The Big Easy

Have you heard of having a "babymoon"?

The idea was first becoming popular when I was pregnant with Wyatt.  It's basically one last trip with just the two parents before baby arrives.

At the time, part of my liked the idea - it does make sense to travel one last time before baby!  But another part of me rolled my eyes.  Really?  Another thing we have to try to find the money to pay for before baby?  The perfectly decorated nursery, perfect maternity and newborn photo shoots, not to mention the hospital bills - those just aren't enough expense by themselves, huh?  

We're not rolling in the dough here, after all.

Still, before we had Wyatt, Derek and I planned a little weekend Valentine's getaway, and I thought, there ya go.  That can also be our babymoon!  Little did I realize that we would end up having to cancel our weekend getaway and check into the hospital to meet our boy sooner than expected.

Since then, Derek and I never attempted another babymoon, and I had no plans to do one this time either...until I found out Derek was getting to go to New Orleans for a work conference.  I've never been to New Orleans!  I wanted to go!  So I booked a flight, and am now spending two nights with Derek in the Big Easy.

Kind of like that babymoon we never had!  

Except this is our fifth baby, not our first, and Derek will have to spend most of the day in his conference...but I couldn't pass up a chance for a getaway.  We'll still have the evenings together (like two date nights in a row!), and I plan on adventuring a little by myself when he's working.  Either adventuring or laying by the pool, I haven't decided yet.

My to-do list thus far:

1. Get beignets somewhere for breakfast.
2. Find some good restaurants for dinner.
3. Take a lot of pretty pictures.
4.  Relax by the pool (if I don't die from the heat).
5. Read a lot.

So what do you think?  What do I need to see in New Orleans?  
We're staying in the French Quarter, and I really have no idea what to expect. Have you ever been there?
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Hannah said...

Oh, how fun that you get to go to New Orleans with Derek! I hope you enjoy your dinner dates and that you are able to relax while he's at his conference.

We we there last summer when Landon had a conference. He was in his meetings during the days, but we hung out afterwards, which was nice. If I were you, I would live in the pool the whole time! It is stinking hot!! Since you'll be there free of kiddos, I'd read and nap and read some more. Enjoy yourself! The French Quarter is neat, we walked around a lot while we were there and there are a lot of characters and lots of things to see.

I saw several fancy restaurants - if I remember correctly, Emeril has a restaurant there and it looked good! We didn't go to it, but maybe you can? :P There were some other ones that looked good too, I hope you find some good ones and enjoy your time there! I can't wait to hear about it!

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