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I realized last night that I have been slacking on doing my Tuesday old-fashioned posts since getting back from vacation!  So this is my quick attempt to jump back on the wagon.  Here's what I've been up to since we got back:


Since I have a baby coming right in the middle of the fall semester of school, I decided to try to get a head start on first grade.  If I waited to start until September this year (which is my preference), I would barely have two months to get into a good rhythm with school before everything will be thrown out the window.  I'd much rather get the bulk of our work done early and have more wiggle room to figure out what I'm doing again after delivery.  So we've been working on a couple of our subjects so that we have a lighter load after Baby #5 arrives! We're continuing with our reading program, and my goal for the summer is to get a good amount of science work in.  I'll write more about our curriculum choices for first grade soon, but we're doing Apologia Zoology 1 for science, and it involves birds and insects...which are obviously more prevalent in the summer, so it only made sense to get started on it.

(The kids doing an air pressure experiment, so show how air pressure helps birds fly.  They sucked water out of the straw by blowing air across the top of the straw in the water!)

Buying Appliances

We had a little money left over from our house renovation from last year (someday I'll actually get around to doing another house tour, but I feel like those of you who have been around a while have incidentally already seen most of it).  We could save the money, but...our dishwasher is rotting (yes, I'm serious, rotting), and our microwave is making a weird noise, and and the shelf broke in the fridge and the lightbulb went out.  The lightbulb was the last straw.  Derek makes fun of me for this, because we could obviously change the lightbulb - but it went out two months ago, and am I still rummaging around in the dark for the pickles?  Yes, I am.  Plus, it's nicer if all the appliance match in color anyway, right?  As I type this the kitchen is in shambles behind me, and I'm waiting for the delivery guy to arrive (they already tried to cancel on us, and Derek told them they had to come today because he didn't go into work so he could be hopefully they actually show up).

Planting Flowers (And Other Outside Beautifying)

I finally got flowers for all my pots, Derek finally (mostly) finished building the new section of our porch, and we set up our little outdoor oasis!  It really is nice out there now.  Our porch was so skinny before that we couldn't even walk around our deck furniture.  Now we actually have a functional outdoor space, and I foresee many happy evenings out there with hummingbirds whizzing around our heads (we're still working on recruiting the hummingbirds - I'll keep you posted).  I also dug all the rotting pinecones out from underneath the kid's swing set and filled the sandbox with actual sand, which was a pleasant change.

This week...more working on school, and then a busy weekend coming up with a girl's night and my birthday celebration!

What have you been up to, friends?  How have you kicked off the summer?

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Anonymous said...

Sounds great! Love the pattern on your chairs. Our official start of summer is always swim team. The kids have a ton of fun and it's a great activity.

Heather said...

Love your deck!! We planted flowers for our front porch, and they make my day whenever I'm outside. :)

Angi said...

New appliances are the best!! And I'm with you - they all must match. We put in a dishwasher when we first moved into our house (didn't have one when we moved in) and then over time replaced both the 1990s-era stove and refrigerator to match. It's like a whole new kitchen when you get new appliances!

Also, your deck furniture <3

Michelle said...

Your deck and backyard look so enchanting!

Elizabeth said...

Ha, the lightbulb in our fridge just went out too, but other than that it is a beautiful fridge, left here by the previous owners. Our cabinets are rotting though and lots of other things to fix. I would really love to save up for a new kitchen, even though many of the reasons are aesthetics. The microwave is pretty much kaput too because I've actually lit things on fire in there a few times. I'm glad you're getting these things out of the way before the baby comes! We do have a few projects underway at the moment and hopefully they'll get done and I'll be able to post pictures!

Natalie@She Builds Her Home said...

Your outdoor area seems so serene!
I love the flexibility of homeschooling! So great for you to be able to just do school when it works for you this year! We have company coming the week of labor day, so I am trying to figure out if I want to start school early, like beginning of August, or after Labor Day. It just doesn't make sense to me to start a week before Labor Day, and then take a week off when our family comes. Just another perk of homeschooling!

Bekah said...

We have matching patio furniture cushions! Not matching furniture, but the same cushion pattern. Love it!

Love seeing what you're up to! I'm teaching an online workshop this summer on the subject of public speaking, so my inner teacher nerd has come out FULL FORCE. I have been writing curriculum, making a syllabus, writing lesson plans. I remember now why I always wanted to be a teacher!

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