A Snuggly Blur - Georgie's First Month

The last month has been a bit of a blur.  A snuggle-filled, exciting, exhausting blur of cuteness.


I like to think Georgie hasn't grown much at all since she was born, but I know that's not really true.  Pajamas and outfits that were roomy a month ago actually fit her now, and she's too big for a couple of her sleepers, so I know she's grown.  But when she's tucked into her little car seat she looks so tiny.  She's small enough that people are still asking when she was born, so that's comforting.

We're still squeaking by in newborn diapers, mainly because I am determined to use up our stash before letting her outgrow them (and size one diapers do actually seem big).  She passed her birth weight at her two weeks appointment, weighing in at 8 lbs, 10 oz, so I know she must be even bigger now.


She's been nursing like a champ, and I think overall this has been the easiest postpartum stage I've had so far.  Not only was recovery so easy (no bad cramping, and I didn't even tear a little bit), but Georgie and I got the hang of nursing really quickly too.  I've had no issues with breastfeeding her at all, which is a relief!


Everyone always asks how she sleeps, and I'd say she's tied with Clarice so far for being our best sleeper.  She went 6-7 hours at night almost immediately when we brought her home from the hospital, and did her first 8 hour stretch before she was two weeks old (!).  I wasn't really sure whether to count it since she slept from 7:00 PM to 3:00 PM, but it was still amazing.  Around four weeks old she slept through the night for real, and we've had several nights since when she slept from 8PM to 6 or 7AM!  

The trick with sleeping is to get her to actually go to sleep.  Usually one or two nights a week she will just refuse to fall asleep until after 11:00 at night, and that has been the cause of most of our sleep deprivation.  It usually happens after we threw her schedule off by being gone all day, since if she is in her carseat she is usually sleeping.  I'm a little concerned that Decembers really going to throw her off since it's such an on-the-go month with Christmas festivities, but we'll see.  If we have more time at home where she can be awake during the day, she usually goes down pretty easily.


We celebrated her first Thanksgiving, Georgie's first holiday on the outside!  She had her first bath after her cord finally fell off and healed up (that was a longer process). I also may have gotten a first smile out of her the other night, but it was so fleeting and she hasn't done it again, so I'm not sure whether to count it.


There is only so much personality that can develop in the first month, but still, it's been interesting to get to know her better since she has been born!  She's fairly easy-going, but like most babies, she likes to be held.  She likes her swing, but she'll get upset if we leave her in it too long.  The carseat appears to be her favorite place for a nap, or possibly the couch if we are all still in the room with her.  She loves her wubbanub, and it's so cute to watch her sit there going at her pacifier with her big baby  eyes peaking out above the green rubber (I think her eyes will be brown).  Sometimes when I pull it away suddenly (or when I end a nursing session early), she'll keep her lips in a pucker and smack her tongue and lips for a few seconds, and it's just about the cutest thing in the world.

I have started to suspect that maybe she is "highly sensitive", meaning that she is more sensitive to sensory stimuli than some of my babies have been.  She likes white noise but is upset by sudden louder noises, she jerks her head whenever we kiss her face (I'm trying not to take offense), and she wails if her diaper is even a tiny bit dirty.  Her favorite outfit is this fluffy, extremely soft sleeper - whenever we put her in it she just lays there with her eyes wide open and doesn't make a peep.  We think it's because that sleeper is basically like being wrapped in a cloud, which is probably pretty calming.  I'm curious to see if her reactions to these kinds of things change as she gets bigger!  Thankfully snuggles with me have the same effect as the cloud sleeper, so I take full advantage of that.


My Sweet Georgie Bea,

Darling, you are a month old already!  How'd you grow so fast?  (I reserve the right to say that every month.)  Sweet Girl, after surprising us and arriving earlier than expected, you have settled right into our family and routines.  The kids all love you and often ask to hold you.  I admit though that I'm reluctant to hand you over sometimes because I want to hold you myself!  You are a good little snuggler, which is a pleasant surprise because when you were still in my belly your constant kicking made me think you would be too active for much snuggling. I'm so glad I was wrong.  One of my favorite things in the world is to hold you while you're sleeping, and rub your little fingers and toes, and touch your impossibly soft hair.  I think sometimes about how at the beginning of this year I had no idea I'd be holding you at the end, and I am just so filled with gratitude to God for giving you to me.  I already can't imagine not having you here.  I love you, Georgie Bea, my girl "who brings happiness".  What a blessing you are.

Love you always,


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The Lady Okie said...

She is such a good sleeper! That is amazing. J has never gone longer than 3 hours and he's 5.5 months old. Send some of that my way, please!

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