I still say that you are the cutest pregnant woman ever. :)
Looking forward to the gender reveal.

Inspired said...

Need jean and shirt details! 🤣

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

I really love how you treasure each one of your pregnancies, Callie!! And I really love your hair like that! :)

The Lady Okie said...

You look great! Love your outfit.

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