Tickling Baby Feet - 26 Weeks (Baby #5)

This is the last pregnancy update in the second trimester!

Baby Girl is nearing 2 lbs. in weight, is starting to hear other people's voices from inside the womb (aside from mine), and should be practicing breathing!  

I am feeling pretty good still!  That burst of nesting energy that I had a couple weeks ago has slowed down...at least until after our trip to New Orleans, because then I'll probably get back into full-blown closet-cleaning mode.  But I am happy to report that our school cabinet and Gwen's closet are looking much cleaner and more organized after all my efforts.

I've mentioned several times that my belly has been consistently bigger this pregnancy, but looking at these pictures, I would say this is about what I looked like at 28 weeks pregnant with the other kiddos.  Which means we are only looking about 2 weeks ahead now, instead of a full 4-5 weeks!  I think the rapid belly-growth is starting to even out.  I am enjoying the size of my belly right now - right around 28 weeks has always been the sweet-spot in pregnancy for me, and with my belly a little bigger this time I think we're just hitting the sweet spot a little early.

These last couple weeks mark the first bit of sciatic nerve pain (which I've had with all my pregnancies), and the first rib pain from my belly growing into my ribs.  The sciatic nerve pain held off for a really long time, so I'm pretty happy about that!  The rib pain seems earlier than my other pregnancies.  I am not complaining, however, because this pregnancy has been one of the easiest on my body overall!

My favorite development is that we have finally reached the phase where this little girl's limbs are strong enough to jut a foot or hand out the side of my belly - and I love it!  I love running my fingers over my belly when she does that and feeling the little foot-lump under my skin.  It makes me feel more bonded to my baby when this happens, like she knows I'll tickle her little foot and that's why she kicked so hard in the first place.  

She seems to be a pretty active baby during the day, but not as much at night.  This may change as she gets bigger and her movements are strong enough to wake me up, but for now let's just hope this sleeping-at-night pattern holds!

Since Baby's hearing is developing more now, I think the goal for the next couple weeks will be to sing her some lullabies.  I always think that surely babies can form an attachment to certain songs if they've been hearing them from the womb.  There will be some favorite hymns in the rotation.

I'm also planning on printing out some social security top 1000 name lists so I can start sorting through them on the plane to New Orleans - it will be a good, long stretch of alone time, so I can really think it through and see which names jump out.  Wish me luck, because we still don't really have any front-runners in the name department!

I thought I'd throw in a picture of the newest big sister too.  I think she's starting to really understand that there is a baby in there!

Third trimester, here we come!

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