The Christmas My Camera Missed

I didn't get a good picture of me and Georgie yesterday.

I was upset about it last night.  I couldn't believe I failed to get a non-fussy, non-blurry picture with my baby daughter on her first Christmas morning!  I rely on my pictures to be my memory-keepers, because I feel like I don't remember things if I don't have pictures of them.  Some tears might have been shed (and I partially blame exhaustion and postpartum hormones).

Once I settled into it a bit though, I realized that maybe I don't remember things as well without a picture, but maybe that's partly because I take so many pictures.  I let the camera do the work for me instead of taking a second to memorize the moment.  And maybe I need to hold the pictures a little more loosely and hold the mental snapshots a little more tightly.  Because there are some things a picture doesn't capture.

Like the grin that jumps to my face when my kids can hardly sit still for excitement, and my newborn's head bobbing around trying to see everything with her wide eyes.

Like the excitement on the kids' faces when they bring the presents they picked especially for me.

Like settling in on the couch to feed Georgie and watching the kids (and Derek) construct train tracks, and build race cars out of legos, and arrange furniture in a dollhouse.

Like playing Scrabble with my husband, and drinking wassail while listening to our new vinyl record of old songs on the turntable.

Like having my baby fall asleep on my lap while the last of the wrapping paper flies.

Like the translucent (but long) eyelashes that brush her tiny little cheeks.  Like the feel of her breath, rising and falling, while snow falls and joyful noises sound in the background.

Like all the kids tucked away in bed, listening to the account of the birth of our Savior one more time before we turn out the lights.

Overall, it was a lovely Christmas, and I'll store up all the images I missed with my camera in my heart.

Did you all have a good Christmas?
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Bekah said...

Oh goodness, I would have cried too!! But the pictures you DID get are stunning, and now that you've transcribed the camera of your heart, you'll remember those things more clearly, too!

Emily stone said...

I think of that often, too. If we're traveling, sometimes, I'll lower my camera and just enjoy the moment for what it is. I think that's equally important as snapping it. Plus, if I come across a photo, it'll trigger those moments I didn't snap, and bring a smile to my face.

Heather said...

The pictures you did capture are precious, Callie! I have had those moments, too, though. Hope you had a blessed Christmas. :)

Gina said...

That’s why having a blog is so nice. Now all the memories are written down. Merry christmas!!!

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