A Day With Dad

I was fixing my makeup when she came bounding into the bathroom.

"Mama, Daddy's going to take me to a princess movie!"

The grin filled her entire face, and she bounced around the room like Tigger.  

"I'm so 'cited!"

A couple weeks ago, Derek told me about this princess event at his alma mater, including princess-themed activities, dinner, and a movie.  "Should I take Gwen?" he asked me, and I said he definitely should.  He bought the tickets, and today was the day.

Gwen picked out which princess dress she wanted to wear (which just happened to be the princess dress from my own childhood), and they left early so they could go out to lunch first and buy Gwen a tiara.  I don't have any cute stories from the day aside from a picture of her making a funny face with Snow White, and an interview video Derek sent me.  But when she came home that night, after everyone else was in bed, I asked her how it was.

"It was the best day ever!"

She had Snow White mac-and-cheese for dinner, and they colored, and did "science experiments", and watched the original Snow White.

"The bad queen was chasing White Snow, and she eated a poisonous apple, and everyone thought she died but she was really just asleep.  And then her prince came and kissed her and waked her up."

I'm told the theater was silent when the queen fell over the cliff and the boulder fell after her...until my little princess yelled "Yes!"

She ran upstairs to get changed, and her daddy tucked her in bed, and I just chuckled to myself.  I always knew Derek would be a good dad, but I didn't know just how good of a dad he would be to his girls.  I'm glad I married a guy who is happy to delve into the world of princesses with his daughter.  This was her first true Disney princess exposure, and though I am looking forward to watching more of the movies with her as she grows, I am loving the fact that she got to experience her first princess movie with her dad. 

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Angi said...

This is so sweet!!!

A Joyful Chaos said...

Awwww ... too precious! I love seeing the special Daddy daughter bond! In a world full of angst and bad news, this post was like a breath of fresh air.


Nadine said...

What a special daddy/daughter day!!! I cant wait to share all the princess movies with my daughter! Right now she is super into Sofia the First on Disney. It's the only thing on TV that really keeps her attention. Besides football. haha!

Gina babybluemom.com said...

Such a good daddy! I don't have a good relationship with my dad and things like this would have made my world

Emily stone said...

This has to be the absolute sweetest thing ever. I love that you wrote it all out with what she said. Its such a great memory to have.

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