Nesting Early? 24 Weeks (Baby #5)

I don't know why, but with every baby I feel the need to change up the nursery.  Up to this point it's been necessary since we've been alternating boys and girls, but this time I just wanted to make sure this baby still had a unique look to her room.  I put together Clarice's nursery specifically for her, and I want to put something together specifically for this baby too.  This week I picked up the last thing I was wanting for the Baby's nursery, and it's making me just that much more excited to meet this little girl!  Baby prep is in full swing, even though we've still got 3+ months to go.

This is still technically "viability week" I guess, even though babies have survived when born as early as 22 weeks!  It's always a little comforting to get past that point where you know all hospitals would try to do something if Baby was born early though.  I feel like she is getting stronger too - up to this point her little kicks have been so delicate, but this week she got in some pretty good jabs!  I am excited about it because I love the big kicks later in pregnancy, and I kind of forgot when in pregnancy they start to feel stronger.  With the other kids it got to the point where I could feel a little arm or foot under my hand, and I can't wait for that again.  It's the coolest feeling, and in my mind it makes for good bonding with Baby, because surely she can feel my hand too.

I'm feeling great overall - Baby Girl has been so easy on me this pregnancy.  I haven't really had any back pain, the round ligament pain has calmed down, I am tired but not excessively so.  I do have heartburn some days, but other than that I feel pretty comfortable!  It's probably good that I'm nesting early because who knows how long this will last, but I am just thankful that this pregnancy has been one of my easier ones so far.

The kids are still excited, but I think they've accepted that it's going to be a while before the baby arrives.  Wyatt keeps talking about wanting it to be fall, and I think the motivation is half because he's excited about the baby, and half because fall means it's closer to Christmas!  Gwen tells anyone who will listen that we are going to have "three little princesses" in our house.  Clyde asks to see the baby's pictures every time he spots an ultrasound.  And Clarice seems to be understanding more too - she pointed to my belly the other day and said "bebe tum-mee", which was adorable!

Back to the baby prep - I do think the nesting is kicking in early this time.  Or maybe it's partially pre-school-year cleaning too, but I feel like I need to organize every area of this house before this little one arrives.  Every time some difficulty comes up in keeping the house in order, I get the idea that this could be solved with better organization.  And maybe it can, but I hope I can keep things in perspective and not drive myself and everyone around me nuts with the to-do's!   

I'm going to try to get back to my old-fashioned blogging routine this week (it's just kind of falling by the wayside with summer!), so I'll save all the nesting details for then.  Stay tuned!

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