Dimples - Georgie At Two Months

We officially have a smiling baby!

Georgie smiled a little bit at me before she turned a month old, but this month she has become a lot more generous with her smiles! Have I mentioned she has the best little dimples?  (See the smiling pictures on my Instagram!)


Georgie is supposed to go in for a two month old visit, but I haven't got it scheduled yet so I'm not sure how much she weighs.  However, she has definitely started to grow out of some of her pajamas already.  I feel like she barely got a chance to wear some of her clothes!  She's in 0-3 month clothes, but some of them are still a little too big.  My girl has long arms and legs, but she's a not chunky at all, so things are usually loose on her.

One thing that is really growing is her eyelashes!  I could see her little eyelashes when she was born, but they were blond and pretty short.  They have darkened up a lot over the last month and are probably a good quarter inch long at least!  

Her feet are still pretty tiny, so we're not in shoes yet.  She wears a size one diaper, but it's honestly still a smidge big.


She eats every three hours or so during the day, and seems to be doing really well with nursing.  I have figured out though that spicy food does not agree with her.  Whenever I eat something spicy she is so uncomfortable the next day.  It's sad!


Georgie is a little dream baby when it comes to sleeping.  I usually put her down between 7-8 PM, and she sleeps until anywhere from 8-10 AM.  That's right, she sometimes sleeps for 14 HOURS straight!  The blessing of this is not lost on me.  We've got to be some of the most well-rested parents of a newborn around (and when we're not, it's not because Georgie isn't sleeping). Don't worry, I know it's all going to change in another couple months.  I'm enjoying it while I can.


Derek is sure he heard Georgie laugh at Gwendolyn the other day when she was talking to her.  I did not hear it, but it's quite possible this happened!  Georgie loves all her siblings, and I'm constantly catching her grinning and crinkling her cheeks and nose at her brothers and sisters.

Georgie also rolled from back to front twice.  How did she manage that?  Back to front is the hard one!  I don't think it was intentional, but yes, technically she rolled over this month.

We obviously also celebrated Georgie's first Christmas, which was sweet!


Since she started smiling more this month, I feel like we are starting to get a little glimpse of her personality.  She smiles easiest when you just sit there and talk to her. She loves to be talked to, and sometimes she'll coo in response!   

She usually likes to be held, but if she has her wubbanub pacifier she will lay on the couch by herself too.  She wraps her little arm around the stuffed animal part and just looks around at everything while she works on her pacifier.  If she doesn't have her wubbanub, she usually ends up sucking on her finger, or even sometimes on the corner of her own lip!  (It's pretty darn cute.)

She likes her carseat pretty well and takes nice naps whenever we have to drive somewhere in the car.  If I wear her in our wrap carrier she almost immediately falls asleep.  She likes to be snuggled close, and she likes to be warm (even though her normal body temperature runs on the high end of normal anyway). 

If she is unhappy, it's usually only when I waited too long (according to her) to get her up in the mornings.  I'll go in and apologize while I unwrap her from her swaddle, and she just looks at me and juts out her lower lip in the most pathetically cute frown you've ever seen.  She forgives me pretty quickly though!


Dear Georgiana Bea,

My darling girl, I love this age with you so much!  You've got the adorable smiles and facial expressions, but you are still my snuggly newborn girl.  Even though our house is always busy (that's what you get when you're the fifth baby), I take any opportunity I can to just sit down and hold you.  Your tiny little body just relaxes into me, and I love it when you'll take a nap in my arms.  Your eyelashes are long enough to brush your cheeks, and I kiss your little eyes while you sleep.  I think you are getting used to the abundance of kisses now - you get them from six people in this house!

One of my favorite things about this month though was when I knew you recognized me.  I had run out somewhere, and when I got back, Daddy was holding you.  You were hungrier than expected and not a happy camper.  I came in and said your name, and your eyes locked onto my face and you jerked toward me and made this little hiccup sound.  Now darling, you love your daddy a whole bunch, but in that moment you leaned toward me! I grabbed you and you melted against my shoulder like you always do, snuggling your soft little cheek against my neck.  I think that was my favorite moment this month.  I wish I could bottle up the way it feels to hold little two-month-old you in my arms.  I love you so much, sweet girl.

Love Always,


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Rachel said...

Aww, sounds like the whole family is having fun getting to know the newest addition!

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