Baby Giggles - Georgie At Four Months

This shall be known as the month of the baby belly laughs.  (Referring to Georgie's baby belly, not mine.)

Georgie has been laughing so much lately!  If you caught my recent Instagram story, you'll see that she is even capable of making herself laugh.  The other day I was folding clothes, and she started looking around and scratched her clothes basket.  Apparently that was a pretty hilarious thing.  She repeatedly scratched it and burst out laughing for about two minutes straight.  What is it about baby laughs that make you want to laugh too?

Growth and Eating

We are nursing about three times a day and using formula the rest of the time.  I'm slightly bummed about this and so is my grocery bill, but what can ya do?  It's paying off though, because I think she has noticeably plumped up in the last couple weeks!  We visited the doctor for her four month checkup, and she is 25 inches long and weighs 12 lbs, 1 oz! So she's gained almost two pounds since her last weight check, and three pounds in the last month!  She is back on the charts at the 3rd percentile.  Still little, but I'm fine with that as long as she's moving in the right direction.

I'm taking her in next week to see a specialist about a possible tongue tie.  Angi suggested this possibility to me, but her doctor said Georgie didn't have one...but then another friend shared her story of a misdiagnosed tongue tie, and I thought it would be good to make sure.  So that's next week.


She is still sleeping 12 hours at night!  And it's still amazing.  She woke up twice in the last month for either a late night or early morning snack, and that's it.  I'm waiting for the four month growth spurt to hit any day now, but maybe we'll get lucky and this sleeping streak will just keep going!  A girl can dream, right?


This month Georgie discovered toys.  I think this is the earliest any of my kids have been interested in toys, and it's so cute.  If you place a toy near her she'll stare at it and then death-grip it in her little fist.  


Georgie is just so, so happy!  Her smile has gotten even quicker this month, and she has started giggling a lot more.  Sometimes I'll be talking to her and she'll surprise me with a giggle.  I love her laugh so much.  She grins at her brothers and sisters anytime they take a minute to entertain her, and she gives a baby grin when I kiss her now.  We've come a long way from her cringing response to my kisses when she was just born.

However, ever since we started her on formula she does get a lot more cranky when she is hungry.  She also doesn't like to be left alone - the one exception is when she is tucked safely into her carseat while we're getting ready to go.  But don't you lay her on the floor and walk away.  She is happiest when she's being held, especially by me - she's gotten to that stage when she leans toward me and follows me around the room with her eyes whenever I'm not holding her.  I'm not complaining!

She loves to talk.  Whenever she can catch your eye for long enough, she'll stare at you and start to coo.  She expects you to talk back, and then she'll coo again.  It's a little conversation.


Georgie Bea,

Your personality has really started to shine this month!  I love what a happy baby you are.  Your sweet dimpled smile lights up my whole day, and when you laugh I couldn't feel stressed if I tried.  I still love carrying you around in our wrap, because that's the time when I can get you to fall asleep on me.  If I hold you without the wrap you crane your neck to see what's going on around you, or you look right in my eyes and try to talk to me.  I love our baby conversations, and I love how you grin whenever someone talks to you!  What a little joy you are to me, my sweetheart.  Keep that happy heart!

I love you more than words!

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Angi said...

She is such a little doll!! Baby giggles really are the best!!

I’ll be praying for your specialist appointment! Our doctor didn’t think Imogen’s tongue tie was very bad at all so they just did the in-office scissor snip. Nothing improved so we ended up contacting a specialist in Washington and sending pictures via email and they said no, she definitely had a fairly severe posterior tongue tie AND lip tie and if we didn’t get both corrected there was the possibility of eating difficulties as well as speech problems. We never got back to nursing like I hoped but her tongue and lip are fixed now and she can actually stick her tongue out when she didn’t used to be able to do that. I’ll be praying that if Georgie does have a tongue tie that you’ll be in the absolute best hands to get it fixed and it’ll be a quick and easy procedure with no future complications!!!

Heather said...

She is so precious! Love that knit hat.

Cassidy Robinson said...

I have actually been concerned that Chloe has a tongue tie. Nursing has been a lot more difficult and she’s been much fussier than I remember it being with the other two. I am going to ask at our next well check appt at 4 months! What symptoms, if any, did Georgie have?

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